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Despite the judges overpraising their disco routine (it was good, but not worth doing a jig over…) the best over all dance pairing tonight was Kayla and Brandon.   I’ll be surprised if both don’t make next week’s final, taking place in the Kodak theater (for the first time!).   The versatile and charismatic Jeanine should be sailing straight into the finals, if you ask me. I think she will. She’s been consistently good all season, and had a fabulous set of dances tonight.

I think Melissa and Ade may be the odd couple out this week, while their more popular dance partners remain safe.     Neither really managed to stand out this week, and I don’t think either has the fanbase to carry them through.

Evan appears to be unstoppable. He’s not the best dancer out of this bunch, but he holds his own, and viewers seem to connect to his personality-filled performances. Plus, he does dance well in his style. Evan could win it all, though I think Nigel, after losing his fave Janette, is going to push for either Kayla or Jeanine.

Brandon’s solo was amazing. Over the season, he’s been incredible week in and week out, dancing every style imaginable without dropping the ball. If you ask me, he deserves to take it all…

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The Top 6 battle it out for a spot in next week’s finale!

Cat Deeley all slinky in stick-straight hair, and a royal blue sheath. She’s so pretty!

Little C guest judges tonight.   Cat asks C to “pontificate”   He’s ok with America’s decisions. Mary says it was tough to see Janette go.   She asks viewers to take all the performances in when voting. Nigel says the last 6 standing need to stand out–he says the public have been voting on routines because the performers don’t stand it.   So, it’s their fault Janette was eliminated last week. No Nigel, it was Ty’s manipulative cancer dance. Don’t push buttons and then expect viewers not to react.

Sonya Tayeh worked with both the guys and girls on a group dance

Boys Dance “True Romance” by She Wants Revenge – The routine has a “Willy Wonka” theme. Oh. This is a little nutty, angular and muscular. I like it. Love the music. Sonya looks really excited! Lil c calls Brandon a dedicated dancer. He says ade is still proving it for him.   He compliments Evan, sorta, for not being swallowed up by Brandon and Ade. Mary just LOVED IT. YES SHE DID. Nigel thinks Evan was a stand out and congratulates all three dancers. – VIDEO

The girls picked their partners out of a hat

Jeanine and Ade –   Samba – Louis Van Amstel -” Love Game” by Lady Gaga   – Jeanine really wanted to work with Ade. Amstel says it’s not going to be a typical samba.   He says it’s gotta be HOT.   This is pretty hot. I can almost imagine Ade naked. Oh wait…   Jeanine smoulders. Love her! She’s my favorite girl right now. Mary thought the first 15 seconds were awesome, but then it fell apart. She found a lot of technical problems.   C says Jeanine looks amazing, but he had high expectations, and they fell short.   He accused Ade of “frolicking”. Nigel thought Jeanine did everything with confidence, but Ade isn’t adjusting his style for different dances. – VIDEO

Kayla’s solo – “You Found Me” by the Fray – 1-888-836-7601 VIDEO

Melissa and Evan – Broadway by Tyce Diorio “Get Me To The Church on Time” by Matt Dusk from My Fair Lady – Melissa is the blushing bride–Evan is the tentative groom who sleeps in.   Evan is so happy, because this is his exact style of dance.   Jazz hands and smiles! Melissa’s mugging is a bit much. She tries too hard. Evan is just right. He shines when he’s in his own element. Lil C didn’t think Evan “took the helm”. He felt let down. He felt something was missing. Mary says, “Get me to the finale on time!”   She thought it was fun and entertaining, she liked Evan, although she felt it could have been ” more way out there.” She doesn’t think Melissa has taken a wrong step yet. Nigel loves the way Melissa has adapted to different styles, and feels Evan brought enough personality to the routine to make it work. – VIDEO

