American Idol 10 – THE FINALE!

AMERICAN IDOL: Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina await the voting results during the season ten AMERICAN IDOL GRAND FINALE at the Nokia Theatre on Weds. May 25,  2011 in Los Angeles,  California.  CR: Michael Becker/FOX

And the Winner of American Idol Season 10 is Scotty McCreery

HOLY MOLY. From Worst. Final. Evah. to BEST FINALE EVAAHHHH! Congratulations Mr. Nigel Lygoe on a job well done. Season 10 had some bumps in the road, including ineffectual judging, over-produced performances and tired themes, but you put on one hell of a finale. It was definitely the best Season ender since Taylor Hicks and Kat McPhee battled it out in 2006.

Where to begin with the awesomeness? I looked at my watch at one point, and it was already 9:30. The show was well paced, the Top 5 matched up with talent that complimented the Idol’s strengths. There were bits that were ACTUALLY LAUGH OUT LOUD FUNNY. Group performances were well choreographed and entertaining. The presence of joke contestants were kept to a minimum.

As some of you mentioned in comments, the back end was loaded with non-Idol performances–some of which weren’t all that entertaining (I’m a U2 fan, but The Edge and Bono’s “Spiderman” musical looks like a real snore) but that’s it for criticisms, really. Although the final result wasn’t all that surprising–yeah Scotty won, just like we knew he would–the show as a whole was a reminder of how talented the Top 13 were as a whole. I had almost forgotten about that.

Really good to see again were: Karen Rodriguez (I KNOW! But her solos were awesome), Casey Abrams, Naima Adedapo, Stefano Langone. JAMES DURBIN AND HIS SIRENS. Oh crap. I was pretty happy to see everyone back together again.

Now Nigel has to sit down (like he did at the end of SYTYCD last season) and figure out what worked, and what did not work this season, in order to make Season 11 truly the Best Season of Idol EVAH!

Live blogging the American Idol 10 FINALE! Who will win American Idol Season 10. We’ll find out after two hours of performances. See the list HERE.  GET READY.

WHO DO YOU LOVE? This is American Idol! Over 122 million votes last night. Almost 3/4 of a billion votes amassed over the season. Wow. That’s some major power voting going on!  After introducing the judges, Ryan brings  The Top 2,   Lauren Alaina and Scotty McCreery center stage. They walk down the stairs dressed in white, holding hands. Aw. Just like angels!

It’s time for shots of the finalists hometowns. And they are off to get ready for the show.

POINTY POSE! The Top 13 sing “Born This Way” Contestants making googly eyes to the camera.  Kudos to  Napoleon and Tabitha for choreographing a fun routine for the contestants. Everyone sounds and looks GOOD. – VIDEO

James Durbin and JUDAS PRIEST join forces! Lulz at James outfit. He looks like he’s about to go out cruisin’ with the Village People. So. Yeah. Uhm. Give metal a chance, y’all. ROCK SCREAMS FOR THE WIN. SIRENS.- VIDEO

Next up: Video clip ragging on Randy Jackson.  Now they are mocking “In It To Win It”. I wonder how many times Randy has actually said that throughout the season? Somebody in production needs to tally that up. “We got to get you a new writer, ” says Ryan

Jacob Lusk and gospel star Kirk Franklin take the stage to sing “Smile”. Here comes Gladys Knight! She’s Mormon btw (fun fact to know and tell.) This is pretty much a hot mess. Franklin is testifying about tornado victims…or something. Here comes the gospel choir.  Having said all that–Jacob is right in his element. – VIDEO

Jack Black takes the stage with Casey Abrams to sing “Fat Bottomed Girls”.  It’s funny, but not exactly a vocal showcase. Lots of fun vocal riffing.  Girls in short shorts take the stage to dance some sort of cheerleader routine. Oh my gosh–what a pair! Perfect.  That last frame will make an awesome screen shot. Kung Fu Panda comes out tomorrow! MOVIE PLUG. – VIDEO

Ryan promises to get the results in before our dvrs stop. The ladies take the stage with Beyonce to sing “Single Ladies”. The girls sound good! Karen especially. BOOM FIYAH! “If I Were A Boy” Haley solo! Awesome. Oh…Check out Pia SINGING UPTEMPO like she should have during the competition. Beyonce enters to sing “Crazy in Love” with the girls backing her up. HUGS ALL AROUND. – Part 1Part 2

Steven Tyler’s video package is next. The LOOSE CANNON. Watch him swear! Watch him flirt with under-aged girls! Watch him say CRAZY CRAZY THINGS.

Haley Reinnhart takes the stage with the one and only TONY BENNETT! Fabulous. Haley looks so pretty. Haley and Tony do a little dance! That was fantastic. Haley is AWESOME SAUCE. A standing O from the the judges! – VIDEO

It’s Jlo’s turn for a video package. Watch as the hopefuls fawn over her. Everybody is soooo in love with Jennifer.

