X Factor Live Show 1 – The Top 12 – VIDEO

The live competition began for Simon Cowell’s X Factor this weekend.

The 12 acts that made the final were mostly a big pile of meh Saturday night.   Rachel Adedeji and Olly Murs were both really nervous.     Olly, in particular, seems totally in over his head.   I thought Rikki Loney had some personality–I thought Simon got that one wrong.

Watch Cooper, Osnes & Munoz Sin...
Watch Cooper, Osnes & Munoz Sing Irving Berlin!

Simon’s protoge, Danyl Johnson almost pulled off “And I Am Telling You.” Ultimately, the song was too big for him. “One of the best performances I’ve ever heard in my life, ” says Simon.   No, seriously, Simon really said that.   Danni alluded to gay rumors floating around the press–suggesting he didn’t need to change the song’s gender.   Only in the UK kids! Heh.

Jamie Archie is the best performer of the group.   Too bad Simon knows crap about rock music, saddling him with the perplexing “Bang-a-Gong” where Jamie had to spend the first third of the song, uncomfortably in his lower register.

John and Edward? Lulz! That is All.

Robbie Williams was this week’s mentor, performing on Sunday’s results show. HERE. The finalists returned to the stage to sing   Black Eyed Peas’ “I Gotta Feeling”.   Ha ha, I love the cheesy pointy pose! HERE.

The results:

Ex-strippers, Kandy Rain, go home.   They weren’t good, but I thought they were better than Rachel Adedeji.   After the bottom two performed once more (Watch Kandy Rain HERE and Rachel HERE) the judges decide who goes home.   Except, this week, it was a draw (No, Simon doesn’t play tie-breaker here) so, the act with the lowest votes–Kandy Rain–was sent home.   HERE.

Performance Videos after the JUMP…


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  1. The show was very mediocre. Even Jamie disapointed me and I was really rooting for him. What keeps me interested is to see how differently Simon behaves, he would have killed any of these acts if they were on Idol.

    Results were predictable, girl bands never score well with the public vote.

    Robbie William was really good. Love that song he sang (Bodies)

    I had the opposite reaction, I found he looked very rusty, I didn’t get into his performance at all.

  2. I don’t know what Simon was thinking telling Danyl that his performance was ‘One of the best performances I’ve ever heard in my life.’  Seriously? It was good but not spectacular.

  3. Is it the lack of vite-a-mins that come from all the boiled veggies; the surfeit of tea/tannins; the clotted creme or what? Because Simon is like a totally different guy when he does X-Factor or BGT. Maybe it’s all the £ in his eyes that he gets from owning a piece of the winners that makes him different, hmmm. Anyhew, Danyl wasn’t that good, he was flat in spots and while I still thought it was an okay performance when I put it against people like both Davids and Carly from S7 or Kradison from S8, I’m like “one of the best performances you’ve seen”? please! not even. So Simon, even as a fellow tea addict I tell you, put the Earl Grey down now and just walk away, because clearly its beginning to effect your ears and/or brain.

  4. The last note Danyl hit was indeed spectacular, but that was about it. Until then, he was all over the map.
    Interesting comments from the judges, more direct and to the point than on this side of the ocean.

  5. Thanks for making these vids easily available. This show feels so different to AI. Holy cow, simon was almost unrecognisable in his suit!!
    I don’t know, but as soon as he opened his mouth I’m quite sure he has been inhabited by an Alien from planet Nice. Who is this imposter?
    Ah,Ha he just doesn’t like foreign singers cause he snarls most of the time on this side of the pond.

    I actually liked Danyl. It was’nt perfect but he hit the right emotional notes and he pulled me into the pocket.
    Jamie has a really nice sound but he needed to hit that song much harder. His lower register was pleasant but did nothing for the song
    at all…..completely wrong set up for those lyrics. I, finally, liked what he was singing halfway through when he was rockin it. IDK, he does not seem to be a hard rock guy….too sweet!!!
    All in all, I think AI puts out better singers……esp S8

  6. Simon is so cheap when it comes to criticizing his X-Factor contestants.

  7. I think that Simon says what he thinks on AI because it’s not his show and he has nothing to loose.
    On the X Factor, he just manipulates the public.

  8. Simon really ruined it for Jamie Archer. What a song to pick! ‘Bang a Gong’? Seriously? Even Robbie Williams knew it was bad. Such a pity. I agree with you MJ. Jamie was the best of the lot. And what was up with those gay comments re Danyl Johnson? Who cares what pronouns he uses? Shifting things around works for Adam Lambert.

    People need to grow the bleep up.

