American Idol 10 – New York/New Jersey Recap Live Blog

Steven Tyler is going to be the BREAKOUT STAR of American Idol Season 10. Tonight, I was so enamored with the Aerosmith frontman-he managed to balance eloquence and heart with balls-to-the-walls crazy–that I didn’t give Simon Cowell a second thought.

So far so good, but the real test will come when the live shows begin in March. By then, I may long for a little bit of Simon’s brutality to spice things up. We’ll see.

Jennifer Lopez was the same as I remember from her mentor stint during Season 6. She’s sweet, knowledgeable, but kinda forgettable. And the story arc that had Jennifer too upset to say no felt contrived. Randy seemed energized, but he’s typically at his best during the audition phase.

I thought tonight’s auditions struck a nice balance. The show was fun without being mean. There were sob stories, but that comes with the territory. However, I was not bowled over by any of the talent tonight. Notable hopefuls were Caleb Hawley and Devyn Rush. I guess. Nobody really knocked me over.

The verdict? So far so good. I’m really looking forward to the auditions in New Orleans tomorrow night.

UPDATE: Check out all the New Jersey/New York hopefuls who earned a ticket to Hollywood at American Idol.Com!

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It’s finally here! The premiere of American Idol 10. How will the new judges’ panel fare? Will the talent be awesome? Will the bad auditions be as cringe-worthy as ever? So many questions! We’ll soon find out and I can’t wait.

Stick with me as I live blog the entire extravaganza! Also, registered users can use the Chat Box HERE.


Love Spoilers? Here’s who to watch out for tonight via JoesPlaceBlog

Cold opening….a recap of of the past year…the rumors, the gossip. Here come the new judges! Footage from last June of Ryan introducing the new panel. – VIDEO

We have the judges! We have the TALENT!

Ohhhh. Brand new opening. Same theme song. Flashing Idols…Not all of them winners. Was that Adam Lambert? Why, yes it was. Daughtry and Jennifer Hudson too.

We begin our Epic Search as we Usher In a New Era of American Idol. 125M auditioned! New dream makers will care out our destiny on the show! Snippets of the judges talking about American Idol. Let’s meet the judges! Steven Tyler first. He’s already cursing. Jennifer Lopez next. And finally…the DAWG! We started by scouring the country…It’s our 1oth season and everything feels brand new! Look at what fun the judges are having OMG. You could be the next American Idol!

Lets meet Jimmy Iovine. “If we help these artists develop, we can really create some great talent.” Our journey begins after the break! Stay with us!

Introduction of the Re-boot needed 10 minutes?

It’s Constantine Maroulis introducing Ryan Seacrest to the stadium crowd. Ha ha. I love the way they try to make it look as if the cattle call and judges round happen at the same time and place.

Rachel Zevita – 22 – NY, NY – “Hallelujah” – She auditioned Season 6. I TOTALLY REMEMBER HER. Peeps loved her, but she was cut almost immediately. She had a super-hippie vibe. She’s toned it down some. Jl0 remembers her and thinks she should have gone through. She’s got an interesting husky quality, but can also hit some high notes. Jlo didn’t think it was a great audition. Rachel says she was nervous, because this time she was singing in front of her Idols. Ooo. She just dissed Randy. “Let her in the door water that flower and let it grow” says Steven. Jennifer puts her through on what she remembers. Steven and Randy says yes. “You’re worth one more shot, ” says Randy. The audition was rocky, but she’s got some range. She could be interesting. – VIDEO

Caleb Hawley – 25 – New York, NY – “I Just Love You So” – Caleb’s got a real blue-soul vibe going. Ha. Steven is really into it…clapping and singing along. “Something new something different, ” says Steven. I like the tone in your voice I think your cute, says Jlo. It’s three yesses. – VIDEO

Kenzie Palmer – 15 – West Middlesex PA – 1st 15 year old. She goes to a performing arts school. Nice tone. Good singer. Slight country twang, she can belt the high notes! Steven wasn’t feeling that pizazz, although it was beautiful. Jlo disagrees. Randy says she could have moved a lot more. Randy says yes. Steven says yes anyway, and Jlo of course says yes. – VIDEO

Next, a quick montage of YESSESSSS!

Achille Lovle – 25 – Bronx, NY – “Dress You Up” Madonna – First bad audition. She sounds like she’s going to heave something up. Randy is laughing. “Aw baby….you got no notes, ” says Steven. “You got to pull those wild horses in.” “It’s not about your accent…it’s about the singing, ” says Jennifer. “It’s not your thing says Randy. Everyone says no. Jlo feels terrible. “OMG I hate this!” she says. “I want to go home!” – VIDEO

The good talent so far is…pretty good. I adore Steven Tyler. That. Is. All. Simon? Simon who?

Jersey shore has arrived!

Tiffany Rios – 21 – Morris Plains NJ – Original song Tiffany idolizes Jlo. She starts to cry. Jlo gets up to hug her. Randy’s looking at her butt. She pulls off her jacket to reveal a bra with big stars on it. She was OK until she tried to hit a few high notes…and…uhm…YIKES. Jlo is going to have to say no. “You’re trying to blind me with those.” says Steven. She sings “I’m You’re Lady”. Unfortunately, , she’s just…mediocre. “You can really sing your tush off” says Steven. Jlo tells her to dial it back. Everyone says yes. I don’t get it. She wasn’t that great. She’s personality, I guess. – VIDEO

Now a montage of super-cringe worthy singers. “Your singing…I’m not sure it’s your forte.” Steven is letting them down gently. Jlo can’t say no. “Whatever happens here doesn’t define who you are, ” says Jlo. But then, a hopeful is so horrible, she has no trouble saying no AT ALL.

