The Voice 17 Recap: Knockouts Part 3 Live Blog (VIDEO)

THE VOICE -- “Knockout Rounds” Episode 1713 -- Pictured: (l-r) Will Breman, Zoe Upkins -- (Photo by: Tina Thorpe/NBC)
THE VOICE —  Pictured: (l-r) Will Breman, Zoe Upkins — (Photo by: Tina Thorpe/NBC)

The Voice season 17 Knockouts continue tonight with coaches Blake Shelton, Kelly ClarksonJohn Legend and Gwen Stefani, and featuring Pop star Taylor Swift serving as “Mega Mentor” for each of the coaches. Each team has ONE steal. But this season–no saves! The stakes are high.  Carson Daly hosts. At the end of the round a TOP 20 will be revealed.

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Destiny Rayne vs Rose Short – Team Gwen – Gwen paired her two powerhouse singers together. 

Rose Short – Big White Room by Jesse J – Rose used to work at a prison. She’s got a big voice and big personality. Taylor advises Rose to open her eyes during her performance, but otherwise, she has no notes. Both were really moved by Rose’s performance. She really hits those low notes beautifully. She’s not giving away everything too soon. She opens up on the chorus, and brings it back down. It’s a powerful, well paced performance. 

Destiny Rayne – Tell Me You Love Me by Demi Lovato – Gwen stole Destiny from John Legend. She’s a songwriter from Nashville. When she moved to Music City, she thought she’d be signed right away, but the doors closed. She plans to use the vulnerability she felt in that situation to her performance. Taylor says it’s more important to delve into the emotion, rather than belt her way through the song. Destiny’s voice isn’t as powerful as Rose’s. Her vocal is really rough in the upper register. The song is too much for her. She’s a pop singer, not a belter. Rose should take this knockout. 

Kelly liked Destiny’s vibe. She calls Rose an impressive singer. She’d go with Rose. Blake thought the song was too big for her. He’s glad Rose has his “best friend” as her coach. It’s his favorite performance of the Knockout round. John calls Destiny’s performance strong, but he felt Rose’s notes were “gorgeous and clear.” Gwen Chooses Rose, Destiny is Eliminated

Shane Q vs Kiara Brown – – Team Kelly 

Shane Q – In Case You Didn’t Know by Brett Young – Brett admits he’s never been in love. He says Kelly has helped him come out of his shell. She advises him to hold out his notes longer. Taylor wants him to highlight the unrequited heartbreak in the song. It’s a lovely cover, but ultimately very ordinary. He generally has a nice tone and range, but I didn’t feel any authentic pain or heartbreak. Also The high notes are a bit out of his reach. 

Kiara Brown – The Bones by Maren Morris – Kelly stole Kiara from Team Gwen. Oh. Kiara won a contest and was mentored by Maren. Hm. Kelly warns her to BREATHE so she has enough air. Again, Taylor advises a singer to hit the hook head on. Leave the fancier stuff for the verses, she says. I’ve been a Kiara fan since the beginning, She brings a singer/songwriter sensibility to her performances. This soulful, soft performance is completely her own. Unfortunately, she seems a little nervous, and is still having issues with breath control. And those high notes were a bit shaky. But I appreciate her originality. 

Blake likes Kiara’s originality. He calls Shane’s rendition perfect, but feels he needs more passion. He’d go with Shane. John calls Kiara’s spirit peaceful. He liked the way Shane carried himself. He’d pick Shane too. Gwen thinks Kirara is special, but Shane is “effortless.” Kelly notes a hesitancy in Shane’s performance. I agree. Kelly Picks Shane, Kiara is Eliminated.  Eh I get why she chose Shane. His performance was karaoke, but still technically better than Kiara’s.  

Kat Hammock vs Lauren Hall – Team Blake

Kat Hammock – Kiss Me by Sixpence None the Richer – She’s the youngest of five kids. Her song pick is mom’s favorite. The 18 year old wants to make her proud. Taylor doesn’t think she sounds like anybody. Actually, I think she sounds just like the record. Hm. Taylor gives her stage tips about how to work the stage after getting up from the piano. Kat’s rendition is very similar to the original, only leaden. I don’t like this song pick for her. Once she’s on her feet singing, the energy level rises, lifting the performance overall. Kat has her moments, but like many of the kiddos, is still underbaked.  

Lauren Hall – Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson – Blake stole Lauren from Kelly after she picked Hello Sunday. She picked the song because she loves it and it tells her story. Blake thinks it’s brave to sing one of Kelly’s songs in front of her. Lauren is having some breath problems she needs to work on. Blake jokes to Taylor that  Lauren picked a Kelly song to “shove it in her face.” Once again, Lauren, an experienced singer, is up against a kiddo. I don’t love this song choice. It takes her a bit to find her groove. This song is hard to sing! And she seems nervous? Not my favorite performance from her. But she’s good. I hope Blake picks her. John notes Lauren’s courage. He loves her high notes. He calls Kat a “revelation.” He’d pick her. Gwen agrees with John. She calls Kat an “Angel” and one of her favorites. “You sing that better than I do,” Kelly says to Lauren. “But I wanted to hear more of you.” She actually notes that Kat’s voice is similar to the original, but feels she did a good job making it her own. Blake Picks Kat. Lauren is Eliminated. Lauren could have picked a better song. But the fix was probably in anyway. He LOVES Kat. Lauren calls singing the song for Kelly one of the best moments of her life. 

