The Voice 21 Recap: Blind Auditions 3 Live Blog (Videos)

THE VOICE -- "Blind Auditions" -- Pictured: Raquel Trinidad -- (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)
Pictured: Raquel Trinidad — (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

The Voice season 21 Blind Auditions continue with returning coaches Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson and John Legend. Pop star Ariana Grande joins the panel.  Carson Daly returns as host.  We’ll be live blogging all the Blind Audition performances right here.

The Voice airs on Mondays and Tuesdays this season. The teams are back at 12 artists each. A top 48 will emerge by the end of the round. 

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Raquel Trinidad – 23 – Miami FL

I Wish by Stevie Wonder – The young singer made it to the Top 20 on American Idol 2019. She calls herself a “hippie” and an artist. She works in glass art. Singing, however, is her main focus. Her dad plays the congas. She did voice over work on Dora the Explorer at 11. Currently, she drives for a rideshare company. She calls The Voice the biggest opportunity she’s ever had in her life. O rly? John hits his button first, followed by Ariana. Kelly eventually turns. I remember her being a better singer on Idol? This performance is rather lackluster.

Blake thinks Raquel should pick Ariana. He joked that John and Kelly are “jaded.” Ariana loved the precision of her runs. She notes a 60s throwback vibe. Raquel argrees that’s her vibe. John thinks she could cross genres. Kelly compliments her “quick, crisp” runs. “You’re an entertainer,” she says. And Raquel chooses Ariana. Which is the correct choice, I believe. They’re both from Florida! 

Kelly, John and Ariana turn, Raquel picks Team Ariana

The Joy Reunion – Neal, Gentry and Rob – Redlands CA

Boondocks by Little Big Town – They started singing in church. How did I know that? Probably the trio name. They call their style “California Country.” Gentry has two children. Neal and Rob are like uncles to them. Blake turns first, followed by John. Honestly, I admire his his quixotic attempts to woo country artists from Blake. But, really, he should stay in his lane. Because, Comedy, I suppose. As far as harmonies go, I’m not super impressed, but the lead voice is solid. 

Blake says he’s a coach for all kinds of artists, but “country music isn’t just a hobby for me.” John quips that “country music is my life.” He’s not pitching too hard, though. Kelly didn’t turn because she already has A Girl Name Tom. That makes sense. And they are better, so. And of course, the group picks Blake.

Blake and John turn. The trio picks Team Blake

Jasmine Mills – 28 – Springfield VA

It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday by Boyz II Men – She and her husband have two children. They sing in the car! Also in church on Sunday. She hopes to be a role model for her kids and other moms. Jasmine has a beautiful lower register. Her voice is very churchy though. It’s hard to imagine her anywhere else than in gospel.

Ariana ALMOST turned, but no turns. Blake thought it started off the rails, but then improved. “I screwed up” he said. Ariana was waiting for her nerves to dissipate. Kelly wanted “more space” in her performance. John didn’t like the song choice. He’s right about that. She sounded very “church lady.” More excitement needed. 

No Turns

Hailey Mia – 13 Clifton NJ

You Broke Me First by Tate McRae – Nice tone from Hailey. It’s taking a bit for the coaches to turn. When she finally hits a sustained note…still no turns! That usually does it. But when Kelly finally turns, Ariana follows. Kelly is BIG MAD. Hailey is only 13. She is obviously young, but I figured 16 or 17 (the performance came first before the video package, unsurprisingly). Her phrasing is mature for a tween. In her package, Hailey’s mom describes a health issue that could have left the young singer blind. She went under the knife at 7 and got her vision back. Young winner Carter Rubin inspired her. 

Kelly thought she was turning around for a 24 year old. Kelly She loves Hailey’s power and control. Ariana calls her “phenomenal” and “spectacular.” She wants to help Hailey grow. “I want to help you get there.” Blake mentioned that Mia would be the first 13 year old winner. He’s still pitching on Ariana’s behalf. Kelly promises an “open lane” for Hailey. Ariana scoffs! But in the end, Hailey picks Team Ariana.

