American Idol 10 Top 4 RESULTS – Video and Recap

James Durbin is eliminated tonight on American Idol

I was half-right. I was absolutely certain that Haley Reinhart would be safe this week. But when Ryan Seacrest declared Lauren Alaina the first contestant in the Top 3, I had second thoughts to say the least. After all, Scotty is untouchable, and with all the pimping James Durbin got from the judges Wednesday night, how could he be eliminated?

It turns out James could be and WAS eliminated.  It was as if the audience said, “Screw you judges! We’re outta here!  And we’re voting for whomever the hell we want! I think we may be in the middle of a mass viewer revolution against this year’s newer and lamer judges’ panel. Honestly, I can’t imagine viewers tolerating Haley back talking Simon the way she did Randy, or NOT listening to Simon if he told them a certain contestant was the best thing since sliced bread coughleedewyzecough.

This panel’s lame and inconsistent judging seems to have completely lost them credibility and legitimacy with Idol fans. What are you going to do about that, Nigel?

Who would have imagined a two-girl Top 3 even a few weeks ago when we were all wondering if Idol had turned completely into a man’s world? I’m all for girl power and everything, but I have to admit I would have sacrificed Lauren (or Scotty McCreery, for that matter) to keep James Durbin in the game. Sure, his singing wasn’t always all that, but I found him hella entertaining. I was totally into the burning pianos and crazy-ass drum corps. The show is going to suffer without him. Dude’s got a great recording voice. Who knows, maybe Jimmy will want to work with him anyway.

Now, can we finally stop feeling sorry for Haley? Boo hoo. Randy yelled at her and…she made it to the Top 3. She keeps advancing people! I refuse to view her as a victim. She’s not. I re-watched her altercation with the judges. The only reason Randy kept repeating himself was because Haley was arguing with him. Jennifer wasn’t entirely negative, and then Steven stepped in to defend Haley. She got a freaking standing o for her second number. She’s a tough girl who knows what she’s doing. No tears for Haley. The end. I expect she’ll make the finals.

Now…it’s on to the Hometown visits. Hooray.

I’ll be live blogging tonight’s American Idol 10 Top 4 results RIGHT HERE. Jordin Sparks performs her new single “I Am Woman” and Steven Tyler introduces his new Music Video for “It Feels So Good”, Enrique Iglesias, a performance from Lady Gaga.

Stay with me.

Ryan announces that almost 72 million votes came in. The biggest vote total for a Top 4 show.

Casey Abrams in the house!

There’s a lot of time to kill tonight, so we get a recap of the performances.

James Durbin and Scotty McCreery take the stage to sing “Start a Band” by Brad Paisley and Keith Urban. Geez a country song. Wonder who that favors…hm??? Hello PITCHFEST.

More audition dates. San Diego, Houston,   PITTSBURGH!!! (my hometown!)

Lauren Alaina and Haley Reinhart sing Gunpowder and Lead. A country theme for tonight’s duets? Are the producers trying to tell us something. The girls PAWN the boys.

The Top 4 connect with their families via WINDOWS 7! [Product Placement] (So much filler tonight)

Finally it’s time for some RESULTS!  The first contestant to advance to the Top 3 is….Lauren Alaina!

How did the Top 4 get in the mood for Gaga?  They watch her perform on TV. As usual, Gaga forgot her clothes. She sits at the piano to sing “You and I” the song she gave Haley to sing.  Gaga stand  on her piano stool now, channeling Elton John. She crouches as she leads the audience in a hand wave.

Enrique Iglesias performs “Dirty Dancer (and I like it)/”I Like It”.  This was filmed last night after the performance show.

Ford Music Video: “Fireflies”

Jordin Sparks take the stage to debut her single “I Am Woman” – She’s special! She gets a video package. Jordin trying hard to change her image. She looks great, but this song is really dumb. She takes off a silver trench coat to reveal a super hot beaded dress. She’s dancing AND singing.  She gives a smooch to Steven Tyler who likely has no idea who the hell she is.

Next: The brand new music video from Steven Tyler. AND IT’S BROUGHT TO YOU BY FORD.  The record company spent about 200 dollars on this video I swear. Really cheap looking. Oh look. It’s Pussycat Doll, Nicole Scherzinger, the co-host of X Factor. (she was also a judge on The Sing Off)

MORE RESULTS!!!! TWO GIRLS WILL BE IN THE TOP 3 THIS YEAR. Holy cow…Haley Reinhart is SAFE! OMG The look on James face. He knows he’s toast.

…He knows he’s toast and he is. James Durbin is eliminated from American Idol. James said he had a feeling today. He’s obviously really really really disappointed. And he’s not hiding it. He says he worked so hard and did so much on the Idol stage that had never been done before..

He sings out with “Maybe I’m Amazed”.


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