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The Voice season 15 goes LIVE tonight. The Top 24 perform for a spot in the Top 13. After tonight’s performances and overnight voting, the Top 12 will be revealed on Tuesday’s results show. An Instant-Save vote between two Comeback Stage contestants will fill the last Top 13 spot.

But tonight, coaches Adam Levine, Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson, and Blake Shelton will evaluate team performances. As always, Carson Daly serves as host.

The Voice Season 15 Top 24 Contestant List (VIDEOS PHOTOS)

Twenty four performances! It’s going to be a whirlwind tonight. Check out the Voting Rules and Faq. NO iTunes votes until the Top 13. And even then–only Apple Music streams will count.


Carson opens the show noting the horrible week the city of Los Angeles has had–between the deadly shooting in Thousand Oaks and and the wildfires decimating Malibu and environs. There are also terrible fires raging in Northern California as well.  Carson suggested donating to the Christina Grimmie Foundation.

Now, Blake is introducing his team (SEE THE LINK ABOVE FOR TOP 24 BIOS) before they perform.

Michael Lee – Team Blake – Every Time I Roll The Dice by Delbert McClinton – Is this a song to cover at a crucial time like the Playoffs? I don’t think so. It’s a fun blusey tune. I’d be grooving if he were playing in a bar. But does this performance make me want to reach for my phone? Not really. Michael is a fav, so he may sail through anyway, even if Blake has to save him.

Dave Fenley – Team Blake – Angel Flying too Close to the Ground by Willie Nelson – Dave performs a plaintive, stripped back ballad that shows off his lower tone. These performances FEEL SO RUSHED. Dave shines when he wears his heart on his sleeve. He picks up the microphone for more of a punch. He’s a little pitchy tonight, but a solid performance.

Nastasia Greycloud – Team Blake – God is a Woman by Ariana Grande  – I don’t love this song pick, but maybe that’s personal taste. It’s not an easy song to sing. Kudos for going out on a limb. She’s got a lovely tone, and throws in some nice adlibs at the end.

Chris Kroeze – Team Blake – Have You Ever Seen the Rain by Creedence Clearwater Revival – This Creedence Clearwater Revival song is a classic. But like Michael, I don’t think picking a mid-tempo song is smart at such a crucial time. These contestants have to find a way to stand out in a crowded field, and they have to find it quick. Having said that–Chris puts his own spin on the song. So good for him.

Funsho – Team Blake – How Long by Charlie Puth –  Funsho accompanies himself on acoustic guitar. This IS a good song pick. His vocal is front and center, the arrangement shows off his voice. His phrasing is just gorgeous. There’s an a’cappella break too. This boy can sang.

Kirk Jay – Team Blake – One More Day by Diamond Rio – Kirk chooses a country ballad. His specialty! He sings with so much feeling. He understands how to tell a story. Nice tone–Kirk is a perfect blend of country and soul.

Best performances: Funsho and Kirk. Team Kelly is next!

Abby Cates – Team Kelly – Next to Me by Emeli Sande – She seems a little nervous tonight. The stakes are high! She’s performing right in front of the band, until she steps off the platform to head for the audience. Hm. Not a great song choice for Abby. She might have been better off with a ballad. She shoults some ad-libs near the end. This song doesn’t highlight her rich tone.

Keith Paluso – Team Kelly – Someone Like You by Adele – Whoa. An Adele song. Keith is taking a BIG risk. Gotta give him some props for that. Still, this song isn’t really working for him. The verse is wonky. He fares better on the chorus, he changes up the last chorus. It’s pretty. But it’s not exactly right.

Here’s Comeback Stage coach Kelsea Ballerini with her two contestants Ayanna Joni and Lynnea Moore. Of course, the girls are barely known to folks who haven’t followed the series on Youtube.

Sarah Grace – Team Kelly – When Something is Wrong with My Baby by Sam & Dave – Sarah accompanies herself on organ, which is pretty cool for a youngin’. Giving off major Bonnie Raitt vibes here, her phrasing and tone are on point. Her best performance yet, I think.

Zaxai – Team Kelly – When I Need You by Leo Sayer – An unusual song choice and Zaxai. He really loves those early 70s gems. This performance could be total smarm in lesser hands, but Zaxai is KILLING it–phrasing and ad libs are superb. That’s how a singer stands out in a big field of competitors.

Chevel Shepherd – Team Kelly – Grandpa (Tell Me ’bout the Good Ole Days) by The Judds – Another song choice I don’t love. Chevel knows her way around an old school country song, but this is boring. She could have killed a ballad by Dolly or Loretta. However, it IS a classic song that may resonate with country fans.

