The Voice 21 Recap: Blind Auditions 4 Live Blog (Videos)

THE VOICE -- "Blind Auditions" -- Pictured: David Vogel -- (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)
Pictured: David Vogel — (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

The Voice season 21 Blind Auditions continue with returning coaches Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson and John Legend. Pop star Ariana Grande joins the panel.  Carson Daly returns as host.  We’ll be live blogging all the Blind Audition performances right here.

The Voice airs on Mondays and Tuesdays this season. The teams are back at 12 artists each. A top 48 will emerge by the end of the round. 

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And we are back where we left off last night. Who did Holly Forbes choose as her coach? She grew up listening to Kelly Clarkson. So Holly picks Team Kelly! Ariana used her block against John Legend after Holly sang an impressive rendition of Elton John’s “Rocket Man.” On hindsight, she wishes she had used it against Kelly.

Bella DeNapoli – 22 – Long Island New York

Damaged by Danity Kane – NBC leaked Bella’s Blind Audition earlier today. In her video package, Bella shares that she comes from a big Italian family.  They are LOUD and eat SUNDAY DINNER. GRANDMA’S MEATBALLS. STEREOTYPES FOR THE WIN. Her family owns an electrical contracting company. She boasts that it’s “woman facing” with her mom and aunt in executive roles. Fun fact: Wives are often CEOS of family owned companies in name only in order to qualify for minority set asides. But I digress. The family is also musical. They perform together on the weekends. They play all over Long Island. 

She and her dad arranged the slowed up acoustic version of “Damaged” that she’s singing in front of the coaches. It’s an odd song choice. But Bella has a beautiful, elastic tone. As the coaches point out, she can sing in a soft folky style, while also belting out the bigger notes. Her midrange is huge, but her sweet, melodic head voice allows her to go delicate. Bella is so floored after Kelly, John and Ariana turn for her. Her excitement is infectious. Kelly says it would be “fun as hell” to pick songs with her. Unsurprisingly, Bella picks her fellow Italian Chick, Ariana.

Kelly, John and Ariana turn. Bella picks Team Ariana

David Vogel – 23 – Valhalla NY

Breathin’ by Ariana Grande – David considers Ariana his “dream coach.” In order to woo her, he flips her song “Breathin'” into an acoustic number. Ariana listens with her hand on her heart, but doesn’t turn initially. David has the look, but I’m not sure he has the voice. It’s very soft, not a ton of dynamics until the very end, which prompts Ariana to FINALLY turn. She’s the only turn.

She loved his take and is happy that she doesn’t have to compete for him. She claims to have waited to the last minute to keep others from even thinking about it. In his video package, David mentions that he plays drums and guitar.  He studied audio engineering in school. He can master his own records. Also, he plays in an indie band. AND HIS HAIR IS LUXURIOUS.

Only Ariana turned

Janora Brown – 22 – Wingate NC

Angel of Mine by Monica – She got her love of singing from her mom. An older sister struggled with lupus, which damaged her kidneys. Mom donated hers, but it didn’t take, so Janora’s sister still needs a kidney. The singer’s pretty version of the song is faithful to the original. Kelly and John hit their buttons quick. She’s a little pitchy on the high notes, but her midrange is gorgeous. 

John calls her version of the classic song “cool.” Kelly believes she can help Janora become a better vocalist. I’m sure she noticed that some of the notes were off. But in the end, Janora picks Team Legend.

Kelly and John turn, Jenora picks Team Legend

Kaitlyn Velez – 21 – Long Island NY

She started writing songs at 14 years of age. She’s Hispanic, but grew up in a white area. She was “super insecure.” Songwriting helped her find her identity. Now, she’s proud to be Latina. After releasing 7 songs, one song in particular, called “FoMo” went viral. 

Please Don’t Go by Mike Posner – Her voice is unusual. She’s got a unique alto tone, with a little quiver. Blake and John turn at the same time. She’s got pitch problems, but she’s probably a little nervous. John loves that quivering vibrato. Kelly was a little hesitant, and was waiting for her to open up. Blake thinks she may have another way of expressing her feelings than “blowing the roof” off the joint.” Kaitlyn, shocked that Blake turned for her, chose him. His pitch to her was perfect, so I’m not surprised. 