  9. I know it’s not just me, but the X Factor stage, and lighting was fantasitc. Each one of the performaner’s were given dancers, fog/smoke, cannon fire, lazer lights, or intimate instrumental accompanient. It all seemed, on a higher level of presentation. I liked it very much. I was actually surprised, and watched each performer. There was no band, to drown out the vocals. I was impressed.
    Thanks to MJ for the excellent quality of the video’s, and for sharing them.

    No wonder the Brit’s love Adam Lambert so much, because he has the real artistic goods, and then some! He is a fierce, and a fantastic inovative performer, willing to take risks. They respect that immensely, because it shows originiality.
    I see now, why Simon becomes bored, with American Idol here in the states. He will bring, “The X Factor” here to the states, and I bet Paula Abdul is involved. Simon genuinely, highly repect’s her passion and personality.
    I was impressed, with the format, in many respects.
    It all was so edgy, and had the WOW FACTOR visually. Each performer was given, their due chance. It was very fair play. I was mesmerized a bit!

    Ya, I noticed Simon’s suit, as well, and how nice & supportive he was to most of the contestants. It’s like he has a split personality. He seemed even more confident, on the other side of the pond, as well. Plus, he was in the command position.
    I did enjoy the different character’s, and the other judges were gracious, and constructive. No wonder Simon doesn’t seem to care for Kara. These women were classy, and seem genuine in their critique’s. The exception, was for the one that made that rude comment to Danyl. That came out of nowhere, but maybe it was staged, to make the voting public feel sorry for him. I did.

  10. I also like the format. It seems less rushed, judges are more direct to contestants and to each other. I just can’t imagine Randy telling Simon he has no clue about rock music:)

    And what was up with those gay comments re Danyl Johnson? Who cares what pronouns he uses?

    I think it was meant well, giving him a chance to either publicly deny the rumors or come out. It was just done clumsily and was weird in the end.

    And there was Robbie:):) Not the best of his performances IMO but I’m so glad he’s back – yeah, he’s my guilty pleasure.

  11. I agree that the X Factor stage is really fantastic. And the lighting and other special effects. WOW. The contestants have to work on all aspects of their performances, not just singing.
    I must say that the production is really good.

    Now, the contestants/acts. I saw the majority for the first time on Saturday.

    Half of the performances this week were acceptable and half of them were horrible. It just seems like this whole production is for nothing. I doubt they will find a new star like Leona Lewis this year, so why bother? Performers like Adam Lambert deserve this level of awesomeness, not this year’s X Factor contestants.

    And I’m not happy with the results either. In my opinion Kandy Rain were really good on Saturday. I mean, their performance really wasn’t cringe worthy like the half of the others. They need a makeover, just like the other girl group, Miss Frank (they are also good).

    John and Edward need to go home.

    Lucie Jones’ voice has a nice tone, but it lacks power, so I don’t know.

    I liked Joe McElderry. He is cute and singing was also decent.

    And there are Danyl and Jamie Archer… They are really hyped, so I expect them to go far. But I’m not sure about them. Jamie certainly is a performer.

    And Robbie Williams is so awesome. His new single is a hit.

  12. Simon !! clapping?, standing?, smiling? wearing a freaking suit?. I guess people dress and act nicer in their home towns or something. I barely know this person hehe.

    Danyl is so HOT. I haven’t seen the arrogance they are talking about but then I have only watched his audition and today’s performance so who knows. I like him though. His face when he was been judged was so precious. I don’t know if being bi wld affect him or not but danni shld have known better. simon was livid. “u can forget abt playing those games with him. I am not having it.” They show their favs very early on and it’s ok i guess.

  13. just wanted to add Lakisha and Jhud own that song danyl sang. I don’t think anyone can sing it like them. but he did an ok job.

  14. It’s like Simon has a clone across the pond. He’s so different when he’s there, but my feelings about Simon are still… meh. And I can barely tolerate his love affair with Danyl who stunk up the joint the other night. Simon had to tell the other three judges that he would not allow them to play “that game”. Simon doesn’t play games. Huh.

  15. And what was up with those gay comments re Danyl Johnson? Who cares what pronouns he uses?

    Holy shit, I can’t believe that woman said that – he was totally caught off-guard – what a bitch.

    And yay Simon who gave it back to her.

  16. I know Simon has been more preferential to the X-Factor singers, but, seriously, that was too much. On “And I Am Telling You” alone, there are at least three singers who’ve given far stronger performances of that song(Tamyra, LaKisha, Jennifer Hudson). To say nothing of the strong legacy of truly great performances on Idol.

