DWTS 28 Dance-Off Week 8 Recap: Live Blog Results (Videos)


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Welcome back to another Monday night in the ballroom as Dancing with the Stars rolls on. This week, the remaining celebs are once again tasked to perform twice- once in a previously unlearned style and then again in a dance-off against another couple. One pair, James & Emma are immune this week from competing in the dance-off due to having the highest cumulative scores of the competition thus far. For the rest, a bunch of extra points are on the table as the judges scores and America’s live votes once again determine the bottom two.Last week, we lost Karamo & Jenna, and Kate & Pasha joined them in the bottom. It will be interesting to see if Kate can receive a bottom two boost that others (Kel and Ally for example) have enjoyed this season. With only seven celebrities left, everyone is gunning hard for top scores and we are still looking for that elusive “ten” paddle to come out. Will it be tonight?

Remember, voting starts right at the top of the show and for those fans of James & Emma, you still need to vote for him as his immunity is only for the dance-off, not for the elimination. For all the voting details, see below…
-You can head on over to ABC.COM or use the ABC App. A valid email is required and a limit of 10 votes per method.
-You can text the name of your choice to 21523. Example- text the word Sean to 21523 to place a vote for Sean. Again, a limit of 10 votes for this method.

Tom and Erin welcome us to the show and announce voting has opened. No time for opening routines this week as we have to get the show started immediately (two rounds of competition after all)…

Sean & Lindsay (Jenna) – Jazz
Lindsay’s mother-in-law passed away (our condolences) so Jenna will step in for Lindsay. You know, it really is rather amazing that we are in the 8th week of competition and Sean hasn’t shown very much improvement at all since week one. And I don’t say that having any personal opinion of the dude aside from his dancing skills. Jazz is the easiest form of dance to do on this show (because it just means whatever the choreographer wants to throw in) and yet, Sean is tasked with the easiest and most basic of steps and still manages to look uneasy doing them. I get he had an off week because his partner is gone but lord, if you can’t master a jazz piece as simple as that…well, get to voting America. Sean is going to need you again.

Len says we all like underdogs. He notes the footwork wasn’t good but he respects his effort. Bruno notes Sean doesn’t have many jazz bones in his body. He praises his resilience. Carrie Ann says it sometimes look likes he is doing the same dance over and over. She liked seeing a different shade of him dancing with someone else this week.
Carrie Ann- 7
Len- 7
Bruno- 6 for 20/30

Lauren & Gleb – Jive
That was a very fun and energetic jive. Loved the Elvis-inspired choreographer and I generally have to give kudos to Lauren for always being one hundred percent in with whatever Gleb gives her to do. Some good kicks and flicks and some nice attention to detail. As usual with most of Lauren’t dances, she is always just under a bit in terms of perfecting every move. I don’t know if its lack of rehearsal or perhaps nerves when it comes time for the live show but all her moves and dances are good but not great. She just needs to get over that last hurdle.

Bruno enjoyed the good pumping action but he notes three distinct mistakes made throughout the routine. He notes it didn’t take away from the quality of her dancing. Carrie Ann mentions something went wrong but Lauren played it off well. She tells her that she loves what she is doing overall. Len agrees. He feels the competition is so good and he hopes that tonight is not heartbreak hotel because Lauren deserves to stay.
Carrie Ann- 8
Len- 8
Bruno- 8 for 24/30

Kel & Witney – Salsa
I think Witney has finally found the perfect way to incorporate Kel’s natural rhythm and style of dance he does so well in the confines of what he has to do for the competition. I saw good salsa steps- basic things I was looking for mixed in with that feel good Kel dancing that has made the audience get up for him. So, good on the both of them for finding that balance. Kel is definitely peaking at the right time as hie journey started off a little unsure but he has come alive ever since he was in the bottom two weeks back. Good job.

Carrie Ann loved the cool groove and the partnering. She calls it all that and a bag of chips. Len loved the rhythm and the hips. He liked that Kel was large and in charge. Bruno calls Kel the main attraction and calls it a star turn. He believes Kel was leading throughout.
Carrie Ann- 9
Len- 9
Bruno- 10 for 28/30

Ally & Sasha – Paso Doble
Really strong paso. Usually, I would complain about the opening with Ally singing but it fit here. This was a very theatrical performance but the paso lends itself to that. I enjoyed all the basic paso steps that Sasha put in and the song really worked for it. One of, if not, my favorite overall Ally dances she has done this season and she is another one who has really turned a corner in recent weeks.

Len calls it a mix of good technique and high performance. Bruno loved the shapes and lines. He says she had it all in the paso doble. Carrie Ann says she proved she is a freaking superstar. Her mind is blown.
Carrie Ann- 10
Len- 10
Bruno- 10 for 30/30

Hannah & Alan – Quickstep
Hannah was really firing on all cylinders there. That was a fast and furious quickstep with not a moment to breathe. I loved the choreography- it was simple enough for those steps to shine but energetic enough to make it memorable. Hannah has struggled a bit on this show for me with her dances tending to blend together where I don’t quite remember what she did from week to week. I’ll definitely remember this one.

