American Idol 2024 Recap: Top 10 Results, Top 12 Perform (Video)


American Idol 2024: Top 12 perform for your votes in real time. Top 10 RESULTS

American Idol 2024 Top 12 will perform for your votes in REAL TIME, with Ryan Seacrest revealing the Top 10 at the end of the broadcast. Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan sit on the judges panel.

It’s Billboard No 1 Hits Week. The Top 12 will sing songs that have summited on the Billboard charts. Pop singer Meghan Trainor mentors. Season 7 favorite David Archuleta returns to perform.

American Idol 2024: Full Season 22 Schedule

How to VOTE

American Idol provides three ways to vote. You can vote online at, in the American Idol app or via text. You have to be at least 16 years old and located in the U.S., Puerto Rico or the Virgin Islands to vote on or in the American Idol app. For text message voting, simply text the number of the contestant you would like to vote for to “21523”. (Jayna – 3, Julia – 4, Kayko – 5, Abi – 8, Kaibrienne – 10, Will – 11, McKenna – 12, Emmy – 17, Jack – 20, Roman – 21, Mia – 23, Triston – 24) VOTING BEGINS AT THE TOP OF THE SHOW AND ENDS DURING THE END OF THE LAST COMMERCIAL BREAK Read the voting FAQ HERE.

Abi Carter – All Too Well by Taylor Swift

Meghan notes that it’s a risk to cover a popular singer like Taylor. She suggests that Abi riff over the instrumental piano parts. Are Taylor fans flattered when singing show contestants cover her songs, or are they super picky? Not loving this as much as her Elton John cover last night. She’s smiling in odd spots. That might be a nervous reaction. But Abi picks up emotional traction by the end of the song. She takes Meghan’s suggestion to riff at the end of the song, and it’s a nice touch.

Luke says, “Last night was one of your most shining moments. But I don’t think that performance got there all the way.” He wants her to work the room. Oh. Criticism. I agree with him! Not about working the room. But that the performance didn’t land totally. Lionel was happy she stretched out. “Give us the end of that song.” Again. Correct. The first half was a miss. Katy says her strength is drawing people in. She doesn’t think she needs to work the stage every single time.

Will Moseley – Starting Over by Chris Stapleton

Meghan loves Will’s smile, and wants more of it. Will he remember to smile on stage? Yep. He remembered. But he stopped trying half way through the performance. Actually, that’s good advice for an upbeat song. Expression is a way to connect to the audience. But once again, the song is fun and jaunty and the singing is solid. But I’m still waiting for more from Will.

Lionel liked that he went to 100 in a few seconds and calls his voice “instant identity.” He added “I love what you just did.” Katy says, “Happy to see your smile. You have such personality, give that to your face as well. There’s more there you could give in the eyes, cheeks and the smile.” Luke says, “Act a little bit!” He jokes about Crest white strips. “That was a real great performance.”

Jayna Elise – Diamonds by Rihanna

Fun fact: Jayna reveals that she sang with Kidz Bop. Yay for singing a contemporary song. Meghan is impressed with Jayna’s vocal tricks, and helps her with a few more. I like her space age look tonight. She sings with a rich tone, and her ad libs are expert. But she tends to be somewhat generic. I couldn’t pick her voice out on the radio.

Katy says, “That was so balanced, measured. You have finally reached your 100 percent Jayna Elise. So pro.” Luke says, “Your looks are thought out. That was a timeless, professional performance. Don’t let off the gas.” Lionel says, “You take any song and turn it into you. That’s amazing. Your stage presence is something we can’t teach.” She dedicates the song to the late Willie Spence. It was his signature song.

Mia Matthews – Over You by Miranda Lambert

Mia must be so happy she can cover Miranda on American Idol (It was a no no on The Voice because Blake Shelton). Meghan facetimes Mia’s favorite, Kelsea Ballerini who wishes her good luck. Meghan suggests she dig into her guitar playing. Perfect song choice for Mia. It fits her youth and suits her vocal style. Her tone is so pretty. She does the vocal scoop thing really well. She’s delivering big emotion.

Luke says, “Everything you’re doing right now is star power stuff. Great job.” Lionel says, “You’ve grown so much. You’re taking control of your artistry. You’re going places.” Katy says, “You really certified looking star. It’s going to get tight. You need to bring out another card.” She didn’t really give the physicality that Meghan asked for. Meghan facetimes Ryan to say hi. She’s watching the show in a hotel room on the East coast.

Roman Collins – Roar by Katy Perry

Interesting song choice. UH OH, says Meghan. Heh. Yes, the song choice is a risk. He’s slowing it down and “playing it himself.” Meghan doesn’t seem convinced at all. She calls him “brave.” Roman accompanies himself on piano. This is a huge departure from what he’s done before. He seems off pitch sitting at the piano. He should get up and work the stage. He finally does. That’s his jam–the second half where he takes it to church is when the song really shines. He winds up BEHIND the judges desk. The song would have been better in tune. But Roman swings for the fences. I approve.

Lionel says, “You have never failed to take it over the top. You have a vibe that’s…we’re waiting for it to explode. So full of church…soul…power.” Katy’s religious parents love Roman. “They’re praying for you too.” Katy wants to try out his version. Luke says, “The beginning was interesting the way you arranged it.” He was waiting for Roman to get up too.

Jack Blocker – Blinding Lights by The Weeknd

Meghan tells him not to forget to breath and open his eyes. She calls his arrangement the “coolest flip” of a song. I forgot that Jack is married. They facetime his wife. Meghan loves the facetime. Jack is looking sharp this evening. The song choices tonight are riskier than they were last night, for the most part. However, I prefer Jack’s Americana covers, but sometimes it’s good to reach out of the box and try something different. He acquits himself well here, even if last night’s performance was better.

