The Year In Review – The Biggest Stories of 2011 – Part 1

As we approach the New Year, I thought I’d do a little roundup of the biggest stories of 2011. What I’ve included here are stories related to the shows I cover on the blog, including: American Idol, X Factor, Glee, Dancing With the Stars and America’s Got Talent. The list is mostly show related items, but if a contestant or cast member made some waves, I’ve got it covered here too.

I’ve divided the items month by month and will deliver the piece in two parts, as I just could not cut the list down far enough to fit it reasonably in one post. Part 1 today and Part 2 will come your way on Friday!


American Idol 11 debuts on January 19 without Simon CowellNigel Lythgoe is back at the helm (WHERE HE BELONGS) and has put into a place a newly configured judges’ panel that features Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson. Also, Nigel has made a few tweaks to the show–adding a Las Vegas round to Hollywood and shortening The Top 24 middle round to one sudden-death week. The first episode–the New York Auditions–is promising–with Steven taking on the Paula Abdul lovable-but-wacky role, Jennifer Lopez as the insightful and caring judge and an energized Randy Jackson taking on the role of head judge. The reviews are positive and while the ratings dip, they are still solid.  Simon who?

Chris Colfer wins the Best Supporting Actor in TV Series, Mini-Series, or Made-for-TV Movie award at the 68th Annual Golden Globes and gives an awesome, and heartfelt anti-bullying acceptance speech. Glee and actress Jane Lynch are also winners.  Ricky Gervais is host and manages to piss off a lot of people with a slew of extremely Un-PC jokes.


American Idol Top 24 contestant, Casey Abrams is rushed to the hospital after complaining of severe stomach pains.  He stays overnight and it’s feared that he’ll have to drop out of the race just as he’s about to compete.  But after a blood transfusion, he’s well enough to return to the show.  Casey misses a results show, and a few commercial appearances, but stays in the race until he is eliminated in 6th place.  Casey eventually reveals that he has ulcerative colitis and becomes a spokesperson for the chronic illness.


Casey Abrams is eliminated in 11th place.  But not so fast! The judges use their one time save, giving Casey another chance. The 19 year old contestant is so overwhelmed by the news, he nearly faints, making for one of the more dramatic moments in the competition. Watch the Drama Unfold.

Glee’s Kurt and Blaine finally kiss – Fans had been waiting for the moment since Glee newbie, Blaine (Darren Criss) serenaded a smitten Kurt (Chris Colfer) with Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream”.  Glee’s realistic and positive depiction of a gay teen romance not only won hearts, but broke a few barriers as well.  #theykissed instantly began trending worldwide on twitter.


Taylor Hicks joins Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon for an EPIC performance of Rebecca Black’s “Friday”. It was all in the name of fun and charity. Watch the Awsomeness Here.

American Idol contestant, Pia Toscano, is shockingly SHOCKINGLY eliminated at 9th place.  Many predicted the beautiful Pia with the big belty voice would be the 1st female Idol winner since Jordin Sparks took the crown in 2007.   But, something didn’t quite connect with Pia and the viewing public.  Maybe it was her insistence on performing big old-fashioned ballads nearly every week, or a performance style some viewers called “robotic.” Or maybe a female was not destined to win American Idol 10–as 4 girls fell in quick succession in the first weeks of the show. Nevertheless, the shock boot got Pia tons of press and appearances.  And in the end, she was signed to UMG.  Her album is set to be released in early 2012.  All is well that ends well… Watch Pia’s Dramatic Elimination Here.

NBC’s The Voice premieres and it’s a Surprise Hit – NBC’s new singing competition, The Voice, with it’s gimmicky swivel chairs and contrived boxing-style battle rounds appears to be an iffy proposition at the outset.  Could coaches Cee Lo Green, Adam Levine, Blake Shelton and Christina Aguilera pull in curious viewers to this new singing competition? YES.  The auditions feature some great singing and the gimmick–the coaches listen to auditions with their backs turned to the contestant–turned out to be a kick.  Would the coaches turn around or not?  The ratings are impressive–with almost 12 million viewers and a whopping 5.1 rating in the 18-49 demo–a shot in the arm the ailing NBC badly needs. The Voice is different enough from Idol to not seem redundant, but effectively steals the thunder from the X Factor, which is premiering later in the year with a similar concept. Poor Simon.


