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KISS! KISS! KISS! I knew it was going to happen, but I did not expect it this soon. What many Glee fans have been waiting for finally took place tonight-THE KLAINE KISS!

Ah. I’m such a dork. I was literally clapping. It was sweet and passionate and it happened twice! I knew something was up when Blaine’s gaze turned adoring as he he watched Kurt sing a sweet, beautiful version of  “Blackbird”. BUT STILL. OMG. Here’s hoping Ryan Murphy doesn’t botch this pairing like he has all the others.

Speaking of botching–we haven’t had an episode this good since the Valentine special. Glee has ridden off the rails the past couple of weeks. I’m glad it’s somewhat back on track.  It’s still ridiculous, but at least tonight’s episode hung together somewhat.

The fact that it was filled with music probably helped. It opened with the Warbler’s “Misery” and pretty much didn’t stop. LOVED LOVED some of the songs the kids wrote. I was laughing out loud at Santana’s “Trouty Mouth” and Puck’s “Big Ass Heart”. Like some of you mentioned in comments, the original songs were better in context. Rachel really killed it on “Get it Right”.  “Loser Like Me” was upbeat fun.  But Mercedes’ “Hell to the No” may have been my favorite original.  I wish they’d feature Amber Riley more. She’s awesome.

Kurt’s heart-rendering “Blackbird” made Paul McCartney proud, I’m sure.  On the surface the song was sung as an ode to the dearly departed Pavarotti (I thought it was odd that the rest of the Warblers took that so well). But Chris Colfer’s emotional rendition revealed a deeper layer–about finding your voice, rising from the ashes, becoming fearless.  It was completely believable that Blaine would be moved.

The bad news. I’d love to know what precipitates Ryan Murphy turning on his characters. Is it just a lazy way to move a half-assed plot point along?  Dianna Agron’s character, Quinn, started out as an uptight, bitchy mean girl.  Eventually, she experienced first hand what it’s like to be on the losing side after she became pregnant with Puck’s baby.  Her experiences–getting tossed from the Cheerios and her own home, giving up her baby for adoption–softened her and helped her develop empathy.  She became likable.  Now suddenly…she’ll stop at nothing to be queen of the prom, even if it includes hurting the people around her? WTF?  Ugh, Ryan Murphy is a sadistic f*ck sometimes.

Quinn did make a good point, however, when said that Rachel would be moving on eventually, so maybe she should sever her ties with Finn now.  If the show ever peers into the future of it’s characters, I imagine Rachel and Kurt getting the hell out of Dodge almost immediately, while Puck, Quinn and Finn grow old in Lima.  Yeah, ultimately, Rachel will do way better than Finn.

So that’s my recap.  What did you think about tonight’s show? Are you as excited for Klaine as I am?  I’ll be cutting some videos in the morning so WATCH FOR THAT.

One more thing.  I agree with the commenter who laments that Sue’s character has become way over the top.  Punching people out? Pouring dirt in student’s lockers?  I liked Sue better when she was all about evil one-liners.

Oh prediction:  Kurt returns to McKinnley to face his demons.  Conveniently, Blaine’s family experiences a reversal of fortune, forcing him to leave Dalton. He ends up a student at McKinley.  It’s all good, because Karovsky comes out of the closet and joins Glee.  Santana comes out too, and suddenly there’s a gay gang at McKinley. Kurt is no longer alone…

PS:   Kathy Griffin and Loretta Devine as the judges were hilarious.

“Misery” – The Warblers

Blackbird – Kurt & the Warblers

Trouty Mouth!


Hell to the No – Mercedes

Candles/Raise Your Glass – The Warblers

Get it Right/Loser Like Me – New Directions

Behind The Glee – Original Song

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