The Voice 21 Recap: Top 11 Finalists Perform Fan Favs (Videos)

THE VOICE -- "Live Top 11 Performances" Episode 2116A -- Pictured: Jeremy Rosado -- (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)
Pictured: Jeremy Rosado — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

The Voice season 21 LIVE SHOWS continue tonight (Nov 22). The Top 11 perform for YOUR VOTES and a chance to advance to the Top 10.

Coaches Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson and John Legend and Ariana Grande sit on the panel.  Carson Daly serves as host.  We’ll be live blogging all the performances here.

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VOTING Instructions: Download The Voice Official App (Available on the APP Store and Google Play). And/or vote on Limit 10 votes per artist per method. Must be 13+ AND IN THE US OR PUERTO RICO. More at VOTING IS OPEN UNTIL 7 AM ET TOMORROW (Nov 16).

Tonight, the Top 11 artists choose songs chosen for them by The Voice fans.  In fact, the fans many aspects of the show tonight. The show will be cutting to fan parties. Ariana’s are VERY VERY LOUD and Blake is VERY VERY JEALOUS.

Wendy Moten – Team Blake

Freeway of Love by Aretha Franklin – Her pal Vince Gill dials in to wish her good luck. Wendy declares that the fans picked her favorite song. Wendy never thought she’d be back in pop culture relevancy 30 years after her debut record.  There are so many superior Aretha songs to “Freeway of Love.” But Wendy loves the song, and like everything else she does on the show, she sings the crap out of it. She looks all pink and sparkly tonight. It’s like a homage to the Queen of Soul. Ariana calls Wendy one of her favorites. She loved watching her have fun. John calls her a flawless vocalist. Maybe TOO effortless. Don’t take her for granted, America, he warns. Blake believes she’s performing like a legend. “It’s literally perfect.” He begs America to vote for Wendy.

Girl Named Tom – Team Kelly 

More Hearts than Mine by Ingrid Andress – Their No 1 fan is…grandma. They call the song pick a “modern country song.” They are a little nervous about that. Their fans in Pettisville, Ohio are going crazy. They don’t mention that the Mennonite church they belong to are also rooting for them. Geez their party at the local high school is PACKED. The song is modern, period, which is a departure from the 70’s era folk they favor. But the number falls nicely into their wheelhouse. The harmonies, as always, are beautiful. Each of the trio play an instrument tonight. Blake likes them singing country “It feels like home to me.” Kelly adds, “It’s so fun to work with you.” She compliments the trio on their work ethic and enthusiasm. “Thank you so much for picking me,” she says before begging America to vote for them.

Holly Forbes – Team Ariana

Alone by Heart  – Holly’s daughter is still excited about speaking with Ariana on the phone. October 14 was declared Holly Forbes Day in Ashland, KY. Ariana notes that Holly is sweet and soft-spoken, but not when she sings! The fans chose the song, but Holly has an emotional connection to it. Wither her unique tone and wide vibrato, Holly makes every song her own, even when she doesn’t change the song much. She puts her own stamp on the song, with soft phrasing in parts, and fierce growls in the chorus. This is one of her best performances of the entire competition. John loves her passion and commitment to every song. “Gorgeous…we feel your heart every time.” Blake was confident her performance would be EPIC. Ariani calls her “consistently phenomenal.” 

Jershika Maple – Team Legend

How Can I Ease the Pain by Lisa Fischer  – Jershika sharing about her dyslexia is helping so many people, as her conversations with them over Zoom illustrate. John mentions that this 90s classic is difficult to sing. Jershika, from Killeen Texas, has Australian fans! They introduce her tonight. Once again, Jershika electrifies the stage with powerhouse vocals. Like Wendy, her performances are effortless. But what sets her apart are her passion and muscular tone.  Jershika admits that she experiences stage fright, and  almost threw up backstage! Kelly compliments her vocal runs, which have turned into memes on TikTok! Kelly never heard the song before. Now, I don’t feel so bad (neither did I). Jershika makes Blake happy. John says it’s a joy to see someone empowered by their gift. “Stunning,” says John.

Lana Scott – Team Blake

I Hope by Gabby Barrett  – Blake brags that he hasn’t lost any team members yet. Lana is happy that country fans seem to have embraced her. Lana is happy that fans picked a modern song for her–American Idol alum Gabby Barrett’s massive hit. She calls her fans the “Lanterns.” Her high school put together a group video, and her dad has been putting up signs.  Sweet Lana tackles a revenge song like she means business. She sounds more assured than she did last week. Her intonation and control are improving. But it doesn’t matter. Country die hards will latch on to the only country singer in the competition. Ariana feels like she’s at a Lana show. She calls her the perfectly packaged country pop star. Blake calls it her “break out” moment. Blake insists on calling Lana’s fans “The Fanas.” 