The judging on American Idol Goes to Hell – While the American Idol judges’ panel got off to a promising start, somewhere along the way, either the producers or the judges themselves decide that blowing smoke up every contestant’s ass is the way to go.  As the competition heads down to the home stretch, the comments get nicer and nicer and viewers become more and more frustrated.  Where is Simon when you need him?  The one contestant who doesn’t seem to get a free pass is Haley Reinhart.  She gets a chilly response when she sings “You and I”, a brand new Lady Gaga song that has never been performed in public before.  The judges can’t handle the brand new tune, even though Haley knocks it out of the park.  They redeeme themselves somewhat when they prais her second song, “House of the Rising Sun”. But it isn’t enough to keep fans from expressing their displeasure across the internet. Include me as someone who was ready to storm the CBS studios with a torch and pitchfork.  The upside–the uproar probably saves her from elimination.  Jacob Lusk goes home in 5th place that week. Watch the Performances.

Lee DeWyze and Nigel Lythgoe Twitter Fight – After the Season 9 winner is denied a performing spot on the American Idol finale, Lee’s brother Mike hops on to twitter to complain, calling Idol producers “scumbags”.  Fans also tweet angry messages at Nigel. In return, he tweets in the wee hours after the finale that Lee had been asked to present the winner’s trophy, but declined.  Lee tweets a response– that he was asked by producers to present as the trophy was about to be presented.  Nigel tweets–no, Lee was asked to present with a week’s notice.  Hello twitter war!  In an interview with THR after the incident, it appears that the truth was somewhere in the middle–Lee was asked a week before to present at the finale. He declined, but was asked again right before the winner was announced. Again, he declined.  I would say, at this point, there is no love lost between Lee and Nigel. It’s worth noting Nigel was not the EP Season 9, the year Lee competed. I hope Lee isn’t counting on an Idol promo spot when his record drops next year…

A couple of country teens win Idol – Teen contestants, Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina take winner and runner-up, respectively.   Nobody thought two teens would take the top spots–let alone two COUNTRY teens.   In the end, despite criticisms of the judges panel, ratings stay solid for Idol, proving that the show was not all about Simon Cowell.  The brittle Brit seems none too pleased as he later takes snide potshots at Idol as he makes media rounds, promoting the upcoming X Factor. He even mocks Scotty’s southern accent. Yes. Simon goes there.


Simon Cowell FIRES Cheryl Cole – Was it a case of cold feet?  Her thick accent? Only Simon knows why he decides, after shooting auditions in Los Angeles and Chicago, to dump Cheryl Cole as X Factor judge in favor of the lifeless fembot, Nicole Scherzinger.  The Gordie beauty joined the X Factor USA panel, after a successful run on the UK version.

Javier Colon wins the Voice. Dia Frampton comes in second.  But unfortunately, the only careers jump started here are the coaches.   Blake Shelton’s album sales go up.  The Maroon 5/Christina Aguilera single “Moves Like Jagger” is a big summer hit and Cee Lo Green becomes an even bigger star.  Sadly, Javier and Dia release albums in the fall to very little fan fair.  Javier Colon’s Come Through For You debuts at #133 on the BB200, selling a measly 10K copies, while Dia Frampton’s album Red, debuts at #106 with 10.5K sales.


Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony split – The couple seemed so HAPPY when they sexy danced on the Idol finale!  But it was splitsville in July for Jlo and Marc. What would happen to the twins? Oh my.  Jennifer, almost immediately begins to date one of her young male dancers.  Good for her?

Amy Winehouse dies – Not much to add to this. Very, very sad.

