Siobhan Magnus – FOX 25 News Report – VIDEO

Check out this FOX 25 Boston report on Siobhan Magnus. They head down to the Cape to talk to her best friend and Barnstable High drama teacher.

Check it out after the JUMP…

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  1. WOW! She can go higher???? Good interviews! Nice (and unusual) to have someone local.

  2. I’m so impressed with this girl. Idol was really lacking a huge female belter that could hit those ridiculous notes for years now. Idol really needed that in my opinion. Also Simon was so right! Not everybody liked PIB but everybody is talking about it!! Go Siobhan!

  3. Siohban’s awesome and she is a lot more than just “a voice”, which is a good thing for the long haul.

  4. Ach! The video won’t play for me – just the same, I’ve seen others, and especially saw the Gilbert & Sullivan high school production video that was evidence of how high on the scale Siobhan could sing. Even more interesting – what sort of beautiful tone and vocal control she had even then.

  5. Siobhan is so unique. She and Alex are 2 singers that I really would like to buy an album from.

  6. Absolutely love her. I will buy everything she does. I haven’t liked a female singer on Idol this much since Kelly Clarkson.

  7. I actually like her better than Crystal now. Crystal is starting to get repetitive and obvious. I hope she takes Simon’s advice and kick it up a notch nect week. I also like Aaron Kelly…not strong vocals though…….All in all, dull fest last night.

  8. My favorite, hope she makes it thru, and for many more weeks. I think her vocals will settle down, they kinda are egging her on to do her high notes. She wont need all that after this week. Just good song picks.

  9. It looks like she has lots of support and experience. I enjoy her performances and personality. I’m rooting for her to do well.

  10. I’m already rooting for her to be in the finale to see what wort of epic performance she has a la Queen/Kiss etc. She has such a raw talent. I can’t wait to see what she does next.

    BTW, did she remind anyone of baby from Dirty Dancing with that hair-do last night?

  11. To shake things up, I’d like to see her behind the piano once or twice too.

  12. I’m sincerely starting to believe that Siobhan will win this thing (I’m not changing my Bowersox pick on the pool for anything though).

    I absolutely get the Adam comparisons, I do believe they are spot on. The notes, the range, the theater background, the out of the box personality, and still Siobhan is cuter and safer, so she might as well be the winner that Adam didn’t get to be.

  13. Same response as Siobhans Drama Coach, before House Of the Rising Sun was done my eyes “leaked” without me even realizing I was holding my breath as well!
    Same thing last night with Painted Black and her high note was even a bit off, but That just added to the the wrenching emotion of that
    Stones Classic. I have very mixed feelings re her winning Idol.
    She should not be boxed and wrapped or warped to a idol image. She needs to be signed to a lable that would encourage her creativity and musical mobility. This girl will have an audience, for a long,
    long time, I believe!!

  14. So far, I’m not really too impressed by Siobhan, as I don’t think that her high notes are very good. The studio version of Painted Black is pretty bad. Still, she’s talented and more “out there” and unpredictable than the other contestants, so it will be interesting to see how she develops during the show. I like Crystal (the studio version of YCAGWYW is great), but as people have said, she needs to step it up if she’s going to retain people’s interest.

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