Tuesday Daily Number’s Thread – 09/01/15

Today’s thread are brought to you by the numbers 10, 14 and 247,525.

Pandora is turning 10 years old (I remember many of the early adapters posting about it here at MJs back when I joined in 2006 – a new streaming service that allowed you to customize your playlist and find music in the same vein) and it’s going to celebrate with an ad free day. Happy Birthday Pandora!

One Direction released their video for “Drag Me Down” last week and that helped them to zoom up the Hot 100 chart from 31st to 14th. Houston, we have no problems.

That article also includes an interesting conversation about how The Weeknd’s “Can’t Feel My Face” tops the Hot 100 despite suffering a 30% drop in sales on the Digital Chart. The Digital Chart is effected by “Complete My Album” purchases, but the Hot 100 is not. Therefore, the 30% drop in sales is due to “returns”, but the actual sales continued to be high.

Finally, Kanye helped to make the VMAs the most tweeted about non-Super Bowl US event in the history of twitterdom. The show generated 21.4M tweets – up a massive 69% from last year. Kanye’s rant/run for president yielded the most tweets with 247,525. The top five most talked about artists on the show were Kanye, Miley Cyrus, 5 Seconds of Summer, Justin Beiber and Nikki Minaj (Obviously, Taylor needs to bring more friends and dance more if she wants to make the top 5 next year).

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