Sweden Wins Eurovision Song Contest

Stockholm 2013!

Eurovision Song Contest 2012 ended tonight with the grand final.

Here are TOP 3 placers:

1. Sweden – Loreen – Euphoria

2. Russia – Buranovskiye Babushki – Party For Everybody

3. Serbia – Željko Joksimovic – Nije Ljubav Stvar

Host country, Azerbaijan, finished 4th and Albanian vocal gymnastics extravaganza finished 5th.

X Factor UK alums, Jedward, represented Ireland and finished 19th.

My personal favorites: Sweden, Serbia, Italy, Ireland, Greece, Cyprus, Iceland, UK.

My guilty pleasure: Montenegro’s Rambo Amadeus (from 1st semifinal).

You can find more performances HERE.

This TOP 3 didn’t surprise me at all. Loreen was this year’s biggest frontrunner and Russia and Serbia always send strong acts and place well. The voting was predictable as always: 12 points from Cyprus to Greece, 12 points from Greece to Cyprus. Happens every year.

Serbia’s Zeljko Joksimovic has a long history with Eurovision. In 2004 he represented Serbia & Montenegro and finished 2nd with “Lane Moje”.
In 2006, he wrote Bosnia & Herzegovina’s entry “Lejla”. Hari Mata Hari finished 3rd.
Marija Serifovic won Eurovision for Serbia in 2007 and in 2008, Zeljko was one of the three Eurovision hosts in Belgrade. He also wrote a song for Serbia’s Jelena Tomasevic that year, “Oro”. She finished in 6th place.

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