DWTS 27 Week 8 Recap – Live Blog and Performance Videos

Hey Dancing Fans,

Welcome to week eight of season twenty-seven of Dancing with the Stars. Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews returned as hosts, while Carrie Ann Inaba, Len Goodman, and Bruno Tonioli returned as judges. Check out all the song and dance style spoilers HERE.

It’s the semi-finals and the remaining six couples are each dancing two dances. The first dance is a style not yet done before dedicated to a meaningful person in their life. The second is Judge’s Choice, where the judges pick a style that the couple didn’t do their best at before. The judges acted as mentors for this dance.


Two couples will be eliminated at the end of the night and the remaining four couples will head to the finale next week.

First up are Bobby and Sharna dancing a salsaBobby is dedicating his dance to his fans.

Plenty of salsa content. However, he is stiff. All of the troupe members in the dance were very distracting. You couldn’t really see them. He looked like he was having fun but I am not sure how he made it this far. I actually laughed out loud at one point. Bobby says he nailed every step but I don’t know about that.

Len said he put the boy into flamboyant. You entertain, You give us fun. I enjoyed watching you dance. Bruno called him Bobby and the Rockers. Loved it as a performance but didn’t think there was a lot of salsa. CAI said he has come a long way. He was a little ahead of everyone else. Loves his energy.

Scores: CAI: 7    Len: 7    Bruno: 7    Total: 21 out of 30

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Next up is Alexis and Alan with a waltz. She is dedicating this dance to Alan… I think she is more into him than he is to her…but whatever. I did not even recognize her. Her outfit and make up is on fire. That was an amazing performance. They were literally dancing in the rain. That was her best dance. You can tell she really cares about this competition and Alan. 

Bruno said it had exquisite elegant and poise. Excellent turns. They are never out of place. You are brilliantly beautiful. CAI agreed that her turns are spot on. There was something about your performance today. It was your best performance. She criticized the lift as usual. Len said it was elegant, graceful, continuous movement. Thought it could have used more waltz content. Says Alexis has a fantastic frame.

Scores: CAI: 9    Len: 9   Bruno: 10   Total: 28 out of 30 

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Joe and Jenna are dancing a contemporary next! Joe says miracles exist cause he’s still in the competition… I agree. He is dedicating his dance to the women in his life- his mom, grandmom, and his fiancee. I don’t think you would do those moves with your mom or grandmom but ok….He still just walks in every move. Contemporary is probably the easiest and he still can’t do that. Jenna saved that entire routine. She danced beautifully. I will say it again HOW DID HE MAKE IT THIS FAR?

CAI was impressed. There was a new fluidity. There was one wrong foot placement. The transitions were impeccable. Len said you didn’t do much, but you didn’t do much very well. I enjoyed it. Bruno said it was fashionably minimalistic. You provided a beautiful frame for Jenna to do her beautiful moves.

Scores: CAI: 8  Len:Bruno: 7  Total: 22 out of 30 

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Up next is Juan Pablo and Cheryl with an Argentine Tango YAAAS Argentine Tango is like the definition of JP- sexy, hot, etc.  This dance is dedicated to his mom. THAT WAS HOT HOT HOT! Oh my God. I am speechless. Who was the professional there? His kicks were out of this world. Plenty of AT content. Tom said Holy crap.

Len gave a standing ovation. Said it was fantastic. He will always remember that AT cause it was truly fabulous. Bruno couldn’t catch his breath. It was extraordinary. It was the pure essence of an AT. Best I have ever seen on this show. CAI said he has been the most consistent performer but he outdid himself tonight. There was so much artistry and passion. He is in a class of his own.

Scores: CAI: 10  Len: 10   Bruno: 10   Total: 30 out of 30

Another perfect score for them! They so deserve it. He HAS to make it to the finals.

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Evanna and Keo are dancing a contemporary. She is dedicating her dance to Simon Fitzmaurice, a director who cast her in “My Name is Emily.” That was beautiful. For not a lot of content, Evanna delivered that beautifully. Her feet were perfect. Her arms were perfect. She constantly evolves and gets better. She did her friend justice.

Bruno said she became another person in this season. Totally in the moment. The storytelling was flawless the dancing was brilliant. CAI said she has become a warrior. It was fierce and loud and I am proud. Len said it was a powerful, polished performance and I loved it.

This is the first time Keo has made it this far and he is crying.

Scores: CAI: 10   Len: 10    Bruno: 10   Total: 30 out of 30 

Another perfect score for them! So proud

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Ending the first round of dancing is Milo and Witney with another Argentine Tango. He is dedicating his dance to his mom, actress Camryn Manheim. LOTS AND LOTS of AT content. The height difference is so crazy but they make it work. His kicks look weird because he is so tall haha, but he killed that. He is only 17 and that looked like he’s been dancing for years. Incredible.