Joshua Vacanti – Team Legend

The Show Must Go On by Queen – Local businesses from Lockport New York are supporting him, naming dishes after him, and whatnot. Mentor Camila Cabello compared Joshua to Freddie Mercury during the Battles. And his fans suggested several Queen songs. John works on his confidence around transitions. The song is big big big. He starts off standing on a grand piano. Singing a Queen song is brave because of the difficulty. But it also risks a backlash. An observation I’ll just leave alone. In any case, he isn’t holding back, embracing Queen’s theatricality with gusto. “You are literally what this show is all about,” says Kelly. “You have such an incredible voice.” Blake calls it “the perfect song choice….you slayed it.” John insists that he knows Queen songs and have always felt he should sing from their catalog.

Jeremy Rosado – Team Kelly

Reckless Love by Cory Asbury – Jeremy mentions that he sings this song when he leads worship in church. “My fans understand who I am at my core.” Tampa peeps have been supporting him big time (probably like they did in 2012 on Idol). Oh. Ariana called Jeremy’s daughter too, and she was literally shook. Apparently this song was a huge CCM hit. It’s a good pick for Jeremy’s earnest, passionate delivery. He’s going to stick around at least until the semi-final. And maybe even beyond that. Moving away from the girl diva songs to worship is a smart move. John calls it the perfect song for him, and the most passionate performance from him yet. Kelly reveals that Jeremy wants to sing Christian music after he’s done with The Voice. That’s very doable. It’s really the only realistic place for him in the music business. 

Gymani – Team Kelly

Diamonds by Rihanna – Gymani had to be saved by the Instant Save last week. She can’t believe she has fans. For instance, recently, a flight attendant wanted to take a photo with her. Gymani uploaded a cover of “Diamonds” on her Youtube channel 3 years ago, and barely had any viewers. Now she has over 10K. Gymani’s slinky take on the song is punctuated by her familiar rasp. I’m still not sold on this song pick, but she finishes strong. Those last adlibs were awesome. The coaches are on their feet. Ariani calls the performance “incredibly cool….you yourself is shining like a diamond.” Kelly feels like she’s at her show. She calls the choice “smart.”

Jim & Sasha Allen – Team Ariana

Have You Ever Seen the Rain by Creedence Clearwater Revival – A trans fan shares that Sasha, a trans man too, has been an inspiration to him. Sasha had never been on a roller coaster before Ariana took the entire team to Universal park. He calls the song choice “perfect.” Ariana believes “the fans really get him.” Wow. The duo’s fan party in Connecticut looks huge. Dad plays a mandolin as the two harmonize. Sasha is a much better singer than his dad. Also, their family harmonies are surprisingly bad. Having said that, it’s one of Sasha’s better vocal performances. He seems to be completely recovered from the laryngitis that ruined his Playoffs song. This rendition of a 60s classic might get them a place in the Top 10. Blake admires the bond between parent and child. He wonders if there is an instrument dad DOES NOT play. Ariana calls dad Jim a musical genius. “If he had 10 more arms he’s be playing every instrument he can.” 

Paris Winningham – Team Blake

Use Me by Bill Withers – Paris considers his fans “family.” Blake claims the fans had lots of ideas for him! He believes there is a place for Paris’s vintage sound in today’s musical landscape. He lives in Jacksonville Florida, but Paris’s Navy family lives all over the world.  I thought this was a great song pick when I saw it this morning, and I still do. He’s SPECTACULAR here. The passionate runs and adlibs are unreal. That GROWL on the big notes is so impactful. Then he moves up into his head voice. He traverses one end of his range to the other and it’s effortless. Terrific. Paris reminds John of gospel singers he grew up hearing. “You put so much soul and power into every song.” Yet you gave him away to Blake, John! Kelly stood 3 times, Blake noticed. “You have ease and control of the room,” Blake declares. He calls it his favorite performance so far. 