Kymberli Joye – Team Kelly – Radioactive by Imagine Dragons – Kymberli is KILLING IT as she always does. She knows how to build drama in a song. She never oversings. She holds back and builds slowly, allowing for a few totally appropriate rock screams at the end. She’s fierce.

I’d say Kymberli, Sarah and Zaxai took that round. Team Adam is next.

Steve Memmolo – Team Adam – More Today Than Yesterday by Spiral Staircase – And it’s more obscure 60s pop from Steve. Nobody under 50 knows this song. Ha. This song has a great hook, but it’s not really allowing him to show off his  super-soulful side. He’s not hitting his falsetto at all–a thing Adam has been advising him to do. He sounds strained on the high notes. Bye Steve.

DeAndre Nico – Team Adam – Ordinary People by John Legend – This is how to compete in the Live Playoffs. This beautiful ballad really allows DeAndre to soar. Beautiful tone, heartfelt delivery, nice slow build. He’s leaving it all on stage.

RADHA – Team Adam – Dusk to Dawn by ZAYN – I’m not crazy about her super-fast vibrato. But I get why Adam would hang on to her. RHADA’s sound is current and radio ready. It’s good to have pop singers in these competitions, even if they sometimes struggle to attract votes.

Kameron Marlowe – Team Adam – I Ain’t Livin Long Like This by Rodney Crowell – Kameron is bringing a swampy sound tonight, and I am NOT complaining. The singer’s bluesy voice cuts right through. He’s one of Adam’s best singers and kind of dark horse, I think. A smart steal on Adam’s part.

Tyke James – Team Adam – Use Somebody by Kings of Leon – Tyke needs to work on his diction. It’s bad. I still don’t understand why Adam likes this dude. He has his moments. At 17 maybe he could grow into a good vocalist. But I’m just not feeling it. I’ll give him this–smart to choose a song that has energy and allows him to stretch beyond his laid back surfer boy image.

OK. It’s official. after 17 singers, one after another,  I am officially experiencing music fatigue. These performances are beginning to blur together…

Reagan Strange – Team Adam – Worth It by Danielle Bradbery –  Good song choice for Reagan.  It really highlights her pretty alto, giving her an opportunity to show some emotion. She seems to connect to the song on a very personal level.

Kameron and Deandre are the winners here. Last but not least–Team Jennifer is next.

Patrique Fortson – Team Jennifer – Ain’t Nobody by Chaka Khan – Patrique is tossing in the runs right away. It’s a bit much. He’s a good singer, but old fashioned. It’s as if he were plucked off the 2003 Idol stage and plopped into The Voice 2018. His outfits though! The sparkly heels are something. I hope Simon isn’t watching. Or maybe I do! Heh. After dropping a few big flashy notes, Jennifer’s got her shoe ready.

MacKenzie Thomas – Team Jennifer – I Believe in You and Me by Whitney Houston – It’s another adult contemporary song choice from MaKenzie. Ehhhh. She’s got a lovely voice. Girl can SANG–but good God. She’s twenty something. Not 40! I think she’d go farther with a contemporary sound. Still, Jennifer tosses her shoes.

Franc West – Team Jennifer – Apologize by OneRepublic – Franc performs sitting at an electric piano. He’s another underrated singer, I think. His brings fresh flavor to “Apologize.” Franc always attacks a song in a wholly original way. I like his raspy voice too.

SandyRedd – Team Jennifer – No More Drama by Mary J. Blige – Sandy on stage with the band TEARING IT UP gives me life. Along with incredible chops, Sandy brings presence and theatricality to The Voice stage. She’s easily the best performer this season. Jennifer still throwing her damn shoes.

Colton Smith – Team Jennifer – Scared to Be Lonely by Dua Lipa and Martin Garrix – Jennifer gave Colton a second chance after he bombed on Team Blake. He’s redeeming himself here. Up to now, he’s been mostly fodder. But he’s killing this performance. Big EMOTIONAL notes hit. Shoes should be thrown. Colton skips off stage. He knows he did good.

Kennedy Holmes – Team Jennifer – Halo by Beyonce – What a voice. Kennedy’s tone is PERFECTION. But at 13, she’s not quite able to deliver a song from deep in her soul. It’s an ability that will come with age. In a few years, she’s going to be powerhouse. Right now, Kennedy is a diamond in the rough.

Sandy, Frank, Colton were winners. Honorable mention to the talented Kennedy. Team Jennifer brims with talent.

AND THAT’S IT. Whew.  I wonder how difficult it was for the coaches to sit and listen tonight rather than engage in their usual antics. Barely time for a word from any of them. Heh.

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