American Idol 10 Top 3 – The Results!

Your Top 2: Scotty McCreery, Lauren Alaina
: Haley Reinhart
Press Release announcing Results – Read It

“Youngest matchup in Idol history, ”  says Ryan. Yipee. an all-country all-teen finale. I couldn’t be more excited. /sarcasm.

Nothing against country singers or teens, but these two in particular just ain’t ripe yet. Scotty is still imitating the singers he loves. Not only has he not developed his own style, but he’s practically allergic to risk-taking.  Lauren has potential, but she’s several years away from being a great singer.  She has no confidence, and the more stressful the competition becomes, the more she withdraws into herself.

Next week’s finale will be predictable: Solid, but uninteresting performances ahead of Scotty’s inevitable coronation the following day. The most exciting moment on Tuesday will be David Cook returning to put his spin on “Don’t You Forget About Me” and showing everyone how it’s done.

A season that began with so much promise comes down to two of the blandest contestants in the Top 13.  Oh how I long for some flaming pianos, stand-up basses accompanied by skeery faces or perhaps a  BLAST OF BOOMFIYAH.  Haley’s soulful rasp is going to be missed. Sigh.

UPDATE: Scotty McCreery Wins Coin Toss on ‘American Idol, ‘ But Lets Lauren Alaina Choose Shirley Halperin was there,

“After Reinhart’s elimination, host Ryan Seacrest tossed a coin to determine who would get to choose whether to perform first or second on Wednesday’s finale. The coin featured a picture of McCreery’s face on one side and Alaina’s on the other. It landed on McCreery. But the singer decided to defer to his competitor: In a gentlemanly manner, he asked her if she preferred to go first or second. She chose second.”

Live blogging the American Idol 10 Top 3 results right here! Who will be eliminated tonight? Will it be Scotty McCreery, Lauren Alaina or Haley Reinhart.


Video clip of Jimmy accessing the strengths of each of the contenders. Jimmy says there will be a guy in the finale. Going out on a limb there Jimmy?

Top 13 in the audience! Tonight the news of the season is delivered!

Over 95 million votes came in last night. 15 million voted more than last year’s finale. I think the addition of online voting has something to do with that.

Now, a completely old piece of video that includes James. They visit the Bad Robot company to see clips from the movie Super 8. Just a fancy way to present a trailer. He gives all 4 Super 8 cameras to use on their hometown visits. Scotty and James mock Randy saying “You’re in it to win it”. Some chick who stars in Super 8 gets all geeky over Scotty in the audience.

Haley’s hometown visit is first! She heads back to the Chicago area in a jet. “Gimme Shelter” plays in the background. Rain rain go away! People show up anyway. “Thank you for freaking out.” Har. Haley reunites with her family at home after three months. She’s off to her high school. “I said I wasn’t going to cry, ” says Haley.

Now, off to the Arlington Race Track for a concert. Haley and her family JAM! After, with Ryan, security guard Aaron fake cries with a box of tissues. Ha.

Adorable little girl helps Ryan introduce the next video segment–The Top 3 frolic on the beach for the FORD music video.

Il Volo sing “O Sole Mio”. A trio of Italian teenagers sing opera. Really Idol? Really? You surely are willing to go to great lengths to pimp Jimmy’s sh*t (the trio are with a Universal label). Simon did the teen opera bit first with Il Divo…no? Having said all that–I have 0 interest in teenybopper opera lite.

Scotty McCreery is next:

Better lock them doors! I’m back in Carolina! says Scotty. “Hunk of Burning Love”! Scotty goes to his house to reunite with his family. He jumps happily on his bad. Hollywood seems light years away, says Scotty.

Garner high is next. Scotty throws a pitch. He breaks down sobbing in the limo. A stop at the grocery store where he used to work. Scotty takes his super 8 movies. Little girls are cryiing. More crying Scotty. Now, in front of a huge crowd getting ready to sing. Josh Turner joins Scotty on stage. “This might be the best day of my life, ” says Scotty. “Scotty and I were in tears a good part of the day, ” says Scotty’s mom.

Nicole Scherzinger and 50 cent sing her single “Right There”. The performance was taped last night after the performance show. Wow. Her singing is really really mediocre. Zzzzz.

Finally it’s Lauren Alaina:

“Flat on the Floor” “Going to jail! Oh no” jokes Lauren at the police detail. She’s on her way to her high school. It’s Lauren Alaina day! Lauren tearfully surveys storm damage with “Anyway” playing in the background. Lauren meets Tyler in the shelter. He saved his whole family. Now…on her way to Coolidge Park. Lauren tells the crowd how sorry she is for the people affected by the storm damage. She sings “Anyway”. Lauren throws out the first pitch. “I just had the best day of my life. I love you guys.” says Lauren.

RESULTS. All 3 take center stage. After the nationwide vote…the results after the break! ARGH. We’re back. DIM THE LIGHTS! After 95 million votes…the first person with a shot at the title is SCOTTY MCCREERY. Who will join him in the finale? Lauren Alaina! OMG the look on Haley’s face. Like somebody farted. Wow. Roll goodbye package…

Haley sings out with “Bennie and the Jets”. Haley makes her rounds, to the judges, the audience, her fellow contestants and finally her parents. Dang.


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