Hailey Mia – Team Kelly

Elastic Heart by Sia – Her high school, where the 14 year old is a freshman, is supporting her like crazy. Mia wants to do the “piano” version of the song, because she wants to speak straight to the fans. Kelly is blown away by her depth. She suggests a cello play along, and declares the song Hailey’s best yet. And she’s correct. With the instruments stripped back, Hailey isn’t fighting the band. And she is obviously intensely connected to the song. For some singers, that makes the difference between a great and mediocre performance. Blake calls it so powerful, that he got wrapped up in her emotions. Kelly is SO PROUD of her. Kelly calls her a dark horse and believes she could make the finale. 


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  1. Hey everyone. For once, I can watch the show in full without math class interrupting ?

  2. this song really wendy ( I love this song but not for a competition show )

  3. Only 1 person is going home this week. I doubt it would be Wendy no matter what she sings

  4. Fans “suggest” songs. Someone else still picks the actual choice

  5. The song choice is meh but at least it’s something not depressing

  6. She sings well as usual but she failed to convey the joy that the song typically exudes. I found her performance a bit of, actually, a total bore

  7. This went about how I expected. Great singing but the song choice held her back

  8. Incredible singer, incredible performance. What else can be said about her that hasn’t already been said? She’s just incredible!

  9. I’m glad that she changed it up and did some uptempo, now I wanna hear her really go all out next week!

  10. Agreed. It was like halfway there for me due to her lack of going all out

  11. yea there was no energy to the performance and no joy in her voice if that makes sense.

  12. I’m going to make a wild guess and say Joshua is closing the show with another show tune.

  13. Not sure if he is closing the show or not, but it is an enormous/iconic song. Not sure he can handle it. We’ll see.

  14. Love Aretha, never cared for that song though. Did you see Elise?

  15. Nah cause she’s done numerous Aretha songs and they were good choices

  16. Ingrid was up for a lot of new country awards against Idol’s Gabby Barrett. This song was very well received and successful on country radio I think

  17. It’s a Top 10 country song by Ingrid Andress who was on the Sing Off (not as a soloist, obvi)

  18. Caleb’s the oldest, Joshua’s the middle, Bekah’s the youngest

  19. Not yet. I have had no time. I saw Vanilla Fudge and walked out of Robbie Krieger’s group (one of my fave groups was awesome, guitarist for the doors was not.)

  20. GNT could sing a song from Schoolhouse Rock and will still rock it!

  21. mmm, this is probably my least favorite performance of theirs so far. I love how they’re all playing different instruments!

  22. This is a smart move to go current by GNT. It makes them seem more marketable. The lead’s do sound a bit more timid than usual in my opinion. The harmonies are nice as always but not chillworthy like some of their other performances.

    This was still good but it lacked the emotion and ethereal quality of some of their other performances.

  23. This was fine, but they really should give in to their destiny and sing Peter, Paul & Mary.

  24. Wow Wendy actually kinda outdid them based on tonight’s performances

  25. Think Blake is right, they should make that country- Allison Krause vibe their sound

  26. I find it odd that the 2 frontrunners opened the night with songs that they are so much better than

  27. I agree. I wasn’t thrilled with them tonight. This is the first time they haven’t impressed me.

  28. I think this week was considered a “freebie” week where the stakes are so low, they can do whatever they want

  29. My friends make fun of me for being a big Airplane fan. Their take on Wooden Ships is one of the songs I have listened to the most

  30. I know GNT if the frontrunner but I don’t really find them so special. I think Wendy’s voice far exceeds them – such a pure tone.

  31. I prefer Wendy just based on personal musical taste, but GNT are definitely top 2 material for me

  32. Eh don’t let em razz ya, they were a great group. This song is ‘Can’t Find My Way Home’…It’s most excellent.

  33. Might be hot take but I actually liked that performance more than their rendition of creep

  34. THe vocal on CFMH is SPECTACULAR!! Listen to rest next commercial break

  35. I have some terrible news to share with you guys. Britton is getting married, and it’s not with me.

  36. With this being a single elimination, they will gamble that the frontrunners will be safe from any spot

  37. She’s a bit pitchy in rehearsal. Hoping she can hit the notes in the actual performance

  38. Yes I know it’s by Blind Faith, I had a momentary brain fart because I wanted to show both songs, sigh

  39. those poor souls who “vote” the song that the person who leaves ends up singing

  40. Oh, yes! I remember him. He should’ve won his season. My apologies.

  41. Honestly I feel like only Wendy would’ve been capable of singing this song out of everyone left

  42. Oh Holly :( I had been so on the Holly train, but now I am afraid I have to bail.

  43. She should have just gone full out as the subdued parts sound off key whereas the sing your lung out power notes are really rocking it.