    In my opinion, and maybe because I do put so much emphasis on singing quality (even when I’m not one to put an emphasis on “vocal perfection” per se), but I thought these performances were largely downright weak, and some were then praised in ways that would never have happened on Idol.

    Not exactly making me desire the U.S. X-Factor at all.

  17. Oh Simon, you so enjoy leading the sheep to slaughter. Promising them a wonderful feast at the end and then providing them with nothing more than their perdetermined fate. I’ve watched some of the x-factor from years before and then watched the “winners” who have been forceably shoved into the British and world conscious. And, if I was a Brit, I would be hating Simon for making the rest of the world think that the Isles are full of mediocrity when it comes to talent (and we know this isn’t so because I’ve loved British talent during the last 50 years).

    I think Simon really believes that HE can decide and then control who will be the person or group to become the next world Superstar…and sad to say he ALWAYS falls flat after the initial BIG start. Leona will fade quickly, Alexandra hasn’t really made a dent in the world conscience, and the rest haven’t even been a blip on the international stage. His SuBo is a joke, Il Divo is the height of preseumptive Boy Bandism. And I am sure there are many more.

    Strange that he really thinks he can bring this show to America. I don’t think that a judge mentoring contestants and picking their material and staging them with lights and smoke and mirrors that don’t really reflect them as an artist will go over big in the States…I see it becoming as much of a national joke as America’s Got Talent.

    At least on Idol, these kids have to live and die by their own talent and their own “choices”. Makes their journeys a hell of a lot more interesting.

  18. Did it seem like they were lip-syncing on the group number? It did a little to me.

  19. And I think this kid sang better than danyl Johnson. Link

    Funny…now that is OTT but OK for a 12 year old. Glad that he has learned to control his voice and his style. Now if only some of the X-factor contestants would learn control (or maybe the judges should).

  20. It’s so good to watch a show where I can hear complete songs again.
    Simon was in top form on Saturday, the show was really good entertainment. So glad the audition malarky is over with.

    Robbie Kicked ass.

  21. Did it seem like they were lip-syncing on the group number? It did a little to me.

    If so, then what was going on with Danyl? The one line they gave him to sing on his own was horrific.

  22. All of those performance were horrible. I could not get through a single one. That said, I do love Stacey. Not her singing of course, but I would love to have a pocket Stacey to carry around. There is no Leona in this group, or even an Alexandria. Those twins are the creepiest and most smug thing ever, and it looked like they were going to make out at one point. I am not someone who is a fan of the giant productions of the x-factor. These people are not stars, it just looks ridiculous, and it gives some people a crutch to lean on if there vocals suck. I think we would have been seeing a lot more Megan Joy with that set up.

  23. I think we would have been seeing a lot more Megan Joy with that set up.

    It still amazes me that we saw a lot more of Megan Joy WITHOUT that set up.

    I’ve only watched Rachel’s video thus far, but I agree with you that the over-the-top production is out of place. Of course, I’m not as familiar with this show and have no idea what they’re looking for. On AI, they’re looking for singers. Not dancers. Obviously. Can you even imagine Kris, Archie, Castro, Cook, Daughtry, Bice having to pose and swivel around dancers? And poor Scott, he’d be running into them, letting alone into the shooting flames! Oh, and remember how Danny tried to boogey with his back-up singers and got all kinds of ridicule in response?

    Some of the AI female contestants might have been more comfortable with this, but not someone like Brooke — for instance. You can’t prance all over the place from behind a piano or while singing Carole King.

    Still, Rachel is a very good singer. What the heck are they doing taking the attention off of her and putting it on those creepy, mime-like dancers following her all over the place, let alone the flames. Pretentious. Leave that to the finale. Give people something to “look forward to.”

    Hey, and remember the finale of season 7. The twelve Idols were doing their first group number which involved flames or fireworks shooting up at the end. Jason Castro jumped a mile, practically into Michael Johns arms. One of the funniest moments of the night.

  24. The X Factor is very entertaining and has good production values.

    BUT – I think with Cowell in charge it totally plays into the notion that music/singers have to be big and loud and have to dance as well as sing.

    He’s a businessman, so I can’t blame him necessarily. Huge tours like Britney Spears and Madonna make a lot of money off the back of exactly that kind of show. But if all music became reduced down to this big flash and bang formula, there wouldn’t be very much left actually worth listening to.

    Case in point: last years winner Alexandra Burke appeared on the results show. She looked great; the dance routine was entertaining; the song was utter rubbish.

    Most of the singers on the night were average at best. One of the better ones was a young boy, who didn’t dance around.

