The Voice 25 Recap: The Playoffs Premiere Live Blog (Videos)

The Voice 25 - Tae Lewis
Pictured: Tae Lewis — (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

The Voice 25 Recap: The Playoffs begin with Team Legend and Team Dan + Shay

After two nights of Knockouts, The Playoffs are about to begin on The Voice!

The Playoffs will feature the Top 20, including the four contestants who received Playoff Passes earlier in the season – Madison Curbello, Bryan Olesen, Nadège and L. Rodgers. Tonight’s Playoffs will see contestants from Team John Legend and Team Dan and Shay perform. The coaches will then choose three to advance, while two will be sent packing.

A celebrity advisor will also join each coach during The Playoffs. Saweetie will Team Dan and Shay while Maluma will join Team Legend.

The Voice 2024: Full Season 25 Schedule

Team Legend – Nathan Chester – “Oh! Darling”

Perfect song choice for him! And he’s got moves!! That split! His voice just soars in song like this, and that falsetto near the end! That final note could win him this whole thing!

Rebe says he had her at the very beginning and the splits were something else. Chance says he loved the choreo and tone. Dan and Shay say he made the song his own and it was his best performance yet. John agrees it was his best performance and he’s got conviction and enthusiasm.

Team Dan and Shay – Karen Waldrup – “Heart Like A Truck”

Song choice felt a little boring but you can’t deny her voice. Love her sparkly boots! Her high notes at the end is what really brought this back for me.

John says she keeps showing them what an incredible artist she is. Reba remembers she wanted her on her team and she was spectacular. Chance says he loves how she interacts with the crowd and how confident she is. Dan and Shay say they’re proud of how she’s progressed and they were in awe.

Team Legend – Kamalei Kawa’a – “No Woman, No Cry”

I live the way he sings with his Hawaiian accent. All his performances have such a relaxed vibe in the best way. He’s really showcasing the range of his voice in this one.

Chance calls it amazing. Dan and Shay say his voice is comforting like an audible hug. Reba says she’s his biggest fan and he conveys strength in his music and singing. John says he’s honoring Bob Marley’s legacy in a beautiful way.

Team Dan and Shay – Anya True – “All Too Well (Taylor’s Version)

This girl impresses me every time I hear her sing. She sings with so much emotion in her voice. Major Taylor Swift vibes with this one, understandably, right down to the acoustic guitar. It just flows out of her effortlessly.

Chance says it was a cool performance. John says it felt like the right song for her and he was compelled by her performance. Reba gives her some advice about working her microphone. Dan and Shay call it their favorite performance of hers so far and they heard Anya in it.

Team Legend – Bryan Olesen – “Africa”

Bryan’s style is as cool as his voice. Not so sure about this song choice though. High notes seem to be a common theme in this performances tonight. Him playing an electric guitar was a cool added touch.

Dan and Shay say they can’t take their eyes off him. Reba calls him the perfect package. Chance says he’s a 100% rockstar. John says he feels his intention in everything he does and he was a boss on stage.

Team Dan and Shay – Olivia Rubini – “I’ll Stand By You”

Olivia is already seasoned. I love the edge she added to this emotional song. That one high pitched note was an interesting choice that actually worked.

Chance says she has a Stevie Nicks, 70s rockstar vibe to her but wishes she showed more dynamics. John says she’s a wonderful singer and she did little things with her voice to find rock n roll in this song. Dan and Shay say she has originality.

Team Legend – Mafe – “Someone Like You”

Beautiful song fit for a beautiful voice. This is such a different vibe for Mafe and she killed it.

Reba says she absolutely loved it and that she stayed stationary and let her voice do the convincing. Chance says they noticed when she did anything cool with her voice. Shay thinks the song moved too much, to which John says he’s entitled to be wrong. John wonders what he should do and says he disagrees with Shay and the unique things she did were tasteful.

Team Dan and Shay – Tae Lewis – “Runnin’ Outta Moonlight”

There’s something so enjoyable about Tae’s voice and performances. He always looks like he’s having so much fun and it makes the audience have fun too, both in-studio and at home.

John says Tae’s trying to tell his coaches, “Y’all know what you need to do!” Reba says everyone leans forward when he walks in the room. Chance calls it his most soulful performance. Dan and Shay call him an amazing tenor vocalist and they’re proud they’re on their team.

Team Legend – Zoe Levert – “Iris”

Iconic song, and it fits her voice so well. She really looked like she felt this song as she sang it.

Chance says it was his favorite performance and it’s captivating when she performs. Dan and Shay call it unbelievable and say she was feeling every bit of the moment. Reba says she brought it and is somebody to reckon with. John says he wants to hear a record with this voice on it.

Team Dan and Shay – Madison Curbelo – “Landslide”

Looks like they saved the best for last. This girl has been the one to beat since her Blind Audition. This sounds like her best performance yet, her voice matches this song perfectly. So, so pretty.

Reba says she got chills and loves her voice. Chance says he’s going to ask the producers if he can get a copy of the performance because he wants to listen to it again. John says what she did was beautiful because it felt easy coming from her. Dan and Shay say it was unreal and she showed up and showed she deserves it.

Eliminated from Team Dan and Shay are… Anya True and Olivia Rubini.

Eliminated from Team Legend are… Kamalei Kawa’a and Mafe.

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