  44. Aside from this being a difficult song, it also feels like the wrong musical direction for Holly.

    She should be choosing less belty, more subtle melodies.

  45. That was for the most part a big mess. Off key, and just lost it seems. so sad atm

  46. This is better than I thought it would be. She is singing it with a bit more restraint in the choruses… not all out belting. But I like the transitions… up until she missed the high note.

    The first half was solid. I appreciate her going for it but it did go downhill in the latter half. The song choice just wasn’t right for her voice.

  47. Don’t get the criticism, honestly thought she was better than Wendy. Felt like there was more energy behind her

  48. A couple bummed notes, but overall that wasn’t that bad. She could’ve withstood holding a couple of the notes a bit longer, but I feel the key she chose to sang it in left her unable to do so. Overall, not bad!

  49. I liked most of it until the high note that she missed and then the last few lines were a bit sloppy. But she did go for it for the most part

  50. Kind of funny how the first three acts were four-chair turns but reactions here have been kind of lukewarm/mixed so far

  51. Think that was the best vocal of the three. It was certainly the one I felt the most

  52. WHOOOOOAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! I haven’t heard this song in ages. Go, Jershika! Do Lisa Fischer proud.

  53. I didn’t know this song or singer.

    The artist is really interesting.

  54. The glam squad has clearly made Jershika their big project this year.

  55. What the hell is with these so called ‘fans’ choices? They all suck. I would not call these ‘fans’…more like haters…..Still at least she is on key

  56. Beautiful opening. Her voice has so many layers. Love her phrasing. This was a bit sleepy to start, but right when I wrote that she built the dynamics and it got bigger. She knows how to build a song and make it her own. This is once again incredible!

  57. this is the exact same performance spot where kymberli sang break every chain ;)

  58. Wow Jershika is blowing me away. She took a difficult song that no one else could handle and killed it. What a range and what an incredible mastery of the song.

  59. THAT WAS AWESOME, best performance of the night so far. considering who’s left i’d be surprised if anyone does better

  60. I like how she began. You know the big part is coming but it carried more emotion when she allowed it to build.

  61. And the closing was one of the most gorgeous things I have heard

  62. Would have loved to hear her do some Toni Braxton. Her vocal was flawless, I just did not care for the song. Best of the night so far regardless

  63. She saved the best for last. So much emotion in her lower register. Not many have that.

  64. So, it’s either Gymani or Paris is closing. I’m thinking it’s Gymani.

  65. All the latex and glitter this season – they are braver than I would ever be.

  66. She’s so fun. She might dethrone GNT. As my fave. Easily best so far

  67. I’m going to be looking at you Forever, if Jim & whosit is really closing O.O….Getting skeert of that now

  68. Jael, don’t need to wait for her to sing to put her in 5th in your rankings

  69. And shocking moment as ABC Idol’s contestant song lands on The Voice.

  70. I don’t see her winning, but I’m still surprised at how organic her support seems to be.

  71. Okay my question is to all the Americans – is everyone going around wearing those black hats as they seem very popular on this show. In Canada we all wear tuques.

  72. Her fans should’ve voted a classic country song for Lana. She’s struggling with this song.

  73. Gabby’s range is impressive hitting both the lows and highs in this song, but Lana is struggling with both. She does sound better when she deviates from the original melody. I think if she was to do this song, she should’ve tried it more acoustic.

  74. yeah that was bad, worst performance of the night so far.


  75. Another perfect line, “a break out moment” Unfortunately, this rash . . . . .

  76. I’m mystified. They didn’t even say ‘you look great’. They went straight for lying.

  77. So far Wendy and GNT just getting my votes. I just expect more from the finals, those who made it through. And I wasn’t crazy about the songs Wendy or GNT ended up with.

  78. It has been overused of late. Congratulations on the anniversary

  79. Let’s face it, gang! We’re going to have Joshua for the next few weeks whether we like it or not.

  80. This song is too big for him. Joshua is actually got a good voice but the band and song are too much for him to handle.

  81. This is not even on the same street as Adam Lambert’s version & not on same planet as Freddie’s.

  82. This is not even on the same street as Adam Lambert’s version & not on same planet as Freddie’s.

  83. Lol. I thought he was Adam Lambert when I was working in the other room (my mom has it on , I’ve barely watched this show in years ). This must be the guy who was talked about on a Broadway group I’m on who met his wife in their HS production of Phantom where he played Phantom and she played Carlotta . He’d be a good Evan Hansen . Also, he looks just like Matt Bennett who was Ariana’s co star in Victorious ,lol

  84. That was reprehensible. His emotion is so forced. Every song sounds the same and unfortunately, the same as a million other boring singers. No panache. No emotion felt, No nothing

  85. Joshua should sing a song from Les Miserables – it is a pulling at your heartstrings songs.

  86. If he sang Queen, I think I want to break free, would have offered him a chance to convey the lyric to give us something a bit different, while staying his lane.

