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A new episode of The Biggest Loser: Temptation Nation airs tonight on NBC. Read a live recap and join the discussion here.

The episode begins with the contestants getting ready to compete in their next challenge. The theme for tonight’s temptation is technology, and Bob informs the contestants that people spend an average of 11 hours a day in front of an electronic device. They will play a game of telephone to remember color combinations while going through an obstacle course. The team to submit the correct color combination in the fastest time will win the challenge. The reward is a choice between getting to use electronic devices or exclusive use of the gym for the week. Team Dolvett competes in the obstacle course first, and they come up with sentences as mnemonic devices to remember the colors. Instead of repeating the colors, the word of each sentence represents a color that begins with the same letter. After being incorrect just once, Team Dolvett successfully completes the challenge in 25 minutes and 44 seconds. Team Jen starts the obstacle course afterwards, and they are flying through the course. They seem to be doing really well saying the actual colors instead of using mnemonic devices. However, they get six colors incorrect. The clock is ticking as they go through the course again to correct their mistakes, but they are unsuccessful. Team Dolvett wins the challenge! 

Before Team Dolvett gets to choose which reward they want, Bob informs them that Team Jen will get the reward they don’t choose. Afterwards, Team Dolvett sees messages from their families back home on a large television screen and are emotional getting to hear from them. After all the messages play, they must decide which reward they want. After careful deliberation, they choose to keep the gym. It was not a unanimous decision since Richard believes he doesn’t need the gym since he burns most of his calories in the pool. Nonetheless, it’s Team Jen who won’t be getting to use the gym for the week.

Dolvett is very happy that his team chose to keep the gym. They all get started on their workouts and believe they made the right decision. Even though they all would like to talk to their families, they know keeping the gym gives them an advantage. All of Team Dolvett is working out at the gym except for Richard. He’s swimming in the pool. Richard says in his confessional that they would be able to burn the necessary calories without the gym and being able to talk to their families. Meanwhile, Jen is determined to show her team they don’t need a gym to win the weigh-in. She has them working out outside doing various exercises. Jen is also impressed with Colby’s positive attitude. Although his wife Hope was eliminated last week, he is still funny and upbeat. After a workout, the team has a group chat. Jen asks Colby how he stays upbeat, and he talks about fulfilling his purpose in life. He enjoys lifting people’s spirits, and the whole team is appreciate of Colby’s cheerful demeanor.

Next we see Team Jen video chatting with their family members back home. They get encouraging words from their loved ones telling them they are proud of them. Colby even gets to see Hope again too. Tears are shed as it’s a very emotional moment getting to see their family members again, especially for the contestants who are parents. Afterwards, it’s time for the last chance workout. While Team Dolvett is busy in the gym, Jen takes her team to Red Rock Canyon. “No gym, no problem,” she says. They all throws boulders around to work out, but she notices her team is unresponsive and not working out as hard as she would like. She now wishes they had some barbells and air conditioning to make the workout easier. Nonetheless, she gives her team a pep talk to motivate them to do well and have a chance at the weigh-in. She knows reconnecting with their family members was emotionally draining, but she tells them to use that energy to work hard for their families that are cheering for them back home.

It’s time for the weigh-in. In her confessional, Jen admits that this week has been harder than she thought it would be. She hopes they did enough to win, but is unsure. Before the contestants step on the scale, Bob admits that this week no one will be going to the elimination room. However, it’s not good news. Instead of a yellow line, there will be a red line this week. The team member on the losing team with the lowest percentage of weight loss will be automatically eliminated. Afterwards, the weigh-in begins.

Rob is the first person to step on the scale. His current weight is 286. He lost 3 lbs. He admits it was a tough week and fears he will be under the red line. Erin and Vicki are the next two to step on the scale. Erin’s current weight is 210. She lost 6 lbs. Vicki’s current weight is 210. She lost 4 lbs. Both teams are currently at 0.38% of weight loss.

After a quick montage, we see that Felicia lost 4 lbs, Lauren lost 5 lbs, Stephen lost 6 lbs, and Luis lost 6 lbs. It’s still pretty close between two teams with Team Dolvett losing 1.02% of weight and Team Jen losing 0.98% of weight.

