American Idol 10 Top 9 – THE RESULTS!


What the hell? Did anybody predict Pia Toscano would be going home tonight? I don’t think so.  How to break this down and where to start!

I do think the demographics of Idol have changed over the years. Although we have no hard data to prove that it’s mostly girls and women who do the voting we DO know that the average age of the Idol viewer is in the 40+ range now.  I suspect that tween and middle-aged women who probably do the majority of the voting vote for guys.  Girls who compete on Idol need to be head and shoulders above everyone else.  The major complaint about Pia was that she was boring.  But Stefano Langone was also criticized for being boring–and incredibly cheesy on top of it–but somehow, he manages to survive

Pia was not only dull, but personality-wise a little remote and BEAUTIFUL, making it hard to connect. Sure, the same could be said about Carrie Underwood back in Season 4. But the thing about Carrie is that you ALWAYS knew who she was–a country girl, and her peeps stood behind her.  A lot of those peeps were probably from from her home state of Oklahoma and other areas of the south…

Which brings up another issue with Pia–she was from New York City, and although the show is popular in the Northeast, the region hasn’t produced any winners.

Reading through the comments on the blog, the overwhelming theme has been, “Pia wasn’t my favorite/didn’t like her/didn’t care about her but I don’t think she deserved to go so soon.”   The outrage is coming from viewers who didn’t care enough about her to vote for her.  Pia had ZERO pimping before the Top 24—she never had the opportunity to develop an early fanbase. Once she caught everyone’s attention–adding to her uphill battle. Of the girls who were left, Haley has been gaining ground the last couple of weeks and Lauren has a solid fanbase.

And the boys? Have penises.  Heh. Stefano, Paul and Jacob have all had shitastic performances and survived. Maybe if Pia had bombed this week, she could have inspired a panic vote.  Instead, she once again performed brilliantly, if bloodlessly.  The judges praised her, but called her out (sorta) on her lack of personality–the sort of faint praise that can doom a contestant.  If Simon had been around to call her out on her wooden personality, maybe it would have compelled some viewers to pick up the phone.

Also there’s the matter of the save. I hope the shocking turn of events doesn’t land poor Casey back in the hospital. This isn’t his fault.  I get why the producers used the save when they did. It was awesome tv. But I believe the save messes with a natural progression of elimination. I’d rather the save wasn’t used at all.

All I know, is that the contest is going to suffer without her.  I hated to see the women picked off one by one this season. But I got why they were eliminated. This one is a head scratcher. I’m a little nervous losing one of the season’s frontrunners so early is going to punch a great big hole in the momentum of the season.

I’m not feeling nearly as excited about Season 10 as I did before tonight…

Live Blog and VIDEOS after the JUMP…

Which contestant will be eliminated from American Idol tonight? I’ll be live-blogging the results RIGHT HERE.

Tonight, Season 4 Idol alum, Constantine Maroulis will perform the classic “Unchained Melody” and the LEGENDARY rocker Iggy Pop is also set to take the Idol stage!


Ryan says tonight’s results could be “very shocking.” We shall see.

The Top 9 perform a Rock Medley. “I Love Rock & Roll”, “The Letter”, “Sweet Home Alabama”. A fun, HOT MESS as always. LOVES IT.

Ford Music Video “Love Gun”!

Surprise “Charisma Coach”? LOL. That’s what they’re calling Russel Brand. Really he’s just pimping his crappy Arthur reboot.


Lauren Alaina, Casey Abrams and Stefano Langone take center stage. One is in the B3.  Lauren is SAFE.  Casey is also SAFE. Stefano finds himself once again in the Bottom 3.

Constantine Maroulis “who paved the way for rockers on this show” takes the stage to sing “Unchained Melody”.   Oh goodie the Eye F*ck is back. EEP.  WTF IS THIS?  I’M SKEERD. HOLD ME MOMMY.  Constantine goes all psycho on “Unchained Melody” and it’s freaking me out people.

“Stylist” Gwen Stefani is next. She dresses the girls in her “super flattering” *cough” clothes. Haley’s outfit was the only one I liked.  Pia and Lauren looked ridiculous.


Paul McDonald, Scotty McCreery and Pia Toscano take center stage.  Scott is SAFE.  Whoa. Paul is SAFE. Pia is in the Bottom 3!

Idol goes to the dark side as they visit Harvey Levin at TMZ   Ryan introduces the vide and people boo. Lulz. Honestly, this is a little weird.


James Durbin, Haley Reinhart and Jacob Lusk take center stage. James is SAFE. Haley is SAFE Jacob is in the B3. AMERICA JUST COULDN’T LOOK AT THEMSELVES IN THE MIRROR. Jacob is in the Bottom 3.

Hall of Famer Iggy Pop takes the stage, shirtless to sing “Real Wild Child”  LMAO He gets bleeped, plays to the teenyboppers in the audience who look TERRIFIED and serenades a confused Jlo. AWESOME.

WHO IS GOING HOME. Ryan repeats the dumb thing Jacob said.  Fakes out Jacob…”You will be leaving us…for the safety on the couches.” Oh boy.


Elimination Part 1

Elimination Part 2 (FULL SINGOUT)


  • Lauren Alaina
  • Casey Abrams
  • Scotty McCreery
  • Paul McDonald
  • James Durbin
  • Haley Reinhart
  • Jacob Lusk
  • Stefano Langone


  • Stefano Langone
  • Pia Toscano
  • Jacob Lusk
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