  87. Stevie Ritchie . The thing with him was that he was a total joke act who couldn’t sing ,lol

  88. Yeah, but I felt the music was going to drown him out at times if he wasn’t, else I wouldn’t hear him.

  89. Well I am a big broadway fan so it is fine if he makes it onto broadway – it would be a good fit

  90. Damn. I hoped that Jim and Sasha were closing. It would have reminded me to never get my hopes up, when it comes to The Voice US

  91. I think Meatloaf would have captured Joshua’s style more than Queen.

  92. He’d be a good Evan Hansen but after the movie , I assume future castings on Broadway will be high school aged guys …. (I thought Ben Platt looked fine though but that hair was a weird choice )

  93. Im a big broadway fan too, but his singing is so one note and lacks emotion. I do not think he could make it.

  94. Captured whatever his style is better for sure. Freddy Mercury is an elite vocalist. Joshua is, well . . . . .

  95. His girlfriend was this woman Chloe Jasmine who was this really good jazz singer who was shockingly booted early . They were a strange couple !

  96. Yeah sorry wasn’t thinking about it being a spoiler when I asked

  97. Ugh. Okay… Debating whether or not to catch up tomorrow. (^^ ;)

  98. Now that seasons are shortened, I wish the eliminations would be more consistent. Should be double elimination this week.

  99. It feels like circa 2012 with Ariana as a judge and Jeremy on there with my middle school loves of Idol and Victorious ?(and that Joshua looks just like Matt Bennett )

  100. He seems like a good dude, but I have honestly not felt anything from him this season at all

  101. Him and Kelly do blend well. First in that group performance and now in this rehearsal. Beautiful

  102. I think a lot of the younger contestants need more experience. I think that is how you finesse your performance – is go out on the road and earn your fans along the way vs instant success expected from these talent shows.

  103. His closed eyes are not helping me–It wouldn’t have mattered, honestly. Ready for the next one. :/

  104. I’ve always wondered if Xtina /TPtB gave Matt Schuler more God songs , he would have gone further ,lol

  105. I am biased as I have not enjoyed one note he has sung, but this is truly awful. He never sings with any nuance but at least he is usually in tune. This time he tries to have some subtle but is entirely out of tune

  106. The conspiracist in me thinks having the fan announcer speak Spanish was a subtle bus.

  107. woah Hailey’s closing? That’s a bit shocking, honestly. Mainly because she was the WC

  108. Her wc performance honestly cemented herself as a potential contender

  109. Max & I took a break to make some tollhouse cookies. I miss anything?

  110. She’s too good to be a back up singer on the Voice.

    Amanda Brown, OTOH works for Adele which is an awesome gig.

  111. They are great on a cold night along with hot cocoa with peppermint mocha :)

  112. Im excited for Annie live ???? and I thought I’ve been Annied out since my high school production

  113. Yer most welcome. The killing of the Freddie song almost did him in, I have to reward him for not kicking the bucket.

  114. Gymani murdered that performance! Prob my fave vocal last week

  115. BWa haha…but really Coffee Mate peppermint mocha is truly a gift from the heavens for me for my cocoa :)

  116. We have heard this song a lot but in rehearsal she sounds incredible and her YT cover is great

  117. Toneisha prob has my fave version ever of it, but Gymani could definitely deliver!

  118. Omg I forgot about her! Yeah this song honestly gives people moments if done super well

  119. In these singing competitions, it seems that the young ones, instinctually either convey or emotion, or do not. There is no in between. Matt Corby was 16 on Australian Idol but killed it every week. We had Noah Mac on this show, who made me feel almost every note, even when not in tune. On the other end, we have Joshua.

  120. I don’t think you can go wrong with that musical – I saw a travelling troop and it was a lot of fun.

  121. She seems behind. This is not her best performance. She sounds like her voice is tired.

  122. That was not perfect but she made so many cool choices with that vocal. I enjoyed

  123. Yeah she ate that! Just sucks that it prob won’t be enough to be safe :(

  124. The arrangement is so smart. It really does show the texture of her voice as Kelly mentioned. Love what she is doing with the song!