Kelly and Ariana turn. Hailey picks Team Ariana

Blake confesses that he wants Ariana’s fans on his side. Ariana assures him that she’s on to him. Hijinks! The writers room is hard at work.

Jeremy Rosado – 29 – Tampa FL

Here Comes Goodbye by Rascal Flatts –  IT’S AMERICAN IDOL NIGHT ON THE VOICE Yippie. Jeremy made the Top 13 on American Idol season 11. He was voted off pretty fast and didn’t make the tour. Jeremy was judge Jennifer Lopez’s pet. She seriously called him “Jer-bear.” Check him out singing for the Wildcard. Fast forward nine years later and Jeremy is the legal guardian of his niece after his sister lost custody. On a Zoom call with Jeremy, she declares herself an Ariana stan and swears to disown him if he doesn’t pick her as his coach. She’s in college now, so he feels it’s time to get back to his career. Back on Idol, I wasn’t that impressed with Jeremy. He seemed overly dramatic, but not in a good way. He’s a better singer now. He sings with emotion that resonates. Kelly and Blake turn. But not Ariana. Sads. 

Kelly shares how she loves flipping songs like that. Ariana didn’t push because he sounded nervous. She can’t wait to meet her daughter. Now, Blake wants payback from Ariana. And she advocates for Kelly instead. “It was all for naught,” jokes John. Jeremy makes his decision: “I gotta go Team Kelly.” IDOLS TOGETHER. 

Kelly and Blake turn, Jeremy chooses Team Kelly

So, Blake is big mad that Ariana didn’t advocate for him. He’s disowning her as his “granddaughter.” Ariana wonders where she’ll spend Christmas now. And after the commercial, the coaches continue the “Blake tried to woo Ariana to his side and failed” comedic arc. The writers room should win an Emmy. Or not!

Carson Peters – 17 – Piney Flats TN

Tulsa Time by Don Williams – NBC dropped this audition on Youtube over the weekend. The Piney Flats townsfolk call Carson “fiddle boy.” That’s because he plays a pretty mean fiddle. He’s so good, he’s become a protege of bluegrass icon Randy Skaggs. They’ve played together on the Opry stage AND at the 2018 CMA Awards. Carson also appeared on Little Big Shots a few years ago. He’s been playing fiddle since 3 years old. Oh. He played the Tonight Show at 7 years old, too. He has a little crush on Ariana. Interesting. He’s not going to make decision with the wrong anatomy, will he? His singing is NOT as good as his fiddle playing. It’s thin and reedy and it’s a little suspect that John turned so quick (I think the panel gets a heads up on certain acts, to be honest). But Carson has obviously been on stages and has stage presence. Eventually he gets 4 chairs to turn. 

John calls himself a “very fiddle friendly coach.” This is hilarious, the way John keeps turning for country artists. He brags that he won a CMT award with Carrie Underwood. Ariana doesn’t even try to pitch him. Carson calls Kelly out for erroneously claiming she turned first. Woops. Eventually, Blake goes in for the kill, explaining exactly why his experience and country bonafides will serve Carson well (He is correct!). “Let’s not mess around with what this decision means to you,” advises Blake. And a clear head prevails. Carson picks Blake.

4 chair turn, Carson picks Team Blake

Keilah Grace – 15 – New York City NY

Never Tear Us Apart by INXS – This rocker chick begins singing in shadow. Kelly turns first, and we finally see Keilah’s face. It’s another case of “why obscure her face?” But it’s probably no reason, except a way to frame an audition a little differently. Kelly loves her some female rock chicks! Keilah possesses a strong and dramatic voice. She hits a big impressive note which prompts John and Ariana to turn. 