Katy says, “You did it again. You used that brain of yours.” She likes that he played a different card tonight. She thinks it could have been sped up. She really liked the end. (Yes, me too). Luke says, “It was really really cool.” He wanted more energy. I agree that a piece was missing. But still solid. Lionel says, “You have a unique sound. I smell money!”

Emmy Russell – Lose You to Love Me by Selena Gomez

Emmy struggled during rehearsal. She couldn’t remember the words and melody in spots. Meghan worked with her until she felt more comfortable. She could put more physicality into her performance. She’s absolutely planted on the stage. But her nerves are so bad, maybe staying stiff and still keeps her grounded. Vocally she delivered a good performance, but the tension is palpable. She’ll be incredible when she’s able to loosen up.

Luke says, “You keep shining in these moments. Try to remember to love singing and have fun with it.” Lionel says, “You can’t mess up. The audience didn’t come to rehearsal. You did a great job.” Katy loved the rendition. “It was very authentic for you.” She calls it one of the best vocal performances.

Triston Harper – Beautiful Crazy by Luke Combs

He’s going to dedicate his song to his girlfriend. How cute. They facetime the girl, Paris. “He has that star quality,” Meghan says. She calls him 15 going on 50. Triston is back behind the guitar. Hm, I’m not loving this song choice. It’ doesn’t give him much opportunity to show off his voice. It’s a boring song. The second half is better than the beginning.

Lionel says, “Now we know you’re actually human. You’re just not an alien! Don’t lose your power. Give us more of that angst.” He doesn’t want to call the performance dull. Katy believed what he sang. “I want to see more of the Elvis stuff incorporated.” Luke says, “It’s a different kind of night.” He calls it a “15 year old performance.” The subtext is that they preferred last night’s Elvis energy compared to tonight’s staid delivery.

Julia Gagnon – Something in the Orange by Zach Bryan

Her fiance’s nana died before she left for Los Angeles. They watched the sunrise the next morning and it gave them closure. Meghan suggests she use a mic stand and gives her tips on how to move her body. It’s an interesting song choice and one of her best performances. She phrases so beautifully and uses her growl to great effect. She’s feeling it. Last night she was pageanty, tonight Julia is all grit and emotion.

Katy says, “We know you can blow. Dynamics got me believing again.” Luke says, “That was on track. Thank you for showing us all of your tricks. It was well done.” Lionel says, “That performance convinced me that you’re back in the game.”

David Archuleta performs his single “Hell Together”

David has come a long, long way since he competed on American Idol in 2008. He arranged his version of “Imagine” back then so he didn’t sing the “Imagine no religion” line. Now he’s singing “We’ll go to hell together.” The song is based on something his mother said. She left the Mormon church to support David after he came out LGBT. He’s also left the church. “I don’t want to be somewhere where my children don’t feel loved and accepted,” she told him.

Kaibrienne – Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus

Kaibrienne was a Meghan stan in middle school. Meghan gives her suggestions on how to phrase the song. “Move that dead arm!” she says about how she has a tendency to only move one arm while performing. A cello accompanies Kaibrienne on stage. I never noticed that the verses of this song, especially, are tricky. She seemed ahead of the band in spots? I don’t love this song for her. The chorus is better than the verses.

Luke liked the ending a lot. “Really really good.” Lionel thinks the crack in her voice should be her signature. Katy suggests that she keep going what she let fly last night. Kaibrienne seemed awkward tonight in a way she wasn’t last night.

McKenna Faith Breinholt – Cardigan by Taylor Swift

McKenna was sick all week. She couldn’t meet with Gene Simmons at all. But she was well enough to do a session with Meghan over video. She sounds better tonight compared to last night. She still seems hoarse, but her voice has power on the big notes.

Lionel says, “You and that cold sound really sexy.” Katy says, “That was my favorite.” Luke appreciates, “the way you milked the moment with the quality of your voice.

Kayko – Somebody that I Used to Know by Gotye

Kayko confesses that he struggles with staying on pitch in a live setting. She helps him shape the song so he doesn’t run out of breath. The judges are already on their feet before the end of the performance. This version is full of energy. Kayko is on fire tonight. Bandzilla is drowning him out in spots, but Kayko is proving that he CAN cover songs. And very well indeed. STILL MY FAVORITE VOTE VOTE VOTE.

Katy jokingly directs a comment to Meghan, “Stay back he’s MY best friend!” Luke felt he did well controlling his pitch. Lionel says, “WOW WOW WOW.”


TOM DIM THE LIGHTS HERE WE GO. Over 20 million votes came in tonight, says Ryan before revealing the Top 10. Abi Carter is first. Next, it’s McKenna Faith Reinholt, Will Moseley is safe. Next in the Top 10 is Kayko, Also in the Top 10 is Kaibrienne. Mia Matthews is also in the Top 10. Jack Blocker is safe. Emmy Russell is in the Top 10. The next person in the Top 10 is Triston Harper. And the last spot goes to….Julia Gagnon. Roman Collins and Jayna Elise are eliminated.

All the wildcards from the Top 14 have been eliminated. I’m going to miss Roman. He’s so much fun to watch. The cuts from here on out are going to be brutal.

Top 10

Abi Carter
McKenna Faith Reinholt
Will Moseley
Mia Matthews
Jack Blocker
Emmy Russell
Triston Harper
Julia Gagnon


Roman Collins
Jayna Elise

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