    The sound mixing seems pretty off… the mic seems a bit low but at least the band isn’t super loud either.

    I did like the building. She has put together a few very strong performances these past weeks. Hope she isn’t in the bottom tomorrow.

  125. I just got a new job so I’ve been busy . Only have seen bits and pieces of this season .(I have a mutual friend with Ryleigh ) Glad for the longer live shows !

  126. I am so happy for Max. He missed the 2 leave the room vocals and returned just in time for a most intriguing vocal

  127. Oh yeah I can respect that, it’s just the voters are who determine in who’s safe

  128. The stylistic choices she’s making in the vocal remind me a little bit of the way Lilibianca flips the melodies in songs

  129. The start was interesting, the end was solid. The middle gave me a few ???, but hopefully that’s enough for her to be safe. Way more lively than the previous performance.

  130. I like her. Unfortunately she’s probably gonna land in the bottom again

  131. Max was not in the room for it. Son is having ice cream, so Max is on top of that.

  132. I much prefer Libianca’s flips, but yeah, I thought that too at moments.

  133. I like looking in on past contestants of Idol/Voice etc to see how they have improved. Like Lauren Allred from The Voice & her monster hit “Never Enough’. I wonder if the voice judges kick themselves over that one.

  134. I would wait until a few hours after the show to gauge accuracy of that

  135. Jershika got 300 likes in 20 minutes


  136. I remember making the Ct ice cream tour with my Great Dane. I always bought her pumpkin ice cream. Pumpkin is great for indigestion.

  137. Mute mute mute omg everyone give me your remote controls pls, I need all the mutes I can take pls.

  138. I feel the Jin and Sasha are living in an alternate universe. (a happier one)

  139. you can gauge the facebook standings minutes after the performances get posted – whoever gets the highest bump at first is the frontrunner

  140. The son always looks like he is gonna start creeping and sneak off the stage walking around like that.

  141. I feel like this is a growing up and bonding experience that has not much to do with music.

  142. The problem isn’t that they’re bad. They’re just not very good compared to (almost) everyone else.

  143. If the dad is Jim, yes, he’s got something, but not for the Voice.

  144. I loved Jim and Sasha tonight (also a fav song of mine and they didn’t disappoint me). They’ll also get votes from me.

  145. Also , Anybody ever find out what exactly happened with Ryan Gallagher ? I’m still sad on that as he claimed it wasn’t on covid protocols…..

  146. Lmao the fact that we think it’s one of these two based on how overdone they are ?

  147. yeah, I’ve thought that but on his own I don’t think he’d do as well; I think a duo, at least, is good.

  148. The duo is the gimmick, but musically, Jim is miles ahead of Sasha.

  149. She was with me, virtually every minute of every day. Anything else would not have been fair.

  150. It took me way too long to recognize that song. He was dead in that first rehearsal try.

  151. Great song. Hard to match the original. Probs not great competition song either

  152. starting to get more convinced he’s blake’s frontrunner now

  153. Another vocalist who gives us the same approach week in and week out. Nothing original. I feel nothing. It feels so gimicky. I do not get him

  154. facebook’s gonna love this and he’s consistently high on there.

  155. I was liking the opening with the low notes but a few times when he opened up, his phrasing/runs got a bit sloppy. I think sometimes he is giving rasp for the sake of rasp. I liked parts of that a lot and others not a lot. I’m very torn on this. Going to need a relisten

  156. This song is actually sounding great for putting the singer in the spot light. He did okay. I didn’t like all of his choices, but the song’s too good. (I wasn’t a fan of some of the gospel choices.)

  157. What’s up with Kelly’s pink flamingo flapper dress? Just noticed it

  158. I was on a diet. The participle is key. The last 4 vocals have me finding the Don Julio 1942 I had hidden.

  159. Don’t listen to Blake Paris. This was a bad song choice and bad arrangement. And too much shouting and growling. Felt a bit too contrived.

  160. I believe it’s the same fan that Beyonce got her hair caught in on stage.

  161. He wasn’t that bad, but he was better last week. We’ll see him next week.

  162. I’m with Blake. That was the most fun performance for me. Gymani’s vocal was a bit more impressive, but I had to think too hard (especially during the middle) to get into her flipped version of Diamonds. From only watching the second half of this ep, Paris is the standout.

  163. I’m with Blake. That was the most fun performance for me. Gymani’s vocal was a bit more impressive, but I had to think too hard (especially during the middle) to get into her flipped version of Diamonds. From only watching the second half of this ep, Paris is the standout.