Glee co-creator, Ryan Murphy announces popular cast members will graduate, leave show.  Ryan Murphy drops  a bombshell when he announces that the characters portrayed by beloved cast members, Lea Michele, Cory Monteith and Chris Colfer will leave the show after they graduate at the end of Season 3.  Chris tells interviewers the next day during a round of Emmy interviews (Murphy conveniently drops the news the day before Emmy noms are announced) that he was pretty much blindsided, having read about his imminent graduation on twitter.  Later, in an interview with Deadline, Ryan reveals that his actors weren’t being fired, but would star in a New York City based spin-off, that was now cancelled due to his actors’ media indiscretions (!!!).  He then proceeds to blame his actors and the media for not being able to read his mind.  He’s not called “Troll Murphy” in the blog-o-sphere for nothing.  Eventually, Ryan admits to mishandling the situation and that  just because a character graduates, doesn’t mean they can’t be on Glee.

Come back tomorrow for August thru December!

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  • Anonymous

    Thanks for posting this.  Ahhh, it was a good year.  Gave us all plenty to talk about!

  • Duke

    This was awesome to read. thanks MJ

  • TheOther

    Thanks MJ for compiling this.  Looking forward to Aug through Dec.

    You were right on about Pia. Her elimination was hard to take. But if she had stayed with the competition, she wouldn’t have gotten all the media attention, etc. Not claiming she will be a huge star, but she will always be able to make a living doing what she loves – singing and performing.

  • Pam

    Very nice post mj.  Can’t wait for the rest!

  • Nick Peterson

    It took reading this review to realize how much I enjoyed Idol this year. It is a far superior show to the X-Factor and The Voice. I am very excited to see what this next season has up its sleeve. The judges are awesome in the audition rounds and such. Let’s just hope they somehow are listening to MJ and actually give some criticism when needed for the the top 12!

  • Roger Kramjet

    OMG I didn’t remember half of this stuff! What a great review thanks for the hard work putting that together~!

  • Anonymous

     Very happy to see Idol doing so well.  Thanks, MJ.

  • Anonymous

    Mj: I totally agree with your comments re the judging on AI with respect to Haley. I think she was too often criticized, where it wasn’t warranted…. leaving a lot of us wondering what planet the judges are from!! I looked forward each week to watching Scotty and Haley perform. Their genres are very different, and, I’m a little more country, but what I loved about them is not only their voices, but their stage presence, and passion when they perform!

  • Anonymous

    That Jimmy Fallon skit of Friday w/Taylor Hicks and Stephen Colbert was #4 on the Huffington Post’s list of 11 Funniest Late Night Moments Of 2011!

  • Tinawina

    It really was a fun year wasn’t it?

  • ShreddingHalien

    Thanks for posting, MJ. And loved “The judging on American Idol goes to hell” in bold.  A Lol moment for sure:) 

  • TBTW

    The highlight of the year was Haley finishing 3rd on Idol against all odds… If she had won it would have been the highlight of the decade for me.

  • Anonymous

    All the pimping and primping on Idol 11 made me cringe.   No surprise the two young country singers won, would have been amazed if they hadn’t.  Can anyone forget the slight done to Lee Dewise?    Jlo relaunched her career and shed herself of one more man, Tyler behaved himself and managed to stay vertical through entire season.   Seacrest and Jackson were simply annoying most of the time.   The on site mentors seemed to confuse the contestants more than help them.   The viewers hung in there, and gave the X Factor a by pass.   2012 should prove interesting to see if viewer fatigue has set in or is it just certain shows that aren’t making it. 

  • CanadianLady

    I thought Season 10 was great. really think the “right” person won – in terms of being the voice/face of idol going into the next year. And I think he’ll be around the music scene for as long as he wants to be.

    I thought it should have been Scotty-Haley-Casey-Jacob-James-Lauren, but I can’t complain. I liked nearly all of them. And I think all 11 have what it takes to be successful to a degree (success doesn’t need to be a string of platinum-selling albums.).

    Not Scotty’s or Lauren’s or anyone other than the voters’ fault it was an all-country finish, and I don’t really think they are that similar. She’s much more pop-country for me.

