The Voice Season 17 Contestant List Spoilers: Blinds, Battles, Knockouts

Prior to every The Voice Season comes Reveal Day. That’s the day when contestants are permitted to announce to the world “I auditioned” on social media (see the season 17 artwork above)

And as they always do, Someone648 and the fans at IdolForums gather tons of intel on the contestants, so I don’t have to. Those peeps SAVE ME SO MUCH WORK! Heh.

I’ve copied over all the contestants who are confirmed to have auditioned in front of coaches Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson, Gwen Stefani and John Legend below. Idol Forum’s list of contestants is longer, however. ALSO, Idol Forums has compiled a lengthy list of Blind Audition teams. I’ve posted them below. AND, there are a few spoilers from the Battle and Knockout rounds at the above link. 

In case you haven’t heard, the Knockout rounds have returned. Hopefully, the disastrous Live Cross Battles from the spring cycle were just a one season experiment!

Check out Idolforums master list of contestants including Blinds, Battles and Knockout Round spoilers AT THIS LINK.  

WORTH NOTING, an audition goer reports that the coaches each had one steal during the Knockouts. HOWEVER, THERE WERE NO SAVES. Speculation is that comebacks will return (In seasons prior to season 14, coaches each chose a wildcard singer for the Playoffs). 


These singers performed for coaches  at the Blind Auditions, but DID NOT necessarily turn a chair. Remember American Idol season 8 Top 36 contestant Ricky Braddy? He auditioned!

Alex Guthrie Instagram | Youtube
Anaya Cheyenne Instagram | Youtube
Andrew Weaver Instagram | Youtube | American Idol Audition (Season 16)
Brennan Lassiter Instagram | Youtube not found
Brennen Henson Instagram | Youtube
Brooke Stephenson Instagram | Youtube
Cali Wilson Instagram | Youtube
Callie Lee Instagram | Youtube
Calvin Lockett Instagram | Youtube
Caroline Reilly Instagram | Youtube
CJ Washington InstagramYoutube
Clayton Cowell Instagram | Youtube
Cory Jackson Instagram | Youtube
Damali Gutierrez Instagram | Youtube
Dan Dillett Instagram | Youtube
Dane & Stephanie Instagram | Youtube | Dane | Stephanie
Destiny Rayne Instagram | Youtube
Elise Azkoul Instagram | Youtube
EllieMae Millenkamp Instagram | Youtube
Emily Bass Instagram | Youtube
Gihanna Kelly Instagram | Youtube
Gracee Shriver Instagram | Youtube
Gyasi Ross Instagram | Youtube
Hello Sunday (duo) Instagram | Youtube
Injoy Fountain Instagram | Youtube
Jake HaldenVang Instagram | Youtube
Jake Hoot Instagram | Youtube
James Violet (Jake Waller) Instagram (Artist) | Instagram (Personal) | Youtube
Jared Herzog Instagram | Youtube
Jay Miah Instagram | Youtube not found
Jessie Lawrence Instagram | Youtube Not Found
Jo James Instagram | Youtube
Joana Martinez Instagram | Youtube – old videos
Johnny Sanchez Instagram | Youtube not found
Jonathan Rizzo Instagram | Youtube not found
Jordan McCullough Instagram | Youtube
Jordan Torrez Instagram | Youtube
Josie Beth Jones Instagram | Youtube not found
Kat Hammock Instagram | Youtube
Katie Kadan Instagram | Youtube
Kenzie Cait Instagram | Youtube (no videos)
Khalea Lynee Instagram | Youtube
Kiara Brown Instagram | Youtube
Kyndal Inskeep Instagram | Youtube (Topic)
Lauren Hall Instagram | Youtube – Season 16 Audition Pool
Marcus Rodriguez Instagram | Youtube – Voice Season 15 Audition Pool
Mariangeli Collado Instagram | Youtube
Marina Chello Instagram | Youtube
Marqus McDermott Instagram | Youtube Clip
Mary Beth Byrd Instagram | Youtube Not Found
Matt New Instagram | Youtube – Voice Season 13 Audition Pool
Matthew Evans Instagram | Youtube
Matthew McQueen Instagram | Youtube
Max Boyle Instagram | Youtube
Melinda Rose Rodriguez Instagram | SoundCloud
Mendeleyev Instagram | Youtube
Myracle Holloway Instagram | Youtube
Preston Howell Instagram | Youtube
Raul Luar Instagram | Youtube
Ricky Braddy Instagram | Youtube | A Song For You (AI8 Top 36 Performance)
Ricky Duran Instagram | Youtube
Rose Short Instagram | Youtube Clip
Royce Lovett Instagram | Youtube
Shane Q Instagram | Youtube
Steve Knill Instagram | Youtube
Tamika J Instagram | Youtube
Timmy Hood Instagram | Youtube
Will Breman Instagram | Youtube
William Buckhalter Instagram | Youtube
Zach Bridges Instagram | Youtube
Zalissa Instagram | Youtube not found
Zoe Upkins Instagram | Youtube not found

Post Blind Auditions Teams


Alex Guthrie Instagram | Youtube
Damali Gutierrez Instagram | Youtube
Gracee Shriver Instagram | Youtube
Hello Sunday (duo) Instagram | Youtube
Injoy Fountain Instagram | Youtube
Jake Hoot Instagram | Youtube
Melinda Rose Instagram | SoundCloud
Shane Q Instagram | Youtube


Jake HaldenVang Instagram | Youtube
Jessie Lawrence Instagram | Youtube Not Found
Kiara Brown Instagram | Youtube
Rose Short  Instagram | Youtube Clip
Royce Lovett Instagram | Youtube


Destiny Rayne Instagram | Youtube
Katie Kadan Instagram | Youtube
Khalea Lynee Instagram | Youtube
Mary Beth Byrd Instagram | Youtube Not Found
Preston Howell Instagram | Youtube
Zoe Upkins Instagram | Youtube not found


Cali Wilson Instagram | Youtube
Marina Chello Instagram | Youtube
Ricky Duran Instagram | Youtube


Caroline Reilly Instagram | Youtube
James Violet* (on John’s team for KO’s) Instagram (Artist) | Instagram (Personal) | Youtube
Jared Herzog (turned at least Gwen and John’s chair)  Instagram | Youtube
Joana Martinez** (on Blake’s team for KO’s) Instagram | Youtube – old videos
Kat Hammock (turned Gwen and Blake) Instagram | Youtube
Kyndal Inskeep Instagram | Youtube (Topic)
Lauren Hall** (likely on Blake’s team for KO’s) Instagram | Youtube – Season 16 Audition Pool
Max Boyle* (on John’s team for KO’s) Instagram | Youtube
Mendeleyev Instagram | Youtube
Myracle Holloway (turned Gwen’s chair, but not John) Instagram | Youtube
Will Breman* (on John’s team for KO’s; At least John and Gwen turned for his audition) Instagram | Youtube

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