American Idol 10 Top 5 – The Results!

Jacob Lusk is eliminated from American Idol

I’ve been waiting for WEEKS for tonight’s result. GOODBYE LUSKY STANK. I’m not going to miss his patronizing attitude, off key caterwauling or his shrill vibrato, at all. Buh bye! That over the top sing out? Lusky did it his way, but it also proved that if he had been left to his own devices, he would have been gone weeks ago.

Oh, and Lauren Alaina in the bottom 2 instead of Haley? I’m not surprised at all. Haley took away a lot of her thunder this week, between the pity votes and the triumphant pimp spot.

Since we’re at the juncture where NO contestant is going to pick a side when they are chosen as the Huff, can we retire this tired shtick after this year? Thanks a bunch.

I’m not unhappy with the Top 4 we are left with. We’ve got a HAC rocker, a sultry belter and two country teens.  It will be interesting to see who drops out in the next couple of weeks. I keep saying vote splitting will keep Scotty and Lauren from competing against each other in the finals, and I still believe that. It’s either going to be a Scotty/James finale or a James/Lauren finale. It would be cool if Haley could sneak up in there somehow, but I’m not counting on it.

I know some of you in comments don’t agree with the assertion that Lauren is falling apart. I don’t think she’s falling apart per se, but I do see a lack of confidence there that is keeping her from competing comfortably. Her tears tonight are a symptom of her youthful insecurities, I think.  In the end, she’ll learn a lot from the experience and in few years, we’ll hardly recognize her.

Am I the only one sensing some friction between Jimmy and the judges panel?  He did not seem to appreciate being called out by Jennifer on the decision to hand Haley that unreleased Lady Gaga song. And he just went right a head and criticized James, Scotty, Lauren and Jacob in a way we had hoped Jennifer, Steven and Randy would have.

I’m not down with 4 judges on the panel, but I would love to see Jimmy or someone like him play devils advocate live on the panel, rather than the next day when it doesn’t really matter anyway. THAT would be some good TV.

Are you happy with tonight’s results?

Live blogging the American Idol 10 Top 5 Results HERE!

Ryan Seacrest says 60 million votes came in last night! The highest of the season! Next it’s time to pimp Steven Tyler’s new book. Because, you know that’s why he’s here (forget about actually…you know…judging).

Jennifer Lopez (also working that Idol angle!) will perform (actually sit backstage while the performance she taped last week airs) her it “On The Floor”.

POINTY POSE! The Turtles “Happy Together”. Everyone is once again, deliciously off key! Hooray. OK. This is the worst group number of the season. Off key in all moments and at all times. I don’t think they are lip syncing at all this week, including the bgvs. It’s pretty dire. BUT HILARIOUS. Still loving the pointy pose.

Ford Music Video – “Just Be Yourself”

The kids are cooking with that asshat from Hells Kitchen. It’s time to make omelets! Haley swears it up in kitchen too! Chef Ramsey “judges” all their omlets. Lauren wins the omelet contest. Shades of things to come?

Lady Antebellum takes the stage to sing “Just a Kiss”. Eh. Not really a fan of the quasi-country stylings of Lady A.

Next, the kids talk about getting ready for their weekly performances in a humorous video. Discussed: Song choice and wardrobe!

Results. YOU MIGHT BE SURPRISED says Ryan.

James is the first to stand up. Ryan runs through the deets. Jimmy Iovine is back to do his faux-Simon routine. Jimmy says to become a really great performer, he has to learn to control his emotions. James was an 8 last night, instead of a 9 or a 10.

Ryan tells James to stand on one side of the stage. THE HUFF BEGINS.

Lauren is next. Jimmy criticizes Lauren for pulling back on the biggest note of “Unchained Melody” Holding back will keep her out of the finals, says Jimmy, who predicts Lauren will be in the B2 this week.

Lauren is told to stand on the OTHER side of the stage.

The Huff will continue after Jlo’s “On the Floor” video is aired.

We’re back with more from Chef Ramsay’s kitchen. It’s an American Idol blind taste test! Jacob and Lauren do not like tofu.

Randy is in the audience with Randy and Steven. How fun to pretend she’s ACTUALLY PERFORMING LIVE. She’s not.

After the break, Ryan says we’ll look at a clip of her video while she “changes her clothes”. Right.


Jacob Lusk stands up. Jimmy Iovine says that Jacob had a rough night and that both songs were off. He thinks Jacob has lost confidence. He gives Jacob a 6.

Jacob is asked to join Lauren.

Haley Reinhart stands next. Jimmy felt Haley had to do something risky. Jimmy backs her up 100%. Haley gets a 10 and WON THE NIGHT. Jimmy thinks she’ll make the finale if she keeps it up. Ryan asks her to join James.

Finally Scotty. Jimmy thinks Scotty’s 1st performance was stellar, but “Always on my Mind” came up a bit short. He’ll have a stellar recording career no matter what, says Jimmy.

Ryan tells Scotty he’s NEVER BEEN IN THE BOTTOM TWO. And guess what? Tonight is no different. HE’S SAFE. AND He’s ALSO THE HUFF. Ryan asks him to stand with the group that he thinks is safe. Poor Scotty.

“I’m not doing that dude, ” says Scotty, “Don’t do that to me, I’m not doing that.” Ryan leads him to James and Haley and declares all three safe. James falls to his knees. Hugs all around.

Lauren and Jacob are in the bottom 2. Lauren tears up. Who will be sent home? We find out after the break.

We’re back. Lauren, who is a crying mess, stands next to Jacob. Lauren’s too young for this stress, y’all. But she can dry her tears because she’s safe. Jacob is going home.

Jacob sings out with “House is not a Home” To say this was not as good as the first time would be a total understatement. Yikes. OMG He’s TOTALLY LETTING LOOSE. I’m not going to miss this, for sure.



Lauren Alaina
Jacob Lusk


James Dubin
Haley Reinhart
Scotty McCreery

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