    The judges only bothered me a little bit, and then it was the too-weird
    criticisms of Haley as opposed to the everything’s wonderful for
    everyone else in the last few weeks that bothered me. It was really the judges back in the auditions who got me interested, and then Scotty/Casey/Jacob/Naima/Haley who kept me watching.

    Liked the way the top 11 seemed to genuinely care about each other. And many have stayed connected.

    I liked Ryan most of the time. Liked that the bottom two were together and not on either side of him. And the vibe of the show was SO much better than the X-Factor – like night and day.

    So I am happy and have already bought everything I could thus far from Scotty, James, Haley, Casey, and Jacob. Plus Lauren album. Will likely buy anything else  from them, plus will seriously consider Stefano’s and Naima’s when/if they come out. Possibly others.

    ETA: Meant to say I really liked having Jimmy there and getting his opinions, although sometimes they baffled me.

  • steph6449

    I’d forgotten some of these but good choices.

  • ShreddingHalien

    That is a good point. The Top 11 seem to be a tight knit group and it is heart warming to see them form friendships that will last a life time in some cases. For all the fan wars that go on and all the silly Idol stuff, I think the kids rose above it and prospered. S10 winner by a mile, though, is not Scotty, its Paul for meeting his true love and getting married, even Scotty said so, lol. 

  • Anonymous

    By far, my favorite clip of the year was Taylor with Jimmy and Stephen doing that Friday cover.

    As for the competitions, Haley was THE BEST of 2011, IMO. 

  • Miz

    Nice review. Looking forward to what you come up with for tomorrow.

  • Anonymous

    Mine too! When Taylor busted through that backdrop, the audience almost pee’d in their collective pants and there was a huge applause/reaction! The man is made for TV and I hope he reappears on it this coming year…

  • Anonymous

    How Nigel publically embarrased Lee Dewyze was unforgivable, IMO and I’m not a Lee fan. Why he didn’t ask him back on the show like every other winner was wierd, petty, and ugly. Typical behavior from that ahole, though.  Nothing he does (or doesn’t do) regarding his winners surprises me.  And let it be noted that Lee isn’t the only only who’s suffered at Nigel’s evilness.

  • Anonymous

    I think the resurgence of idol was pretty remarkable. I think people forget how dire the situation looked. X Factor loomed in the distance, season 9 had bad ratings, bad cd sales, and bad tour sales. There was doubt about whether people would even watch without Simon. What happened was that ratings overall for the season increased from the previous season, something almost unheard of for a television show in it’s 10th season. The tour sold out left and right, and Scotty is on the cusp of a platinum album, which is pretty amazing considering people going into season 10 predicted the winner would sell less than Lee.

  • Anonymous

    Enjoyed the AI season very much.  I think I was drawn in by the great personalities of the top 11.  They did seem to really mesh with each other and the different types of music made for great entertainment.  I would have taken any of the top three as winners as I believe they all show great promise to go on and be successful in their genre’s as well as several of the others such as Stephano, Casey and Pia to perhaps a lesser degree.  The Xfactor was just awful to watch on so many levels and nothing against the contestants but I really didn’t care who won.  Looking forward to AI this year  and thanks MJ for the recap.

  • Mateja Praznik

    Reading this, 2011 wasn’t a great year.

    IMO season 10 was pretty mediocre. The winner was practically decided by the end of semifinal round, there were only two other viable contestants and everyone else was just there to make up the numbers. Some more, some less talented, but no spark. All males apart from Scotty were absolutely awful. TOP 3 are okay, but I’m not  interested in their music.  But at least the season wasn’t as dire as season 9.

    At least X Factor offered some exciting contestants. Oh, and female winner.

    Judging on both AI and X Factor was nothing to be excited about. But AI judges annoyed me more than X Factor judges.

    I didn’t watch The Voice that much. I think coaches on The Voice were the best group of judges/mentors of the three shows, but yes, they basically used to show to promote their own careers and the contestants just didn’t click with the public.  Dia has a nice voice, but even she bores me.

    This year was also kinda slow on Idol releases.  Jennifer Hudson’s album is my favorite, followed by Kelly’s. Lauren Alaina’s debut seems strong, but I don’t care  much about country.