John and Blake turn. Kaitlyn picks Team Blake

Berritt Haynes – 18 – Pell City AL

Mercy by Brett Young – The performance is cut very short, but we do learn that Berritt’s trip to The Voice was made possible by Make a Wish. Initially, he wanted to sit in the audience. But COVID interfered. Then, his mother sent in an audition tape on his behalf, and it led him to actually singing for the coaches.He struggles with a heart condition that could kill him, but an operation saved his life.

Clint Sherman – Heath TX

Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison – Another montaged performance. Blake turned because he has covered the song so many times in concert. Clint shares that he recently got engaged to a “beautiful brown eyed girl” who is watching him with the rest of his family on Zoom.

Only Blake Turned for both Berritt and Clint

Kayla Lilly – 22 – Quarryville PA

Never Enough from The Greatest Showman – Kayla says her mother claims that she sang Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston songs to her during pregnancy, and that’s why she can sing. She was a single mother with four kids. She wound up at a boarding school for low income kids. She’s currently attending Temple University in Philadelphia.  Kayla has a beautiful tone, but unfortunately, is off pitch through most of the song. Nerves maybe.

The coaches look sad. “I was almost there,” says Kelly. Ariana says she needs more consistently. John loved the high notes, but felt that the beginning was problematic. Kelly advises her to try not to be perfect. She “begs” her to come back. “She’s thinking too much,” she says to the other coaches.

No Turns

The Cunningham Sisters (Marie 14, Macie 15) – Hamilton OH

Never Alone by Kirk Franklin & Tori Kelly – The duo points out that John Legend is also from Ohio. They view themselves as pop gospel artists. Their mother is a white redhead and their dad a Black albino. Growing up, other kids were confused by their appearance and bullied them. Dad was bullied too, and he encourages them to be strong and believe in themselves. They sound much older than they look. They sing beautiful harmonies and have a ton of potential. Kelly and John hit their buttons. Uh oh Kelly. You already have a trio!

Ariana wishes she had turned. “You’re tones are very distinct.” John crows about their shared roots. “I don’t have a group on my team and the lane is wide open on Team Legend.” Kelly promises to teach them new stuff. She begins coaching them from the chair. It’s the thing she does when she thinks she’s going to lose. But nevertheless, they pick Kelly! And she is SHOOK. Screaming in surprise, in fact. The girls are young and may not be familiar with John Legend’s adult contemporary stylings. 

Kelly and John turn, the duo pick Team Legend


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  1. I was MIA yesterday due to tests. I still did watch and really enjoyed it

  2. Kelly has 3 4 chair turns now I believe. Gymani, Holly, and GNT

  3. Still catching up on yesterday’s, but I seem to be a bit off with the chair turns. My favorite two so far were both two-chair turns. The 13-year-old and the bigger gentleman. The young girl was incredible handling those talky versus. Her lungs are still developing, but I’m most invested in her growth for now.

  4. Very interesting song choice. Bella is masterful with those runs; incredible control with a current sound. And she really built it up with the dynamics. I know some may think her tone is shrill but I enjoy it. Her belts are where she is most skillful.

    One of my favorite auditions of the season so far.

  5. Parts of the vocal were pretty, especially the end, but the beginning was blah

  6. The original song is straight pop. I actually like it, and I think the harmonies in the original help. Some people might prefer this to the original.

  7. I appreciate how she let the song build and I liked the beauty I heard near the end, but the beginning and middle were not for me.

  8. I do not know the song at all, so I shall be interested in hearing how she flipped it.

  9. here is the original its by Danity Kane the girl group that won season 3 of making the band on MTV

  10. All these birdie voices – she sounds like Ariana, or a Disney princess , or Minnie Riperton. I don’t know if I could take a full concert of it. She sang with confidence.

  11. Hah. I was thinking that he was reminding me a bit of a puppy.

  12. I was thinking someone should turn for him, considering some of the others they have. Though I guess teams are filling up now.

  13. Ariana is so much fun to watch as she tries to decide. I thought the fellow was pretty good.

  14. His tone could be very pleasant. It’s wavering on a bit thin. I can see him succeed with some alt music. The arrangement is nice… I like his inflections on parts and transitions/runs in certain places. I think with the right coach… he could improve a lot. This was just average but he could be great.