CAI liked the structural element they created. They just brought it. Len said you’re 17 years old. You came out and stayed true to yourself. Lots of intensity going on. Bruno said it was stylish, strong, sharp. The lifts were so good. It was so clean. Milo always delivers.

Scores: CAI: 9  Len: 9   Bruno: 9   Total: 27 out of 30


1-800-868-3410 is their number


So far, Juan Pablo and Cheryl and Evanna and Keo are at the top with a perfect 30. Bobby and Sharna are at the bottom with a 21. That could all change. The Judges Choice round is next with the same order

Bobby and Sharna are doing a jive– mentored by Len. That was definitely better than when he did it in week 1. He still had energy but it was calmed way down. They were some parts that could have been better but there was a lot of jive content.

Len enjoyed it so much. He enjoyed the kicks and flicks. Bruno said Bobby was jumping around like a cricket going berzerk. You did some wonderful kicks. Well done. CAI said it really was improved. The kicks were extremely high. The world needs more Bobby Bones.

Scores: CAI: 8   Len: Bruno: 8   Total: 24 out of 30, 45 out of 60


Another jive is coming up from Alexis and Alan. They were mentored by Bruno. I think there was too much aerobic content and not enough jive content. The troupe in the back was WAY too distracting but from what I got out of it it was upbeat, fun, and a good dance.

Bruno gave a standing ovation said he said it was brilliant. You were the star of the show. Beautifully dance, Fantastic. CAI said everything was toned. Way different from the first time around. Len is exhausted watching it. Te concept he loved. The dancing he loved.

Scores: CAI: 10   Len: 10   Bruno: 10    Total: 30 out of 30, 58 out of 60


Carrie Ann is mentoring Joe and Jenna who are redoing their Quickstep. Ehhh… He still looks like he can’t keep up with the beat. An improvement from last time though.

CAI said it was a big difference. Your shoulders were open. Your frame was good. Len said his frame was better. It was a clean, clear routine. There was a little bit of gapping but it was such an improvement. Bruno said it was a proper dance from beginning to end. Well done.

Scores: CAI:Len: 8   Bruno: 8  Total: 24 out of 30, 46 out of 60


Juan Pablo and Cheryl are re-doing their salsa– mentored by Bruno. It’s hard to think JP ever had a bad dance, but that was definitely better! It was hot, lots of salsa content, and just amazing. He deserves to win this.

Bruno doesn’t think any salsa could get hotter than this one. CAI screamed. That was like Fifty Shades of Salsa. Two authentic, awesome dances. Len called him the midwife because he keeps delivering dance after dance. Two dance to the correct music. It was a proper salsa.

Scores: CAI: 10   Len: 10   Bruno: 10  Total: 30 out of 30, 60 out of 60

Another perfect night from these two!


Evanna and Keo are foxtrotting again. Len was their mentor. They are dancing to “Rewrite the Stars” and I am only flipping out a little bit. She has definitely improved from week 1. She has a fighting spirit and really wants this. you can tell that from her dance. She rewrote the finale and may be the winner now!

Len thought something went wrong but he enjoyed it none the less. Much better technique and movement. Bruno thought it was a different girl from week 1. She has done a fantastic job. CAI was overwhelmed with emotion. She danced with so much momentum, freedom, and confidence. Evanna touched her heart.

Scores: CAI: 10  Len: 9   Bruno: 9  Total: 28 out of 30, 58 out of 60

That should have been a 30 but ok….


Milo and Witney were mentored by Carrie Ann. They danced the cha cha. Good technique. He really shines on the fast dances. Lots of Cha cha content.

CAI saw more confidence in the upper body. It still felt a bit wild. Len said it was full of youthful exuberance. There is a joy in your dancing. Straighten your legs. Bruno liked it. It was a fresh interpretation of the Cha cha. Hit the beat so sharp.

Scores: CAI:Len: 9 Bruno: Total: 29 out of 30, out of 60


At the top is Juan Pablo and Cheryl with 60 points and at the bottom is Bobby and Sharna with 45 points.

In jeopardy were Juan Pablo and Cheryl, Joe and Jenna, and Alexis and Alan. 

The couples going home are Joe and Jenna and Juan Pablo and Cheryl.  I can’t believe I just typed those words. Joe is actually finally going home! But Juan Pablo. What? Recount the votes. Nope. Wrong.

Make sure to vote for your favorite(s) by going to abc.com/dwts and by phone. You get 6 votes through each method.

See you back here on Monday for the FINALE!

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