Toy and Sarah are the next two. Toy lost 7 lbs and currently weighs 288. Sarah lost 8 lbs and currently weighs 229.

Jacky and Roberto are the next two. Jacky is sad she didn’t get to talk to her son since he just started kindergarten. She says giving up the video calls from home was a hard decision. Jacky’s current weight is 269. She lost 9 lbs. Roberto’s current weight is 300. He lost 8 lbs. Team Dolvett has lost 2.04% of weight. Team Jen has lost 1.86% of weight. Rob and Felicia are under the red line and currently in danger of elimination.

Richard and Colby are the last two to step on the scale. Richard’s current weight is 280. He lost 5 lbs. He does not feel good about that number. Richard has now fallen below the red line. In order to win for his team, Colby needs to lose at least 10 lbs. His current weight is 288. He lost 12 lbs. Team Jen has won the weigh-in! That means that Richard has been eliminated from The Biggest Loser. His teammates tell him that they will miss him and Bob wishes him the best of luck at home. Richard says in his confessional that he is grateful for his experience on The Biggest Loser.

The next day it’s time for another challenge. Bob tells them that they are about to face their biggest distraction – they will be switching up the teams. Luis is not happy; his team has won and lost together. He wants his brother on his team. Jacky and Colby lost the largest percentage of weight last week, so they are the team captains and can only pick from the opposite team. There will be six players on each team.

Colby chooses Erin.

Jacky chooses Roberto.

Erin chooses Luis.

Roberto chooses Stephen.

Luis chooses Toy.

Stephen chooses Rob.

Toy chooses Lauren.

Rob chooses Felicia.

Lauren chooses Vicki.

Sarah is automatically on Team Dolvett. She’s crestfallen she won’t be with Jen anymore, but is glad to still be on the same team as her dad Rob. Luis and Roberto are twin brothers and are very upset to have been separated.

Next the challenge begins. Felicia, Sarah, Vicky, and Toy have to sit out of the challenge. Each team has to work together to push a large box toward a large crate back and forth to climb onto it to deliver puzzle pieces from one crate to the other. The first team to deliver all their puzzle pieces and solve the puzzle will win the challenge. It’s a close competition, but Team Jen wins the challenge! They get a three-pound advantage at the upcoming weigh-in.

The teams greet Dolvett and Jen in the gym, and they are surprised by the switch-up. Dolvett also notices that various people look disappointed in the change. Both Jen and Dolvett give them all a pep talk and remind them that life is full of changes too. They must adapt and continue on. The workouts begin, and Jen wants to make sure everyone is getting the same amount of attention. Dolvett asks Sarah how she’s feeling since he knows she was close to Jen just like Toy was close to him. She says it takes a while for her to warm up to people, but she has a positive outlook that she’ll do well working with Dolvett too. Toy notices the new members on Team Dolvett boxing with Dolvett and she says that that used to be their thing; she misses that.

Later we see Jen have a heart-to-heart conversation with Erin. Erin says she and Toy feel outnumbered by the original Team Jen members before opening up about her eating disorder. Jen gives her encouraging words and Erin is thankful for the talk.

It’s time for the last chance challenge. Before the challenge begins, we see that Luis is missing. Jen informs Bob that medical has not cleared him for today’s challenge. Jen admits in a confessional that this worries her since Luis is one of the strongest members on the team. Bob then tells the team about the challenge. One by one, a team member will have to exercise on a fitness equipment. Two team members will have to do a quarter mile on the treadmill before the next two have to do a mile on the assault bike. It ends will the last team member needing to do 200 feet on Jacob’s Ladder. Erin and Roberto start the challenge, and they are followed by Lauren and Stephen respectively. Next Vicky and Sarah get on the assault bikes after Lauren and Stephen are done on the treadmills. After they are done, Rob and Colby go to a showdown on the assault bikes. Colby finishes first with Toy getting on Jacob’s ladder next, but Rob finishes soon and Felicia gets on Jacob’s ladder right afterwards. Who will win it for her team? Toy or Felicia? Felcia manages to take the lead away from Toy and she gets to 200 feet first. Team Dolvett wins the last chance challenge! Their reward is giving the losing team a one-pound disadvantage. Team Jen had won a three-pound advantage earlier, but now it has become a two-pound advantage.