  • Tinawina

    I absolutely agree with you. AI was supposed to be dying right about now now, with XFactor coming off a triumphant launch and poised to take over AI’s timeslot within a couple of years. Instead, AI is going into next year in a very strong position following its most popular season in years and launching what looks like a winner with real selling power. Meanwhile, XFactor is struggling to match the buzz of The Voice, a show no one was really thinking about this time last year.

    It is quite the story. Who wudda thunk it?

    This is a crucial year for everyone coming up. It ain’t over yet. But if Idol can get another strong diverse group of contestants, plus have any of the recent alums to do well on pop and/or launch another strong act from season 11, it will really set itself solidly ahead of the pack IMO.

  • Anonymous

    I personally thought season 10 was one of the best seasons ever. A lot better than seasons 8 and 9 and up there with season 7.

    I also thought the idol contestants were way more exciting than the x factor and voice contestants. Most on the other two shows wouldn’t have made it that far on idol. I was kind of bored for the voice and x factor while I was very invested in idol this year- although I wanted to throw my remote at the TV when Pia was eliminated.

  • Anonymous

    Ok, isn’t there some sort of pattern someone pointed out.    You have a great season, a good season and then a blah season.   I know everyone has their favorite seasons, but overall, there is some sort of general consensus about the quality of the seasons.  
    So if this pattern is true, next season should be a good season and S12 should be a dud.  :)

  • Anonymous

    I loved Season 10. For the first time, my favorite won. And I liked almost everyone in the Top 11. (Which doesn’t really happen often)

  • shell29

    This is a crucial year for everyone coming up. It ain’t over yet.

    ITA, tinawina.  For all of the X Factor vs. Idol talk, the real competition that I see coming up is Idol vs. The Voice.  X Factor wasn’t the ratings behemoth Simon expected it to be but it was still a pretty decent Fall hit for FOX.  It will be interesting to see whether The Voice can keep the momentum and buzz going into its second season.  Will it pose a serious threat to Idol’s ratings or will the novelty wear off with viewers?  Speaking for myself, I’ll probably try to tune in to both shows (at least early on).

  • Anonymous

    I think Javier’s and Dia’s sales won’t do the voice any favors.

  • Mateja Praznik

    Season 7 seemed like a talented season, but I didn’t care for anyone. Talented, nice people, but not really interesting. Musically no one interested me, but I enjoyed “Imagine”.

    I only enjoyed season 8 because of Adam (and Allison). I thought Danny and Matt were also good, but didn’t interest me. The others were average.

    Season 9 was awful. No contestant really appealed to me and most of them were awful. Complete waste of time.

    Season 10 had three standouts. Lauren, Haley and Scotty. But musically I’m not really interested in country. We will see how Haley’s music sounds. What’s more, other contestants on the show were just average. Guys were terrible.

    With X Factor, it’s not just about singing ability. For a diva like Melanie it matters a lot, but not for someone like Astro. For some reason, X Factor cast was less versatile, but I would take X Factor cast over AI cast if I had to choose.

  • Anonymous

    Season 7 of American Idol was my all time favorite.  Still follow David A. and some of the others.
    Loved Melinda from Season 6
    Have always liked Kelly Clarkson.
    This year liked Haley.

    Still like Idol best of the Singing Competitions with The Voice second.
    Didn’t even watch X Factor.  Just too many singing competitions.  Too much about the Judges.

  • Sparkles

    Thanks for the nice 2011 recap. Watching the X Factor has made me appreciate American Idol even more. Especially what a great job the producers and especially Ryan Seacrest does. Looking forward to the next season and, of course, the summer tour.

  • Anonymous

    Chris Colfer’s acceptance speech still gets to me. And Simon stopped mocking Scotty after he saw his sales figures. Must kill him to know he can’t claim he discovered Scotty.

  • Good Vibes

    X Factor was a total bust to me. It couldn’t even hold my interest from week to week. Contrast that with Idol. The Casey Abrams save was the most gripping drama I’ve ever seen on that show. I agree about Seacrest. I now have a whole new appreciation for him. I think he leaves both The Voice and X Factor hosts in the dust, in the way he holds the show together and keeps it flowing.

