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Becky and Shelli are the two Heads of Household for the week. Tonight we will see which four HouseGuests they have nominated for eviction and which two will win the Battle of the Block competition. Which pair of nominees will save themselves and dethrone either Becky or Shelli? Let’s find out!

Becky and Shelli are very excited that they won HoH, and Clay is glad his closest ally Shelli won too. Da’Vonne, however, is not happy since she doesn’t trust either of them. Meanwhile, Vanessa mentions in the diary room how Audrey is probably going to be targeted after getting caught in some lies last week. We see a flashback of Audrey throwing Vanessa under the bus to a lot of people in the HoH room and painting Vanessa as the mastermind of an alliance that includes her, Becky, Jackie, and Liz. Later, Audrey approaches Vanessa about this rumor, but lies and says that Da’Vonne was the one who came up with it. Vanessa then approaches Audrey and Da’Vonne about the rumor to clarify who started it. Da’Vonne and Audrey both deny they started the rumor, so Da’Vonne rallies up Clay, Shelli, Jason, Jeff, Meg, and James into the HoH room with Audrey and Vanessa to confirm who was the one who started the rumor. Jason says it was Audrey, so now everyone in the house doesn’t trust Audrey and she is the biggest target in the house now.

However, Shelli still has a bond with Audrey, so Audrey may not be in so much danger this week. “This could’ve been much worse,” Audrey says to herself after Shelli and Becky won HoH. Da’Vonne, however, is nervous and believes she may be targeted this week because she knows Shelli hasn’t completely cut ties with Audrey yet.

After the HoH room reveal, Shelli and Becky talk game. Becky wants Audrey to be backdoored, so they discuss who they should put up as pawns. They are unsure at the moment, but Shelli states she definitely doesn’t want Clay on the block and Becky agrees. They go have private conversations with everyone in the house, and Becky tells the people she talks to that Audrey is the target and has to go. Meanwhile, Clay and Jeff talk in the storage room and say that although Audrey isn’t trustworthy, Da’Vonne should be the target this week. Audrey approaches Clay and Jeff and say that she has hit rock bottom and is completely alone in the game and is willing to work with them.

Shelli and Clay talk, and they agree that Da’Vonne should be the target this week. The edit in tonight’s episode is a bit misleading, though. It’s making it seem like it was Clay’s idea to target Da’Vonne, but anyone who watched the live feeds that night knows that Shelli was already planning on targeting her before Clay brought it up.

They want Da’Vonne nominated and lose the Battle of the Block competition. Clay suggests Shelli to nominate him so he can throw the competition and to make sure she loses, but Shelli refuses to nominate him. She thinks John is the only one who might be willing to throw the competition from the potential pawns she can put on the block. She, Clay, and Jeff then talk to John and ask him to throw the Battle of the Block competition. They promise him he will be safe; they just need Da’Vonne to stay on the block. John agrees to the plan, but admits in the diary room that he has reservations about being a pawn and throwing the competition.

Next we see Becky tell the HouseGuests the story of when she got hit in the face by a train. She broke several bones and was out of work for eight weeks, but has made a full recovery. Everyone is amazed by this story, and Jason calls her superhuman. Jackie even says someone who survived getting hit in the face by a train is someone worth working with in the game.

It’s time for the nomination ceremony. Shelli has nominated John and Da’Vonne. Shelli tells Da’Vonne that she knows she doesn’t trust her, so she’s just protecting herself. Becky has nominated Jason and Steve. Becky tells Jason she’s nominating him due to him putting her on the block last week. She also tells Steve that they haven’t talked much game to each other. Audrey is glad she isn’t nominated, but she knows a backdoor plan could be in motion. Da’Vonne is determined to win the Battle of the Block competition to ensure her safety and to target Shelli, Clay, and Audrey next week.

James asks Da’Vonne and Jason how did Audrey not get nominated, but they tell him that they believe they are actually the targets for the week. However, Audrey will be the target if Becky remains HoH, and Becky tells this to Steve and Jason. Jason doesn’t believe her though, so he plans to fight in the Battle of the Block competition.

Audrey approaches Shelli and Clay in the HoH room. She asks them what if Steve and Jason throws the competition, but Shelli says it wasn’t discussed before saying she doesn’t want to talk anymore game. Shelli explains in the diary room that telling Audrey information is risky since she could spread it around the house, so that’s why she didn’t say anything else to her. Later, John and Da’Vonne talk alone in the parlor room about the upcoming Battle of the Block competition. John tells Da’Vonne that they need to get their rest in order to do well, but he admits in the diary room that he will be throwing the competition since doing so will grant him the trust of a lot of people that will be willing to work with him in the game.

It’s time for the Battle of the Block competition. They must match screen shots in the correct order according to a shot list with the use of cameras and props. The first duo that gets all their shots in the right order will win the Battle of the Block competition. They also must do this while sharing an over-sized shirt and pants with two legs in the same pant leg. Da’Vonne comes up with the strategy of turning on all the cameras first, which John thinks is a really bad way to go about it. However, since he’s throwing the competition, he goes along with it. Da’Vonne admits in the diary room that she is doing all the work in the competition and is just dragging John along. The two of them are doing so badly in the competition, that it’s not even close between them and Jason and Steve. Soon enough, Jason and Steve win the Battle of the Block competition. They are now safe, but Da’Vonne and John remain on the block. Becky is fine with losing her position as Head of Household since she believes Shelli is still on board with backdooring Audrey, but Shelli still wants Da’Vonne gone.

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of Big Brother 17! Thanks for reading and come back on Wednesday for another live recap.

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