    It’s one of the reasons why, whilst I enjoy the X Factor, it doesn’t hold a candle to AI in terms of singing talent and singing performance.

    PS – I thought Robbie Williams was awful and the song was tripe – I like quite a few of his earlier songs, but what was that meant to be?

  25. Rachel Adedeji – one of my favs on the show…didn’t like the song they gave her at all…she needs songs with some soul

    Kandy Rain – not very good…im ok with them going home.

    Olly Murs – I actually thought he was one of the best of the night.

    Rikki Loney – I dont know why i dont like this guy. But his performance tonigt was alright. I liked the song for him.

    Stacey Solomon – hate her new hair. Her version of scientist was ok.
    Miss Frank – these girls will go far.
    Danyl Johnson – it was alright. He hit the money note.
    Lloyd Daniels – this kid should not even be there.
    Lucie Jones – good..not a fan of the song…hopefully better song next week
    Jamie Archer – also not a good song choice. The end was alright.
    John & Edward – I hve no idea why these kids are even on the show.
    Joe McElderry- This was a good performance …this kid has all the tools ..he just needs to be less boring

  26. I love Robbie Williams and am so glad he’s back .. he was so hyper and happy at the end with his reception .. it was obviously a big deal for him to be back and accepted after the stuff he’s gone through over the past couple of years.

    He blogged today on his official site about it .. I thought the bit at the beginning where he seemed to be pushing the doors back was all part of the act but apparently they didn’t open so he had to physically prise them apart so that kind of put him off his stride to begin with. Bodies is’t the best song to perform live as it’s a bit “talky” in the verse .. but I just love the way Robbie works the crowd … he’s mad, he’s bad and I love him ….lol


    As to the contestants … Jamie’s still my favourite .. I agree that it wasn’t the best T Rex song to pick for him as the start is too low but I enjoyed it when he could kick it up a bit towards the end.

    I thought that Joe sang his song very well and will be one to watch (I never rated him during the auditions as thought he sang like a sheep)

    I can’t stand Stacy’s dumb ditzy act .. it puts me off her singing (which is actually quite good)

    I also don’t like Rikki .. there’s something a bit eeriy about him . it’s his third shot at getting on the live finals and I don’t think he should have made it this year .. Ethan and Duane are far better singers .. plus I want to sort his dodgy eyebrow out .. plus if he’s going to wear stupid hats all the time I wish he wouldn’t shop in the children’s department and get one that actually fits his head …lol

    John & Edward can’t sing for toffee but I find them very entertaining .. they brought a bit of fun to a very dire group number and they’re actually growing on me .. in the behing the scenes stuff the come across as nice lads and the rest of the contestants seem to think a lot of them .. Jamie’s reaction to them getting through was hilarious .. he obviously loves them.

  27. I liked Riki.. Rikki or whatever, Simon is the luckiest person in the “industry” that knucklehead is wrong a lot more than he’s right… unreal some of the stuff he says…

    I do like Simon, and enjoy him, but I really don’t agree with him.

  28. In her interviews, Stacey comes off as the X-Factor’s answer to AI’s Kellie Pickler.

    I have to add, after watching Simon react to Danyl’s performance and critique, that he is so full of shit in this competition. He acts so different on AI because he has nothing at stake. So, what’s real here?! Huh? X-Factor, where Simon has a financial interest or AI where he has none? Be the same critic on both shows, Simon! There is an undeniable, noticeable difference in him on these shows. How can he bring this British show – “X-Factor” — such as it is — to the U.S. and expect Americans not to notice how different he is?! What a tool.

  29. I really like the format. It was much more of a show/performance. AI is very “High School Talent Night” in production comparison. Even the quips between judges and Dermot were more entertaining.

    Loved that Brian Friedman (SYTYCD) was the artistic director for the performances. You only see him in the singer intro segments.

    First night jitters got to quite a few of them. It will be interesting to see how some develop over the series as they get more confident.

    In her interviews, Stacey comes off as the X-Factor’s answer to AI’s Kellie Pickler.

    ITA. She may be sweet, but she drives me nuts with how ditzy she seems.

    plus I want to sort his dodgy eyebrow out

    ITA! I just want to take a comb across the screen and fix it for him. Very annoying. I also agree that there’s something eerie about him

    I still can’t stand the twins. I wish they had gone home before the ex-pole dancers (Kandy Rain).

    Dannii’s comment to Danyl was more than a bit awkward. But if other acts are getting their pasts publicized then I guess it doesn’t surprise me. Though it appears she’s been getting some backlash for her comment.

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