  15. Just realized with 2 spots left…….I only have 1 solo guy on my team (samuel) (also have Jim & Sasha allen, and the guys in the two trios)

  16. This guy reminds me of Kris Allen and idk why (Even though he re arranged the song David Cook style )

  17. He sounds like a project to me. There’s something there, but there are a few guys better than him already on the rosters.

  18. agreed! and we seem to not be the only ones! Facebook and youtube LOVED her!

  19. It’s so strange watching Ariana without the squeaky voice she had on Victorious and Sam and Cat

  20. He looks a bit like Kris Allen. I am surprised it was only a 1 chair turn.

  21. Although I did not love either audition, I think each of the last 2 singers have potential to deliver something special. I am happy that neither chose John. I think they will both be a good test of Ariana’s coaching. I expect she will do well.

  22. I have always loved that song, Sweet Dreams, but I think maybe his version is a bit out there for me. Which in itself is odd since I like some songs that are pretty far out there.

  23. John has gone from turning late for only the absolute best to turning early for mediocrity.

  24. This is entirely irrelevant. Every note was expected. It bored me.

  25. This is reminding me of yesterday’s opener. This performance ended stronger, but I’m still lukewarm on this. Everyone is all right tonight, but no one has surpassed some of yesterday’s better singers yet to me.

  26. OH well. Thanks for checking it out. He twisted Another Brick In The Wall when he was on Season 6. It was even more out there.

  27. I don’t think I would instantly recognize her voice if it came on the radio.

  28. I agree with Kelly’s assessment more as she does need some work on placement, but of course she chooses John who was more complimentary towards her

  29. There was nothing of any substance to that vocal. There was nothing unique, nothing original. there was nothing but a pleasant voice. Not for me.

  30. I’ve been pleased that Kelly’s offered a lot of constructive commentary to the contestants, same with Ariana.

  31. I don’t think it would hold my attention to turn the channel, it was very light and no real tune that you could identify.

  32. I will check that one out also! This just might not be my night, everything seems so blah

  33. Caught up. Show goes fast when you skip commercials and the other crap.

  34. The 17-year-old from yesterday, Keilah, brought to mind Jessica Sanchez. Wish she had comparable pipes…kind of, ha-ha. I somehow prefer Sanchez’s vibrato, but that might be in part because the emotion she channels makes it worth hearing some of her signature shrillness. And she’s refined her voice with more recent releases.

  35. SMH with these 13 & 14 yr olds talking about how they have wanted this their whole life and worked for so long on it. Like huh?

  36. Still obsessed with Liz’s tone to this day. How she never made it big as a singer it’s still a mistery to me.

  37. Yep . I’m still confused on her too. I saw Victoria twice live and she’s an ok singer but nothing like Ariana and Liz

  38. I used to like this song and Mike Posner. Not sure if the ukulele is the best decision for a blind just because it’s so laid back. She’s doing some interesting runs but she needs to project. Another one that could be good but I’m underwhelmed. A bit pitchy in areas at the end; mainly when she comes down from the notes as her belted notes sound decent actually.

  39. I only caught the very end of that… I hope there was something more in the rest of the performance because that was underwhelming.

  40. I love the ukulele. That was the most interesting thing about the performance

  41. Oh man,team Blake must be really weak to be getting multiple montages

  42. the montages lol why not just not show the two no chairs from last night and show these dudes instead

  43. Someone needs to step it up, like now…cause my mind is wandering. Not good

  44. But you would have had to listen to Brown Eyed Girl then. Just sayin’

  45. I want a HOLY CRAP WHO ARE THEY performance that makes me immediately search every corner of the net for their hidden songs.

  46. Yay for Philly represent . Guess she went to Milton Hershey School

  47. Will do. Love the song. Belle has my fave version, which is why she was eliminated the following round

  48. i watched all the prior auditions and zzzzz all the way around oof, Bella was my favorite and I liked her song choice but her tone’s kinda odd

  49. Please turn it down–Wow, I’ve never changed the channel off a singer …

  50. what was the purpose of showing this chick instead of one of the two guys who got montaged WHY

  51. Her telling the story about Mariah etc in her mom’s tummy gave me hope, then nope.

  52. Kayla’s opening was actually not bad.

    I think she can sing but this song choice is not good and her lower notes were really rough and some of the belts were out of tune. I wonder if this was a matter of nerves and song choice because her tone is somewhat pleasant.