  164. Yeah, the American Idol system where the singers pick the songs–out of a bowl.

  165. Nice. I found the bottle. First drink I have had in a long time. The Voice tv show can move you. Haha

  166. Top 2 for me so far was Jershika & Gymani so I guess that will mean they are in America’s bottom 2. sigh

  167. I feel everything when she belts. There’s a breakage to her voice that is very pretty

  168. This is beautiful, but I still can’t understand her words.

  169. Sadly. I am writing truth. Not trying to be funny. I just had a shot of DJ. Wore the mute button out tonight. Oh well. Feel good now.

  170. FOURTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN. No matter the age, that was bloody brilliant.

  171. That opening line was stunning. The arrangement is smart as well. This song has been done several times but this is one of the best. Her head voice and restraint as well as her bigger notes are so controlled. Amazing! This vocal was everything.

  172. Okay. Stop saying she’s 14. That’s disrespectful. She’s shown the most and most consistent growth on this show. Go girl. Go Hailey.

  173. So compelling – I felt that performance – and her voice is very pretty.

  174. Top of the night even though for some odd reason I can’t for the life of me understand her words. I don’t know why, but I can’t. I thought she said Electric and she said elastic. That was the one word I could understand. Still, haunting, beautiful vocal.

  175. OK, everyone! Enjoy the holiday if you celebrate and I will see you all next week.

  176. Her switches are so much cleaner than some of her earlier performances. Really impressive maturity. She’s taking notes and executing.

  177. See everyone tomorrow night! Happy holidays to those that won’t be here then.

  178. Max & I are going to go hit the cookies up. Stay safe & well folks, keep your health up!

  179. Max & I are going to go hit the cookies up. Stay safe & well folks, keep your health up!

  180. I know that wasn’t the best showcase of enunciation but Sia isn’t the best at that either lol

  181. True statement. Was actually going to say I can’t understand Sia either

  182. Jim and Sasha Allen were easily the worst of the night, If they make the Top 10 they should consider themselves very lucky, but man this was bad.

    Also, Holly Forbes’ performance tonight doesn’t scream Finals worthy either!

    Gymani v Jim & Sasha Allen for the Instant Save tomorrow night!

  183. How can you not like Paris! GNT is ok but seriously nobody is going to that concert. Jershika is like a million other pop singers. Yawn. Y’all must be too young.

  184. so many great performances, the fan’s picked all the right songs. Best of the night, GNT, Wendy, Josh, and Lana.

  185. Fans “pick” the songs haha. Always some obscure choices on these nights

  186. The performance seems a bit stiff even if the vocal is excellent. The song is so fun that I wanted a little more; I did like the little adlib/almost belts on “go” but I was ultimately hoping the build-up would be a little bigger. Vocally, one of her best yet though, but her vocals have always been superb.

  187. I love Wendy but I found this a bit restrained or lacking the joy or oomph of it.

  188. Also why pick the most boring song from Aretha’s catalog?

  189. GNT Holly and Jershika?

    LMAOOO my 4 favorites are the first 4 of the night

  190. I never found the original boring. Granted that was a lifetime ago

  191. You don’t actually think this was the only song suggestion for her, do you?

  192. I wonder who will have to face off Gymani in the IS if she’s in the bottom again

  193. This focuses less on the harmonies and more on their individual performances, I find it all a bit vanilla.

  194. Eh don’t let em razz ya, they were a great group. This song is ‘Can’t Find My Way Home’…It’s most excellent.

  195. Carrie Underwood was not my cuppa during her time on Idol (she followed my favorite Idol winner and she’s grown immensely since the show). However, she SLAY’d this song on Idol and I still say this is the single performance that pushed her over the edge from a favorite to the clear winner that season.

  196. I have not heard it in ages either but . . . . maybe that is a good thing? Yep. Not the song I was thinking about. OH well. This aging bit sucks

  197. Sigh, that is NOT Saved By The Bell. That is so going to be an epic fail of a show!

  198. I love this song. But of course it will work because it is part of the song.

  199. Least everyone before her had something good going for them, this was just a mess entirely

  200. Pretty good opening. This is honestly giving me X Factor vibes. He’s hitting the high notes but he’s getting kind of drowned out. He has been improving each week it seems. I think some on here don’t see his talent, but his vocals are solid. Had the band not been so loud, this would have been even better, but this was solid in my opinion.