    I think season 10 of Idol already has the strongest top 4 sales-wise since season five. I’m not sure of that, perhaps some numbers gurus can figure that out.

    I also had to love the viral hit Taylor had this year with “Friday”.  It’s getting a lot of top 10 end of year mentions. Probably the coolest idol-off-Idol moment of the year.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks mj for this. The memory of the Klaine kiss makes my heart melt literally. Chris Colfer’s win was a high point for me and his beautiful acceptance speech is an award winner. And i will forever remember Nigel for the jackass he was and still is.

  • asifclueless

    mj … Thank you very much for your … The Year In Review.
    Can’t wait for Part 2.
    It’s been a fun year. I enjoy your cover of the shows that I don’t get over here.

    I only get American Idol and X Factor but 2 days behind.
    Most of the time, I come here to take a peek at your videos and your comments.
    Not spoiler at all. In fact, more fun to watch a 2 day old show.

    Your hard work is greatly appreciated!!!

  • Karen C

    I thought that there were some very good singers on Season 10. I ended up liking Haley even though I didn’t like her as much at first. I think Scotty and Lauren are very good but I’m not into Country music, but I’m glad they are doing well. 

    I agree about the judging, and I think much of it was because of Jlo, because whenever someone would say something she didn’t agree with she would talk over them.   Sometimes Randy would try to say they needed to show themselves more as artists, like we’ve seen in the past, and JLo would disagree with this, and say it was ok just to sing well. And the judging was inconsistant and at times unfair, especially with Haley.

    Of the seasons,  it wasn’t my favorite, though. I didn’t see as much originality we had seen in previous seasons, which is what I tend to like. Because of this, I did like Season 9 more than 10. But by far,  I liked Season 7 and 8 the best, I thought overall with Season 7, there was the most originality, and also with some contestants in Season 8.   

    And to me, I didn’t like the X Factor contestants quite as much. I did like Josh and Melanie though, but not as much as my favorites from AI.  Would have liked to see Josh on Idol where he could have more control over song choice and performance.

  • Kariann Hart

    I have watched that moment at least 7 times.  Love me some Taylor Hicks!

  • Karen C

    I think season 10 of Idol already has the strongest top 4 sales-wise since season five. I’m not sure of that, perhaps some numbers gurus can figure that out.

    If it is it is only because Daughtry’s album did  so well.   I know at least for Season 7, the David’s both had platinum singles by now and David Cook’s album and second single went platinum in January. David Archuletas album ended up going gold in January also, and his single went double platinum.   Other than Scotty doing close to how David Cook did, I don’t believe if you put the numbers together, at this time, Season 7 has higher numbers of the top 2, and probably top 4.  

  • Kariann Hart

    This post was moved to Part 2.

  • ladymctech

    I agree with you, Karen, about Season 9. And think that Nigel’s denying Lee a chance to perform at a finale which, while entertaining, was 99% packed with people who had nothing to do with Idol, didn’t do Nigel any favors in the eyes of Lee’s fans.

  • Henrik Xander Aquino

    I’ve been an avid follower of this blog, and I just wanna say that Scotty is the best thing that happen to idol this year. 

  • Anonymous

    I think S10 is selling well, but I agree, I don’t think S10 is necessarily going to end up outselling  S6, S7 and may end up tied with S8.   I am only talking albums sales because S10 top 4 (when combined) will not sell anywhere near as many singles as the top 4 of S6, S7 and S8. 

    S7 – We all know the numbers for Scotty vs Cook and we know Scotty has a ways to go to catch Cook. Lauren isn’t selling anywhere near as well as Archie.  S7’s fourth place contestant, Jason Castro waited a long time to release his album and he didn’t sell much (less than 20,000?)  although I recall the album getting some nice reviews.    So Durbin has already outsold him.    Haley will sell more albums than Syesha (S7 third place winner) because Syesha didn’t release an album but instead landed on Broadway – which was what she wanted.  But Cook and Archie’s sales combined currently are more than S10’s top 4 sales combined.