  53. you know as much as i probably would have rattled on one of the boys who were montaged AT LEAST they got a chair and therefore it’s more fair for them to be showed in full

  54. Show is almost over so this last one must be good, hope they are good, please be good.

  55. Damn and it’s two 14 yr olds, two for the price of one…Think I am out

  56. The live shows are looking bleak. This is the most boring array of singers in all the seasons I have watched. Hopefully it gets better. It has to get better. Please please get better.

  57. Unfortunate. Yesterday saved it for me, so I’m looking forward to the next rounds.

  58. This show is stale . Glad it’s going back to one season per year . A break is what it needs . Only watching because mom has it on


  60. BINGO. From their satire of On The Waterfront. Lola “Your pale, you look like you lost your best friend” Eugene Levy “My brother, Charlie, heees dead,” Lola “Well, I was close, ma ha ha ha ha ha.”

  61. I think they are looking more for sob stories then singing talent

  62. I liked the opening act of the season. THAT IS IT!! 2 others intrigue me.

  63. Ok made me laugh whish is more than any of the singers tonight have done :) Thank you for that and exactly

  64. Wow. Tones are pleasant. The one on the left is stronger as a solo singer imho…

  65. Oh no no. This is what we have to look forward to on this season? WHY? Because of Ariana?

  66. Went off the rails, but they’re guaranteed a spot. Please reign them in coach, whoever you are.

  67. That’s what that whole episode of Icarly was about in 2009 where Archie guest starred on these shows

  68. Their harmonies are their strength. Some timing issues but they sound really cool together. Love how they didn’t hold back and showed everything in their audition

  69. Oh well. They surprised me. It went off midway thru, but the opening was excellent. Better than expected.

  70. Yes pink shirt. I think the other one might be stronger on harmony

  71. I’ll disagree on the not holding back, but …there’s something there for the coaches to develop. I can chock it up to excitement, but my ears will need to recover.

  72. Not sure if it was more the bar is set so low and they are totally annoying, but when they started to sing, I was loving it. They went awry half way through but they have potential.

  73. Kelly’s team is ridiculous. I’m still very curious about Ariana’s. Looking forward to this season.

  74. Outta here, have a great week, stay safe & well. Take time to smell the roses folks!

  75. I really enjoyed them. Unfortunatelly I love The sibling trio and the father and son duo much more. Wish they could’ve auditioned on a season different season.

  76. A girl named Tom is far and away my favorite audition of the season. Unfortunately, they had no intro, which does not bode well for them. The father/son duo did not convey the pain and ache of Jet Plane. It was sung well, but ultimately disappointed me.

  77. Thank you. Song is a guilty pleasure. I can not post from another show, but I encourage you to listen to Will Barber, Sweet Dreams, from The Voice France All Stars. It is totally me and hopefully will resonate with you. WOWZER. This lady can sing. I shall be checking out other stuff by her. Thanks for sharing.

  78. I don’t like how she flipped this song, but her voice is very, very pretty (when she’s not stretching for notes). I want to hear another song from her.

  79. My guess is more groups audition during producer rounds than we think and that the show is casting more to use it as a way to get more viewers or switch it up like they did by getting Ariana

  80. Recycled 90s song choice… I remember Zoe Upkins rendition which in my mind was a bit better than this. I didn’t feel much from this. Janora’s runs are nice but at times don’t feel meaningful. It didn’t really go anywhere. She’s got a clean, nice tone, but I was ultimately a bit bored.

  81. You would think where they are down to one season a year, they could figure out a way to skip the montages entirely.

  82. Well, I think I liked tonight better. My picks are Bella DeNapoli, Kaitlyn Velez, and the Cunningham Sisters (in no particular order). (And of the Cunningham Sisters, the younger one’s voice — Marie? — really cuts through.)

  83. The song choice was really smart. Sync issues and some technique issues but I felt it. I think they are strong emotively and tonally especially for their age.

  84. well stream died midway through and never recovered. so uh, oof lmao.

    see ya’ll next week

  85. I guess we are bound to disagree at some point. I rewatched their audition a couple of times and I enjoy it more after every listen. And since there were very few auditions that I willingly went back to, I’m looking forward to see what they do next. They weren’t perfect by any means, but they at least sparked some interest in me.

  86. For sure. I loved the original, made long before you were born. I am sure that gets in the way of my enjoying the duet. Let us hear what they do next.

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