TLC, Lil Jon take the stage. “Waterfalls”.  Random! Here come the ladies of the Top 13 to sing along. – VIDEO

Scotty McCreery and Tim McGraw hit the stage to sing “Live Like You Were Dying”. Scotty does a nice job. Another standing O from the judges. Catch Tim on his upcoming tour! Plug. – VIDEO

TIME FOR IDOL LOSERS. And we’re watching a clip of bad auditioners instead of a performance from Lee DeWyze? REALLY?

Next, it’s Marc Anthony singing some Spanish joint. I guess he’s written into Jlo’s contract. Yes? Karen Rodriguez needs to join him on stage. Nope. Wifey Jennifer Lopez is joining him to perform a sexy sexy dance routine. Shake that booty Jlo! Sheila E! DRUMS! That was hot. – VIDEO

The next video package features the contestants talking about their eliminations. HA HA. Casey, James and Stefano argue over who had the Most! Shocking! Elimination! They flash the blowfish comparison on the screen!  You’re welcome, Idol writers. Now who is mean people? Pia coming out with the “most shocking” sash and a tiara? PRICELESS. – VIDEO

The Top 13 boys take the stage. Stefano does his best Prince falsetto on “Kiss” Paul McDonald sings “She’s a Lady” James “What’s New Pussycat” We know where this is going! Ha ha, James touches Casey’s nose when he sings “You and your pussycat nose”. Scotty sings “Green Green Grass of Home” Geez, there’s a song for EVERYBODY in the Tom Jones oeuvre! What a versatile guy.  Jacob sings “Delilah”. Casey growls through a verse as the boys swing in unison. The guys are so funny.  Best! Pointy! Pose! EVER! Tom himself takes the stage to sing “It’s Not Unusual”. He looks GREAT. SO MUCH FUN. AGAIN AGAIN.  – Part 1Part 2

The last Ford Music Video of the season is a montage of all the commercials with Lauren and Scotty singing “Whenever You Remember”.  Scotty and Lauren’s teachers are in the audience tonight. Oh. So the kids are giving cars to their teachers. Scotty and Lauren also get cars–any car they want! – VIDEO

Lady Gaga takes the stage to sing her song “Edge of Glory”. She’s got some crazy beaded headress thingy on. She looks like a beaded  sphinx. Gaga has been on my nerves lately, but I dig this song. She takes off her cape to reveal a two piece outfit and a big cross necklace. She’s perched on what looks like a giant rock formation. HI SYTYCD Mark Kanemura! (He’s one of her dancers) Clarence Clemons stands in the fog below to accompany her on saxophone. – VIDEO

Lauren Alaina takes the stage to sing “Before He Cheats” she’s joined on stage by Carrie Underwood. Aw. They’re both so cute and sassy! Good chemistry. Carrie, generously, is being careful not to showboat that big ole voice of hers, but she still outsings Lauren by a country mile.  – VIDEO

Next Video: “We have two 6th graders in the competition, and they are kicking our ass” – Stefano. LOL. The other contestants talking about how young the Top 2 are. FUNNY. – VIDEO

Beyonce takes the stage again to sing “1 plus 1” Whoa. she’s tearing it up on this ballad. WOWZERS. – VIDEO

The Star of “Spiderman” joins The Edge and Bono to sing the song “Rise Above”. A dude is flying through the air in his SPIDEY costume. Please don’t fall. Oh. Trying so hard to save this failed musical. What a boring song.  Reeve Carney, the star of “Spiderman”  kind of looks like Kris Allen. Spidey dude almost falls on Jlo. That would have been something. – VIDEO

Steven Tyler, on stage, at the piano, singing “Dream On”. JLO ROCKING OUT. Actually, Steven sounds pretty awesome with a band behind him and an orchestra. He hits that high note like a champ. Wow. He has not lost his voice. The song is cut short, inexplicably right after “the scream.” – VIDEO

RESULTS! Here comes Edward Boddington from Telescope… DIM THE LIGHTS HERE WE GO!!! And the winner of American Idol is…Scotty McCreery!  That was anti-climatic.  The judges and the Top 13 are all on stage with Scotty and Lauren.  Ryan announces Lauren Alaina as the runner-up. She’s smiling, looking happy.  Scotty says he and Lauren have been together since the beginning and they’ll always  be together.  After thanking the Lord, it’s time for Scotty to sing.

Now he gets to sing out with his crappy coronation song, “I Love You This Big”. He hugs Lauren.He hugs his family then hugs all the Top 13 and the judges individually. He’s not singing very much. He falls to floor, crying. He tries to catch confetti on his tongue! Lauren kisses him on the cheek over and over again. THANK YOU SO MUCH, says Scotty. And we are out.

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