Ade’s solo – “18th Floor Balcony” by Blue October – 1-888-836-7602 VIDEO

Kayla and Brandon – Contemporary by Stacey Tookey – “All I Want” by Ahn Trio – Brandon is trying to get on the Hot Tamale train – The dance is about the mistress of a married man who doesn’t have the strength to leave him.   Power and presence–a beautiful routine. The crowd clearly loves it.   Lil c calls it intense and amazing.   He feels Kayla has been matched with a formidable partner.   Mary informs Brandon that he IS on the HTT.   She calls the routine exquisite, and Kayla perfection. Nigel says the girls have had it tough this season–pointing out the crazy roles they’ve had to play. He wishes the pair would have danced together sooner–the chemistry wasn’t quite there–but great technique. – VIDEO

Melissa’s solo – “I Put a Spell on You” by Nina Simone – 1-888-836-7603VIDEO

Jeanine and Ade – Hip Hop by Napoleon and Tabitha – “Move (If You Wanna)” by MIMS – The routine is about friends who are getting evicted from their apartment. Learning the human double dutch means lots of falling. Cardboard boxes figure into the routine. Nappy/tabs love their props. I can’t take my eyes off of Jeanine. She’s fabulous! Lil C says they danced it way better than he thought they would. He likes that Ade sunk into his dirty side and pulled Jeanine down into the depths of the dirt with him. “It was buc.”   Mary forgot to tell Jeanine that she was awesome in the samba. All three have been evicted in their lives. Hard to believe.   Mary says, “Neither of you will be evicted.” “You got down” says Nigel, “Fantastic from the pair of you.” He says they weren’t getting down in rehearsal. – VIDEO

Brandon’s solo – “O Fortuna” (from Carmina Burana) Mozarteum Orchestra Salzburg & Kurt Prestel – Ohh the judges are giving Brandon’s solo a standing O. “One of the best solos we’ve ever seen on the show, ” says Nigel. It was pretty fabulous – 1-888 – 836 -7604VIDEO

Melissa and Evan – The Quickstep – Louis Van Amstel – “As Long as I’m Singin'” by The Brian Setzer Orchestra – The dreaded quickstep!   Melissa says she’s not completely trusting Evan yet (he’s dropping her).   Amstel teaches Melissa to lean back to equalize their height.   This routine was a lot of fun to watch, but it’s tough to keep the technique intact while dancing crazy steps. Lil C says Evan danced bigger than he’s ever danced on the show before, but nails him on some technique.   He thinks Melissa did a fabulous job. Mary says the routine had more life in the beginning, but fell apart at the end. She’s a little disappointed. Nigel chastized Melissa for calling herself old. He says she’s both young and talented.   Nigel didn’t like the Lindy hop section, thought it lost energy. He thinks the viewers will be confused now, because two favorite dancers danced under par. Nice try at manipulating the viewers, Nigel. – VIDEO

Jeanine’s solo – “Feedback” by Janet Jackson – 1-888-836-7605VIDEO

Evan’s solo – “Lady is a Tramp” by Sammy Davis Jr. – WOW is all I’ve got to say. 1-888-836-7606VIDEO

Kayla and Brandon –   Disco by Doriana Sanchez – “Dance (Disco Heat)” by Sylvester – Brandon has self-esteem problems, he says. “Disco is soooo hard!” says Kayla. Brandon’s disco with Janette was better. But man, this routine is difficult…fast fast fast with lots of lifts.   They nail it.   Lil C went on a long winded trip to “You were good.” He thanks Brandon for being there for Kayla “You guys are making each other better.”   “Holey Smokies” says Mary, “You gave it a home run tonight.” Mary lectures Brandon about his self-esteem problems. Nigel did a fake out…at first it seemed like he was going to critique, then he started acting crazier than Mary. He loves the diversity. “This is what the show is all about, ” He says, “My fingers are crossed for you both.” – VIDEO

Girls group dance:   “Kick it (Stereoheroes Remix)” by Nina Martine – Sonye Tayeh’s piece for the girls is about super heroes–Storm, Wonder Woman and Buttercup! This is good, but the boys stand out tonight. For sure.   Lil C thought they were “being a little too courteous” during the routine, and that it was amazing, but at this point, more is required. I agree. Mary says amazing is enough.   He loved the chemistry and strength of the three dancers. “You are super dancers, ” says Nigel. – VIDEO

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