Zoe Upkins vs Will Bremen– Team Legend

Zoe Upkins – Like I’m Going to Lose You by Meghan Trainor and John Legend – She’s dedicating the song to her Godmother, who just passed away. Taylor compliments Zoe’s intuition. John suggests a different way to edit down the song. Zoe’s rendition of the song is effortless and smooth–her phrasing is easy and sweet. It’s a perfect song choice for her. 

Will Bremen – I Don’t Care by Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber – Taylor loves Will’s quirky style and eccentricities. Taylor thinks he should simplify the hook. Remember the hook! Always Taylor’s go to advice! This artist does looping in his performances, normally. This is a deceptively tough song to sing. His rhythmic instincts are so creative and unexpected. Poor Zoe. She delivered a very good performance. But technically, Will is so advanced, he really deserves to win this Knockout. 

Gwen compliments Zoe’s confidence and ability. She calls Will “magnetic” and “effortless.” She’d pick Will. Kelly compliments them both. She notes how hard the song was. But she loves Zoe’s voice. She wishes she had a steal. She can’t choose. Blake calls Will “special.” Blake admires Zoe’s poise. JOHN IS STALLING. So we’re going to break first. John Picks Will Zoe is Eliminated.  Correct choice. Sad to see Zoe go, though. Too bad Kelly couldn’t steal her. 

Jake Halvendang vs Royce Lovett – Team Gwen 

Jake Halvendang – Powerful by Major Lazer and Ellie Goulding – He played with his dad, then started his own rock band. Jake plan is to strip all the EDM elements out of the song, essentially transforming it into a rock song. Taylor coaches him to communicate with the audience. He has to be careful not to look like he’s phoning it in. Giving a modern song the rock treatment is a creative idea. He could have just chosen a legacy tune. But this pick shows his ability to sing contemporary music. However, while he’s got a solid rock voice and good range and tone. He lacks that extra something–passion.  

Royce Lovett – Wake Me Up by Aloe Blacc – He’s Gwen’s reggae guy. But this time, he’s singing a pop song. Gwen likes the genre switch up, but they advise him not to clap during an a cappella break. Gwen and Taylor suggest he use the moment to control the room. He sounds so hoarse on the verses–so much so I thought maybe Royce was having vocal issues. But then his voice opens up on the chorus and he sounds strong and clear. It’s an odd vocal performance. He’s also having major pitch problems. Ouch. He sounded so much better in rehearsal. 

Kelly loves Jake’s range, but appreciates Royce’s stage presence. She’d pick Jake. Blake can’t figure out who Royce is. But he thinks Jake needs to bring out his personality. John calls Royce charming. He leans toward Jake, for his vocals. Jake had the better vocal, I think, but Royce has the stage presence and originality. Gwen Picks Jake, Royce is Eliminated. 

Hello Sunday vs Alex Guthrie – Team Kelly – And we KNOW a steal is coming…

Alex Guthrie – I’m Not the Only One by Sam Smith – He just quit his band. The Voice has helped him find himself. It was Alex’s idea to begin sitting on a stool–a detail that impressed Taylor. She suggests simplifying some of the runs. Alex delivers a solid rendition of this song. He oversings in spots, to the point where his voice cracks. But I’m a little bored? It probably has more do do with how played out this Sam Smith song is. Alex has a beautiful, soulful tone. 

Hello Sunday – Almost is Never Enough by Ariana Grande – This tween girl duo has been performing gigs back in Tennessee. So like, during rehearsal, Taylor starts crying. And it seemed kind of fake, ok. I dunno why she’s crying.  These girls are nice singers, but I’m not catching the fuss. On the plus side, they’re like twins, their harmonies are so insync. It’s obvious they work hard on their performances. However, they need a couple more years to really come into their own. And anyway, what’s the point of a teen duo?

Blake thought Alex had great pocket, but feels Hello Sunday is getting better and better. He’d pick them. John loves Hello Sunday’s harmonies. he calls Alex’s performance “thoroughly great.” He’d pick Alex. Gwen is curious about what Hello Sunday is doing next. Alex stuck out for the first time for her. But she’d pick Hello Sunday. Kelly Picks Hello Sunday (I KNEW IT). John Steals Alex


  • Ricky Braddy vs Zach Bridges – Team Blake
  • Marybeth Byrd vs Preston C Howell – Team Legend
  • Myracle Holloway vs Calvin Lockett – Team Gwen
  • Damali vs Gracee Shriver – Team Kelly

Advancing to the Knockouts

Rose Short – Team Gwen
Shane Q – Team Kelly
Kat Hammock – Team Blake
Will Bremen – Team Legend
Jake Halvendang – Team Gwen
Hello Sunday – Team Kelly
Alex Guthrie – Team Legend Steals from Team Kelly


Destiny Rayne – Team Gwen
Kiara Brown – Team Kelly
Lauren Hall – Team Blake
Zoe Upkins – Team Legend
Royce Lovett – Team Gwen


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