Bruno calls it a game changer. He loved how she used the floor to give her spring. Carrie gets up to give her a hug. She dubs it the comeback of the season. Len compliments the frame, clarity of movement, and how fast it was.
Carrie Ann- 10
Len- 9
Bruno- 10 for 29/30

Kate & Pasha – Jive
So fun. Love the song and love the dance. Kate is definitely one of this season’s most cherished contestants because she is absolutely what the show is all about. And while I can never call a dance she does perfect- a couple of kicks and flicks here were just under and Pasha at one point was going a bit faster, it doesn’t negate how much pure joy I get from watching her. She gives everything on here one hundred perfect and always seem to tackle each dance like a mountain to climb that she does indeed get to the top of.

Carrie Ann loved the energy and characterization. She mentions out of hold, her arm is a bit small so it stands out. Len calls the pair of them a joy to watch. He looks forward to seeing them every week- not your best but not your worst. Bruno says it was tailor made to her ability even though she went out of sync a few times.
Carrie Ann- 8
Len- 8
Bruno- 8 for 24/30

James & Emma – Contemporary
Lovely contemporary piece. It had time to tell a real story (kudos to Emma there) and had a really strong growth to it that allowed it to soar when necessary. I enjoyed all the great side by side James and Emma were doing and I really appreciated the connection to details that were put in. A really great way to end round one on a night where almost everyone brought their A-game to the table.

Len felt there was something for everyone in that dance. He compares it to a good book. Bruno calls it totally compelling and he calls some of the lift exquisite. Carrie Ann thought one lift in particular was executed with such finesse. She was also impressed with how together they were dancing.
Carrie Ann- 10
Len- 10
Bruno- 10 for 30/30

Round 2 – The Dance-Off

Kel & Witney Vs. Ally & SashaJive
Tough to judge that. At times, I thought Ally was stronger but then her energy dipped and I saw Kel as the stronger dancer. Each had some great moments. By a tiny hair, I would give the edge to Kel for an overall stronger jive from beginning to end.

Len calls it fantastic. He feels both came out with top notch dancing. Bruno calls it almost impossible to call. Carrie Ann doesn’t want to make the decision. She says both were on fire.
Carrie Ann- Kel
Len- Ally
Bruno- Kel
Kel gets 2 more points

Sean & Lindsay (Jenna) Vs. Kate & PashaCha-Cha-Cha
Well, that was totally lopsided and obvious. Kate had a full fledged routine and Sean did….what Sean has done since week one. An easy victory for Kate.

Bruno calls it entertaining. He feels someone approved and someone else grabbed his attention (maybe not for the right reason). Carrie Ann says with one couple, two people were doing the cha-cha while only one was in another couple. Len thinks both did a good job and saw the hip action and movement. He was entertained and congratulates them.
Carrie Ann- Kate
Len- Kate
Bruno- Kate
Kate gets 2 more points

Hannah & Alan Vs. Lauren & GlebSalsa
Interesting. I thought it would be closer. But I found Hannah’s overall dance to be more cohesive than Lauren. Lauren had some good moves but it was more one move to the next to the next while Hannah’s had a more organic feel to it- as though it was a practiced routine with a beginning, middle, and end.

Carrie Ann feels both brought their A-games and she loved it. She is screaming and so is the audience so it is difficult to understand her. Len wishes he could give each one point because it was fantastic. Bruno says he has steam coming out of his ears. He feels both have improved so much.
Carrie Ann- Hannah
Len- Hannah
Bruno- Hannah
Hannah gets 2 more points

Final Judge Leaderboard For Week 8
James- 32
Hannah- 31
Kel- 30
Ally- 30
Kate- 26
Lauren- 24
Sean- 20

The following couples are SAFE and will dance next week- Sean & Lindsay (Jenna), Hannah & Alan, James & Emma, Kel & Witney, and Lauren & Gleb

Bottom 2 – Ally & Sasha & Kate & Pasha

Carrie Ann SAVES Ally & Sasha
Bruno SAVES Ally & Sasha

Eliminated- Kate & Pasha

Damn. That’s yet another (three times now) we had an unfortunate bottom two and an unfortunate elimination. I would say that Kate was on the lower end of the dancing scale if you take into account everyone left but still, she deserved another week at least to stay. Out of these two though, the judges made the right call. It is just tough to see someone like Kate booted.


Next week- BOY BANDS VS. GIRL GROUPS. Two guest judges (yes two), Joey Fatone and Emma Bunton, and another two rounds of competition. We are almost there folks. In less than a month, the new winners of DWTS will be crowned. POLLS later/tomorrow. Thanks for tuning in with me and have a great week. :D

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