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American Idol 10 Top 3 – The Results!

UPDATE: Scotty McCreery Wins Coin Toss on ‘American Idol, ‘ But Lets Lauren Alaina Choose Shirley Halperin was there,

“After Reinhart’s elimination, host Ryan Seacrest tossed a coin to determine who would get to choose whether to perform first or second on Wednesday’s finale. The coin featured a picture of McCreery’s face on one side and Alaina’s on the other. It landed on McCreery. But the singer decided to defer to his competitor: In a gentlemanly manner, he asked her if she preferred to go first or second. She chose second.”

Your Top 2: Scotty McCreery, Lauren Alaina – Youngest matchup in Idol history. Yipee. All country All teen finale. I couldn’t be more excited. /sarcasm.

Eliminated: Haley Reinhart

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American Idol

American Idol 10 Top 4 – Videos and Recap

UPDATE: Nigel Lythgoe tweets: “Wow, over 70 million votes on #AmericanIdol tonight.” and “”I, Who Have Nothing” was my favorite performance tonight.” (In response to fans giving him sh*t on twitter)

Off the bat, I need to elaborate on my live recap of Haley’s performances. Yes, I get that the judges seem to be singling her out for criticism more than the others. But, Randy and Jennifer’s critique of her performance of “Earth Day” was generally right on the money. Yes, it sucked that Jlo dragged James Durbin into the discussion, when his performance wasn’t really the bar-setting masterpiece the judges made it out to be. But if Haley wants to advance she’s got to play the game, and part of the game is not putting on a stank face when the judges criticize you–especially when the critique is worth taking note.

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