  201. Wait! Do you remember the singer from the X factor who sang “Music of the Night”? I forgot his name, but he reminds me of Joshua; over the top and not very good.

  202. This song is pretty but not loving this rendition until the latter half which he finally sounds pretty good when the backing vocals kick in and the high note. The first half had some pitchiness and seemed to lack passion. Not a complete performance for me but I did like parts of the second half because he did pour more passion than usual in that part

  203. It’s because in the Top 10 to Top 8 cut, they won’t want a Team Kelly member closing if she still has 4, so now is the time.

  204. Wow, am I the only person who thought Jeremy Rosado was *terrible*? He actually sounds better on his female diva songs. CCM may be where his heart is, but he’s going to need to find songs that better suit his voice. CCM has many really talented singers in the genre, so it won’t be a cakewalk. The back half of the song was better, but still underwhelming. Jeremy needs to finds a better balance — songs with messages he can relate to but that show off his vocals.

  205. Good times . Think there was also a 8 person boy band that year too . Also , I remember Stevie sang MoTn right after it was announced Chris Mann was going to play Phantom and I just laughed and cried at the computer after that thinking I’d never hear Chris ‘ MOtn as the show just came to Philly before he was cast (and came right after – bad timing ). Good thing that he put it on his album and I’ve heard him sing it live in concert – twice,lol Of course he sings it better than Stevie

  206. The harmonies are decent this time around vocally, but I think the backing vocals support helps that. But the solos lack feeling and are thin. It was one of those performances that sat in the same place, so it felt much longer than it was.

  207. why was that the least bad they’ve sounded live but still bad

  208. Ain’t No Sunshine or Lean on Me…wonder which..I guess Just the Two of Us could be in there too…but I think one of the first two.

  209. First time I have heard of Menonites. Do they have like bad reputation?

  210. I would go to their concert. They are really good. And they have toured before the pandemic so they have their own audience.

  211. I don’t know if it can move me to drink…but it can definitely make me want to have a drink every season just to forget what I heard….or to make it sound better, your choice.

  212. You captured my thoughts almost exactly. It did feel stiff, and it did leave me wanting more, and I did enjoy the adlibs on “Go!”

  213. It’s a country song by a newbie country artist, Ingrid Andress. Song peaked at #3 on Billboard’s country airplay chart, and is certified double platinum. So, it’s a fairly popular country song. Won a songwriters award too.

  214. I preferred the Blind Faith song she sang accompanied by her Dad.

  215. I was just about the ask, “Where’s Britton?” when you commented on Caleb of GNT.

  216. I thought Lana wasn’t bad on the verses (better than I expected, to be frank). But she couldn’t handle the chorus. She’s actually one of the worst female country singers I’ve seen on The Voice, and wherever she lands, it will be because of the lack of country competition.

  217. If you are talking about Jeremy, I thought he was truly horrible. Worst performance of the night, to be honest. Even worse that Jim and Sasha. He’ll never make it in CCM if he sounds like that.

  218. Yes, I’ve heard it a lot on singing shows, but Gymani’s version gave me chills.

  219. My tops choice are Jershika, Gymani, Hailey, Paris, and Wendy. Oh, go ahead and throw in Girl Named Tom, too.

  220. He moved on, so I have to as well :(… I’m way too busy thirsting over Niall Horan so it’s fine. And I can look at Caleb for a couple of weeks. All is well :).

  221. I love her voice and I liked the arrangement. I thought that her voice sounded slightly tired. Crossing my fingers that she goes through tonight, it would be a travesty if she leaves.

  222. They SHOULD be the bottom three. Jeremy was the worst (he’s usually better than that vocally, even if I don’t like his song choices), followed by Lana and J&S. Would be very happy if any one of the three would leave.

  223. You aren’t alone; I had difficulty with the words as well. Hailey needs to work on her enunciation. That was the only thing that stopped this performance from being as good as it could have been. It was still awesome, and she has so much potential and room to grow. She emotes well.

  224. Indeed, I wrote about Jeremy. He was one of my least fave Idol contestants. He is certainly my least fave on this season. That is saying something

  225. Good question. I had a different song in my head. It is a tip of the tongue type thing. Study shows when you have something on tip of tongue or are uncertain about a name, then you will get part of it right. I could not think of the star of The Outsiders, Flamingo Kid. I kept thinking Matt Damon. Of course, it is Matt Dillon. I am sure the song has a title that has words that r close or one of the key words in the title. Wow. How did I end up here?

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