American Idol 10 Top 11 – The Results!


Two people will go home next week. TOP 11 ON TOUR. First time EVER. Many of you called that. I sure didn’t.

HOLY MOTHER EFFING JEEBUS. The most crazy-ass results show EVER. Where to even begin? Oh that Nigel! Tweeting that there’d be some “shocking news” tonight. And then appearing to backpedal a little later by saying “some of you have guessed it! Maybe it’s not so shocking.”

Holy sh*t Nigel. THAT WAS SHOCKING. Well played sir. WELL PLAYED.

Not a boring minute in tonight’s show. It was one surprise right after another. From Stevie Wonder surprising the gang with a song and a Happy Birthday tune for Steven, to Hulk Hogan making James Durbin nearly pee his pants (his reaction was adorable) and fake/shoving Ryan into the crowd, to the SHOCKING ELIMINATION AND SAVE. It was like a roller coaster. Can I say BEST ELIMINATION SHOW EVAH?

A couple of things: I hate the save. When it’s a kid they aren’t going to save, it’s pathetic. So I’m glad it’s out of the way, and it was put to good use. And when I say good use, I mean USED FOR GREAT TV. The judges dramatically stopping Casey’s sing out to save him was GOLD. Casey’s reaction was even better. I thought the dude was going to pass out on stage! THEN Ryan’s dramatic announcement that everyone would be going on tour. Could it get any better? I LOVE AMERICAN IDOL.

Now, Casey Abrams. C’mon judges. You spent weeks blowing smoke up his butt, and the viewers finally saw through it. The reality is, Casey’s last two performances have sucked. While the Nirvana pick was interesting, the execution was terrible. Casey needed a fantastic performance this week to overcome, and he didn’t deliver. Performing 1st didn’t help him. The mistake most of us who assumed he was safe made was assuming he had a fan base who would vote for him no matter what. Guess not. This should serve as a wake-up call for Casey. He’s had some really great performances (I loved “A Little Help From My Friends”) He needs to rethink his strategy and come out fighting.

As far as the Top 11 tour? The more the merrier. I’m just happy that contestants who know how to entertain–like Casey, Naima and James–will be performing in a town near me.

Videos and live blog after the JUMP…

Over 30 million votes last night. THE OUTCOME OF THAT VOTE MAY SHOCK YOU. Yeah. We’ll see. Only 10 spots on the summer tour! TONIGHT’S CUT IS BRUTAL, MAN.

The kids are dressed in suits (the guys) and glittery cocktail dresses (girls). First, a recap of last week’s performances. PITCHY. It’s Marc Anthony to the rescue! He helps the kids learn how to use their in-ear monitors. Marc wants no F*CKING excuses this week. (yeah he said that with a bleep). Marc doesn’t totally agree with the judges…including his wife.

POINTY POSE: “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” SHADES OF SEASON 3! This is HAWT MESS. Loves it.

STEVIE WONDER IN THE HOUSE!!!! Singing “Signed Sealed and Delivered” with the kids. STANDING O!!! Aw Stevie sings “Happy Birthday to Steven Tyler! The judges take the stage. There’s a birthday cake, a big birthday card…how sweet.

FORD VIDEO. “All This Beauty” – IT’S RAINING.


Lauren, Pia and Scotty take center stage.  Ha ha. “You’ll all be packing your bags…” sad face “To go on that summer tour!!!” All are SAFE.

Sugarland takes the stage to perform “Stuck Like Glue” (They taped this performance last night).

Next, a video package features the Idols talking about WRESTLING.


Next, James and Paul take center stage.  Both are not safe!!!

Hold on a minute!

Here comes HULK HOGAN James is about to have a heart attack.  His reaction is priceless. Like he’s going to pee himself. Hulk delivers the news that BOTH ARE SAFE and GOING ON TOUR.

Uh oh. Hulk tells Ryan he’s not safe and delivers a pretend punch. Ryan takes a fall into the audience  EVERYBODY CHEERS.

That was well, uhm. Different.

Dim the lights. Jacob Thia and Stefano take center stage.  Jacob is SAFE. Lusky Stank ON THE TOUR.

Thia and Stefano both look really nervous. BOTH ARE IN THE BOTTOM 3.

Naima, Haley and Casey take center stage.  Naima is SAFE. Thank Jeebus!  OMG CASEY IN THE B3!!!! Haley and her legs are SAFE. There go my damn points. *Pout*

Jennifer Hudson in the house to sing her single “Where You At.” LOVE ME SOME JHUD. Did Ryan call Jennifer an “Idol winner”.  Fantasia’s going to start pouting again.  George Huff singing backups!

Ryan tells Jennifer she looks beautiful, and introduces George.


Thia Megia is sent back to the couches. HOLY SHIT.


Casey Abrams must SING FOR HIS LIFE. He’ll sing “I Don’t Need No Doctor”.  Will the judges save him? They barely let him sing before They use the save. Casey looks like he’s going to pass out. Literally. He falls to the floor. He runs out to the audience to hug his parents. Bleep bleep bleep. Lots of bleeping tonight.

Casey explains that he figured, with the top 10 falling in place for the tour this week, there would be no save. Emotions run high as the judges explain why they saved Casey.  They give him advice on what he needs to do to stay in the game.

Two contestants will go home next week. Ryan announces that all Top 11 contestants will go on tour.

Bottom 3:

  • Thia Megia – Sent back to the couches first
  • Stefano Langone
  • Casey Abrams – Lowest number of votes!
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