    S6 – Jordin Sparks of S6 sold over a million in the US and quite a bit outside the US, although I don’t know those numbers.   Plus she sold several million singles.   Scotty has a ways to go to catch her and so far Lauren has not outsold Blake Lewis.   Haley hasn’t released her album yet, so hard to compare her to Melinda Doolittle.   Melinda sold about 50,000 albums.   I worry that Haley will have lost the bulk of her AI fanbase by the time her album comes out in the way Castro in S7 lost his AI fanbase .   LeKesha Jones sold less than 10,000 of her debut album so Durbin is doing very well.

    S8 – This is a tough one because the second place finisher was the top seller, hence we get the Scotty and Adam comparisons.  I think we have compared Adam’s US sales numbers enough to Scotty’s that we don’t need to revisit that!  LOL  Kris Allen has outsold Lauren in both singles and albums.  Haley hasn’t released her album yet,  but she will have to sell at least 200,000 to catch Daney Gokey.   Allison sold over 100,000 albums as the fourth place winner.  I think Durbin will outsell her as I believe he has a larger AI fanbase.

    So in conclusion, I see S10 top 4 selling very well, but I don’t know if they will end up smoking S6, S7 or S8.    They may pass one of these seasons in US album sales, but even that is not a given.  Jordin and Adam do well overseas, so if you factor in the worldwide #s I don’t even see S10 surpassing S6 or S8, let alone S7.  And we are not even talking single sells here.  

    Right now S10 has been seeing great sales due to the holidays.  Next week we sill see significant drops in sales numbers (I think).  But then again, Scotty could have a SuBo type of following where he doesn’t need radio play to sell albums.  Who knows.   The good news is S10 has been great for AI.

  • buffynut2001

    “Ok, isn’t there some sort of pattern someone pointed out. You have a great season, a good season and then a blah season. I know everyone has their favorite seasons, but overall, there is some sort of general consensus about the quality of the seasons. So if this pattern is true, next season should be a good season and S12 should be a dud.”
    Yes, there has been a pattern. It goes, good, good, bad. So every third year is a bad one, which would be Seasons 3, 6, and 9. That means Season 11 should be good, with season 12 bad again!

  • Anonymous

    Can’t make too many comments on the x factor as haven’t seen it, only some of the videos here on MJ’s. Can’t say I really liked any of them, none of them seemed to have the x factor…I used to love watching Simon on Idol (not including s9), being a Brit I loved and understiid his wit and sarcasm but he really seems to have gone off the boil lately. Would have enjoyed seeing Cheryl on there, don’t really like Nicole Sc……(sp?)
    As to Idol, enjoyed season 8 the most, obviously because of adam (god, love that man!), but enjoyed all the others apart from Gokey, enjoyed season 7 too. couldn’t get into s10, the only one I liked was Hayley, will maybe buy an album of hers. Didn’t think any of the others stood out or had that ‘it’ factor. Didn’t even watch the final, just had no interest at that point. If I had to choose I would go for Lauren over scotty, just because she seems to have a bit of attitude, he just seems so ordinary and vanilla…..

    thought Nigel was a real meanie for not having Lee on the Idol final, not that I’m a Lee fan, but it still wasn’t right.

    Have watched a little bit of the voice, again didn’t get into any of the contestants, thought it was all about the judges, and I find Cee Lo a bit strange..

  • Anonymous

    And think that Nigel’s denying Lee a chance to perform at a finale which, while entertaining, was 99% packed with people who had nothing to do with Idol, didn’t do Nigel any favors in the eyes of Lee’s fans.

    Nor in the eyes of this non-Lee fan.  I hated season 9, and thought Lee winning smacked of Simon attempting to sabotage the show, but I was appalled when Lee was snubbed on the finale. Like or or not, he was the winner and deserved to be treated as such.  I can’t think of an incident that made me madder in the show’s history, and there have been some pretty cringe worthy moments over the years.