Robbie Rosen – 16 – Merrick NY – “Yesterday” – First sob story! Dude was in a wheelchair when he was 5 years old. His family didn’t take any photos of him when he was disabled. He was in a wheelchair for months, then transitioned to a walker. He’s been watching Idol since he was 7. Hm. Not bad. He’s got a very sweet tone. Not a tone of charisma, though. “Beautiful” says Steven. “A breath of fresh air, ” says Randy. “I like you, ” says Jlo, “I think you’re cute.” – VIDEO

A hopeful can’t wait to meet….Ellen! lol. All the girls have a crush on Steven Tyler. Steven is eying up the ladies.

Chris Cordeiro – 18 – North Arlingon, NJ – “My Way” NERD ALERT!!! He’s been a boy scout since he was 10. He’s working on becoming an eagle scout. OMG the video he made for his eagle badge–“don’t text and drive” is totally lulzy. What a snappy monotone. His family is with him. I think he’s serious! Chris sings the chorus of “My Way”. Oh dear. Randy is laughing. Chris looks devastated. “You scared everybody in the room, ” says Steven. “How did you do this for 10 years?” says Jlo. – VIDEO

Michael Perotto – 19 – Worcester MA – “Proud Mary” – OMG. Yep. He sucks. “Make him stop” Jlo says to Steven. “Did you eat a lot of paint chips as a child?” says Steven, “American Idol needs a higher standard.” Michael promises he can do better. Of course, his second song is worse. He’s BELLOWING like a sick cat. “What we have here is a failure to communicate, ” says Steven. “You sound like your singing in a voice that’s not your voice.” Michael says he’s been singing for years…people would have told him he sucked! Michael is NOT GOING TO GIVE UP!!!. Oh dear. DELUSIONAL. – VIDEO

Ashely Sullivan – 25 – Springfield MA – “Gimme Gimme” from Thoroughly Modern Millie – She wants to have a career like Britney Spears. Everything about Britney is just SASS. LOVE YOU BRIT BRIT. She wants everybody to hear her sing. Well. That was LOUD. “Bless you” says Randy. “You’re so adorable” says Jlo, “You belong on Broadway.” Sorry, not even. Ashley thinks the mainstream needs to get with Liza Minelli. Is it Brit brit or Liza, she’s all over the place. She’s got a great personality, but she can’t sing. She bursts into tears. Randy wants to say no. Jlo and Steven says yes. She got through on sheer personality. “That was unbridled enthusiasm, ” says Steven. “I’m going to personally work that into something good.” – VIDEO

Victoria Huggins – 16 – Lumberton, NC – “Midnight Train to GA” – She’s just a sweet southern belle! Is this chick for real? Barf. She’s annoying. Victoria is a less talented Diana DeGarmo. Yikes. “She’s adorable. It’s a yes for me.” says Jlo. Steven tells her she’s showing just enough leg. “Yo yo dawg” she says to Randy who is practically dying. “16 and you’ve got every trick in the book.” They all say yes. She’s like a parody of a pageant queen, except scarily, she’s totally serious. – VIDEO

Melinda Ademi – 16 – Yonkers, NY –  “If I Ain’t Got You – Kosovo – SOB STORY. Refugees from Kosovo. Mom cries as she talks about hearing gunshots. They won the green card lottery. Her singing is very pretty and nice. All three judges say yes. “You won the lottery twice, ” says Steven. – VIDEO

Day 2 Auditions!

Devyn Rush – 20 – New Hope, PA – “God Bless the Child” She’s a singing waitress at a NY tourist trap. Not bad. She goes for a little scatting. Nice tone. Big notes. Steven is smiling. “That was delicious. That was desert to the lunch.” Jlo says, “I didn’t expect that.” Randy says, “You have just the right amount of sauce in there.” Jlo thinks she has the total package. Everyone says YESSSSS. She hugs Ryan and says, “I don’t even know you!” – VIDEO

A montage of terrible yet funny auditions.

Yoji “Pop” Asano – 25 – Brooklyn, NY/Japan – “Party in the USA” – I don’t think this guy really speaks English. lulz. He’s been imitating Michael Jackson since he’s been in the womb! OK, it took me a while to figure out he was singing Miley Cyrus. He dances like a skeery robot. Well he’s very enthusiastic, I’ll give him that. “It is a party in the USA!!!” says Jlo. – VIDEO

Now comes a montage of bad singers performing Miley. Oh, this is one of those tunes they ask everyone to sing.

Back from break…more terrible singers. “Stop!” Nice shorts, says Steven. “I felt your joy when you were singing, ” says Jlo.

Brielle Von Hugel – 16 – Staten Island, NY – “Endless Love” – Her dad was a member of a doo wop group. SOB STORY AHEAD. Dad has throat. Well, he’s cancer free right now. Decent voice. “I love your smile and your attitude” says Steven. “You’ve got a beautiful voice.” Randy invites her Dad in. They congratulate Dad for beating cancer. They all say yes with her dad standing there. She sounds beautiful, but I’m not hearing a spark. Both Jlo and Randy thinks she has some work to do, but they say yes. – VIDEO

Travis Orlando – 16 – Bronx, NY – “Eleanor Rigby” – SOB STORY!!! He’s there with his twin brother Timmie. He lived in a shelter for a couple years. His Dad got sick and they lost their home. His singing? Pretty, but nothing special. But since he’s got a super-special sob story he’s through! – VIDEO

51 hopefuls make it to Hollywood!

Tomorrow night it’s NEW ORLEANS

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