Her dad is with her on stage. She calls her clan a “modern day Partridge family.” She’s been writing and playing since 8 years old. And she’s been performing in clubs for years. Her parents are her full time managers. Her mom is Filipino. John compares Keilah to Olivia Newton John. WHAT? She’s nothing like breathy Olivia. Kelly likes her growl and passion. “You’re like a little rock star.” Keilah confesses that she also wants to act. John promises Keilah a lane to herself. After a commercial break, Keilah picks Team Legend. OK. I’m shocked. CHICK HE COMPARED YOU TO OLIVIA NEWTON JOHN. Weird. John is also surprised.

Kelly, John and Ariana turn. Keilah picks Team Legend

Bubba – 26 – Buffal0 NY

How Am I Supposed to Live Without You by Michael Bolton – Bubba is a nickname from his dad, who came to America from Yemen. He grew up gay, and it was confusing. He came out at 15 to his dad who reacted, “You were born that way, I love you.” He’s an at home hairstylist, but wants to sing for a living.  Good luck with that dude, because this song choice is horrendous. So corny and old fashioned. He’s just under pitch, too. He hits the key change, though. If nobody turns at the key change, that singer is done.

This one had “no turn” written all over it. John said pitch problems kept him from turning. Kelly suggests that he not overthink it. Ariana felt his voice became fatigued.

No Turns

Ariana is the only coach with a block. Will she use it to exact revenge on John for taking a Broadway singer away from her?

Samara Brown – 32 – Bronx NY

Sweet Thing by Chaka Khan – Samara’s sister is Amanda Brown, who competed on Team Cee-Lo on season 3. Samara didn’t always believe in herself. In college, her musical world opened up. She traveled to Russia to perform with a jazz trio. Then, she traveled the world. John turned first. Ariana is next. Samara brings out the big guns at the end. She’s good. Amanda is better. But Samara is solid, especially in her upper register. 

Ariana tried to block John, but didn’t hit it fast enough. Oh well! “You killed it,” says John. Ariana gushes about what a big fan she is. “I would be incredibly honored to work with you.” Blake, still mad over Ariana “stabbing him in the back,” advocates for John. Kelly notes Ariana’s gigantic following on social media. And Samara picks John. That’s probably the correct decision. Their styles are similar.

Ariana and John turn. Samara picks Team Legend

Lucas O’Reilly – 20 – Newport RI

Carolina in My Mind by James Taylor – He began learning the Suzuki method of guitar playing at age 6. The style is very formal, and doesn’t utilize a pick. Lucas began singing by accident, while in a garage band. It took others around him to notice his vocal talent. Now, he wants to be front-and-center on a stage. He performed in front of James Taylor last year. Oh noes. Montage. I smell a no turn. Also the next to last performance is often a no turn. His tone is sweet. But he’s a little pitchy, and lacks dynamics.

Kelly wanted more range. Ariana wanted him to give a little bit more. John noted the pitch issues. They all love his tone. Kelly calls his performance “linear.” This is true.

No Turns

Holly Forbes – 30 – Catlettsburg KY

Rocket Man by Elton John – Holly has been front and center in many of The Voice TV promos. She’s obviously gone far in the competition. She has a partner and two children. The couple met through a music ad. They wrote together first. During the day, she takes care of people with intellectual disabilities. Seizure medicine she began taking at 11 caused her hair to go patchy. Now she shaves it off entirely. Currently she’s been working as a background singer. Her daughter wants Ariana to turn.  John and Ariana turn at ABOUT the same time. But Ari managed to finally nail him. Kelly and Blake hit their buttons. It’s an interesting and bold song choice. Unexected. But Holly does it justice. She’s bluesy, with rock overtones. Yet, she sounds contemporary. Holly cries after she finishes, and declares herself a “crier.”

Blake calls Holly an “artist” and gushes, “I would be proud to be your damn coach.” Ariani calls the performance “emotionally charged.” Kelly reminds Holly that Ariana robbed her of the opportunity to pick John. She’s kidding. But it’s true! It’s why I hate the block. Blake is still working against Ariana. 

And just like last week…results will be revealed tomorrow night (Sept 28) at 8 pm!


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