  • Anonymous

    It is really difficult to compare album sales from season 10 with earlier seasons simply because industry wide album sales have shrunk tremendously over the last few years.  I think percentage-of-the-market wise S10 is on par, if not above, with earlier top selling seasons. 

    By the way, Jason’s first album sold 54,000, so James Durbin has definately out sold him. 

  • Anonymous

    Yes. but you are not factoring in single sales, which I would say S10 (as a whole) is below previous seaons.   Hey, I think S10 is doing great.   I just think it is too early to say they are smoking S6, S7, S8.   I will give them S9 however, LOL!   But it is way early in the game and their albums have only been out a short while.  There could be some big hits on S10 debut albums that have not been released yet.   Plus S10 peeps have not toured yet, so it is still all unfolding and it is exciting to watch!

    I didn’t realize Jason had sold so much.  I wish  he hadin’t waited a long time after Idol to release music.  I think that impacted his sales.  I worry for Casey James and Haley’s numbers.   I recall Jason getting nice reviews for his album but I think much of his AI fanbase had moved on .   But I think he makes mostly Christian music?  So in that genre I think his numbers are quite good?   Someone who follows charts more can verify that.

  • Whiskey

    I thought the pattern also went,  popular winner, popular non-winner, “worst season ever!” So S11 should be popular non-winner, with season S12 “worst season ever”!

  • Anonymous

    In Rushfields book about AI, he wrote that some of the AI staff thought that Simon was trying to sabotage the show by the talent he was selecting.   I think Lee is a nice guy.   And if I saw him in a bar playing and singing I would probably enjoy his music.   But heavy is the head that wears the AI crown.  I just don’t think he was up to it.   Too many expetations on him and I think he really is an indie artist.   I too was upset that Lee didn’t get to perform on AI.

  • Anonymous

    S10 didn’t interest me that much, mainly because I’m not a country music fan. Haley and Paul are the only ones whose music I’m interested in hearing, although I understand why Scotty and (to a lesser extent) Lauren have been so successful, an a happy that they are doing well. S10 was definitely better than S9 but i was far below S7, S5, S1 or (my favorite) S8 in terms of my personal interest.

    I liked The Voice a lot when it premiered but became annoyed by the emphasis on focusing on the judges and their careers, rather than on the contestants. Neither Javier nor Dia have received anywhere close to the sort of promotion the Idol Top 2 get, and that’s a shame, because both are very talented. I hope next season they focus more on the contestants.

    The XFactor just annoys me because IMO it’s way too much about Simon’s (and the other judges’) ego. Again, not enough focus on the contestants. But I didn’t see anyone that I am really all that interested in hearing music from. And unless Astro busts out, I don’t see a big star coming out of that group.

    I don’t watch Glee, never have, so can’t comment on that.

    I’m looking forward to 2012 because with albums from Adam, Kris and Haley, I have at least 3 albums I will be buying and hopefully some tour dates to be going to! I’m hoping S11 of Idol can build on the momentum of S10 — can I hope for an r&b/pop winner (preferably female)? :)  I’ll probably be watching The Voice again — not sure if I’ll tune in for S2 of XFactor though

  • Anonymous

    do you have a link to these charts? 

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think that S10 can make that claim, and because of Daughtry’s sales (5x platinum) likely won’t be catching the Top 4 of S5.

    Right now,the Top 4 of S10 are also behind the Top 4 of S8 and the Top 4 of S7 in terms of combined album sales, although they will probably eventualy pass those 2 groups in album sales (but they likely will not pass either group in terms of singles sales)

    ETA – unless you are talking ust numbers through Dec. 31, not overall sales. But then you have to take into account the fact that Scotty & Lauren’s albums were released a month earlier than usual, etc etc.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah I’m not a Lee fan, but I thought the way Nigel & the AI producers treated him, not inviting him to perform on the finale, was inexcusable. 

  • Anonymous


  • Karen C

    Yes, I was talking about by this time.  With Season 5 Daughtry’s album had already gone platinum. 

    If Scotty’s album continues to sell as well as it has it could possibly be one of the highest.