It’s time for the weigh-in. Sarah says it was tough to lose Jen, but believes she has been able to bounce back. Lauren says she feels insecure due to Erin being on the team. She sees Erin as being stronger and faster than her, and she no longer views herself as the strongest female on her team. Bob says that that’s okay since it’s something else to push her to be the best she can be.

The weigh-in begins with the twin brothers stepping on the scale first. Luis’s current weight is 260. He lost 7 lbs. Roberto’s current weight is 291. He lost 9 lbs. Roberto is happy to be in the 200’s now and is looking forward to seeing his wife again. Luis says in a confessional that he noticed Roberto smirking due to losing more weight than him, but Luis says next week he’ll do better.

Lauren and Felicia are the next two to step on the scale. Lauren recalls people telling her she isn’t good enough, but she says she now has the time to fix the problem since she currently has no responsibilities to stop her from doing so. Erin also tells her to talk to her so they can work together as a team instead of seeing her as a threat. Lauren’s current weight is 202. She lost 4 lbs. In her confessional, Jen thinks the switch-up stopped her from doing her best. Felicia steps on the scale next. She hopes to be below 200 lbs tonight. Her current weight is 202. She lost 3 lbs. She won’t be below 200 lbs tonight. 0.88%  of weight loss for Team Jen. 0.77% of weight loss for Team Dolvett.

Colby and Stephen are the next two to step on the scale. Colby’s current weight is 282. He lost 6 lbs. Jen points out that Colby had a big number last week, so she expected 6 – 8 lbs lost for this week. She’s content with Colby’s number. Stephen’s current weight is 269. He lost 8 lbs. Dolvett believes that having Rob and Roberto on the team has motivated Stephen to do even better.

Vicki and Jacky are the next two to step on the scale. Vicki lost 5 lbs and Jacky lost 4 lbs. Vicki’s current weight is 205 and Jacky’s current weight is 265.

Erin and Rob are next. Erin says the week has been hard figuring out her place on the new team, but is happy to learn from both trainers. Her current weight is 205. She lost 5 lbs. Rob says 286 was the weight he was before cancer. He says he was never able to get under 283 and is emotional saying this could be a barrier broken for him. His current weight is 278. He lost 8 lbs. Sarah is very proud of her father. Team Jen has lost 1.97% of weight so far. Team Dolvett has lost 2.04% of weight so far.

The last two left to step on the scale are Toy and Sarah. Jen wants them both to be successful, so it’s a bittersweet situation. Toy’s current weight is 282 . She lost 6 lbs. She is happy to know she can do well on Team Jen. Right now, Lauren has fallen below the red line for Team Jen, and Sarah needs to lose at least 6 lbs to keep Team Dolvett safe. If not, then either her or Felicia will be eliminated. Sarah’s current weight is 226. She lost 3 lbs. Team Jen has won the weigh-in! Sarah has fallen below the red line and has been eliminated from The Biggest Loser. It’s a very emotional moment as Rob and Jen cry to see Sarah fall below the red line. Rob even offers to quit so Sarah can stay, but Sarah refuses. She tearfully says that when it’s her time to go, it’s her time to go. Bob encourages Sarah to fight for the at-home prize ($100,000 to the eliminated contestant who lost the most percentage of weight). Sarah tearfully says goodbye to everyone as she looks forward to continuing on at home.

It’s time for the updates. Richard’s current weight is 271. He has lost 44 lbs so far. He admits to loving food, but says he’s on the road to success. He’s making the right choices and even works out with his husband. He’s giving it his best shot to win the $100,000 prize.

As for Sarah, she currently weighs 205.  She lost 62 lbs so far. She says The Biggest Loser was the hardest thing to go through, but is grateful to have discovered her self-worth. She’s making better choices every day, and we hear her husband say he is very proud of her. She’s determined to win the at-home prize and is not going to stop.

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of The Biggest Loser! Thanks for reading, post your thoughts in the comments section below, and come back next week for another live recap.

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