American Idol 9 Top 12 – Results Show Recap

Lacey Brown is eliminated, and the judges DO NOT CHOOSE to save her.

The Judge’s Save has been brought back for Season 9 The panel will have the option of saving the eliminated contestant, up until week 5

  • David Cook performs “Jumpin Jack Flash” – VIDEO
  • Ford CommercialVIDEO
  • Paige Miles and Tim Urban are in the B3 – VIDEO
  • Orianthi sings “According to You” – VIDEO
  • Ke$ha sings “Blah Blah Blah” (horribly) – VIDEO
  • Lacey Brown is in the B3. Tim Urban is sent back to the couches. – VIDEO
  • Lacey Brown is eliminated, sings “The Story”, the judges do not save here – VIDEO
  • The Top 12 perform the music of the Rolling Stones. Download their Top 12 singles on iTunes HERE.

David Cook’s performance of the Rolling Stones’ “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” will be available as a paid download from iTunes tomorrow!

The right person went home tonight, more or less.  While Lacey Brown wasn’t improving much week by week, she wasn’t horrifying audiences either.  Tim Urban’s continued presence in the competition should at least produce some lulz-worthy moments, although I have no desire to see him on tour. Paige was the best she’s ever been Tuesday night. I’m glad she was safe.

I have mixed feelings about the return of the judges save.  I knew they’d bring it back, because the save is TV gold. The drama of desperate contestants singing for their lives is too delicious for the network execs to pass up.  I find it uncomfortable to watch personally. And what’s more, I truly believe AMERICA should have the final say, even if that say seems like a mistake.

Sure, the Matt Giraud save was a warm and fuzzy moment last year, but as I saw it, he really didn’t deserve to be saved.  Matt’s save cut short, Anoop Desai’s run–a contestant who was actually stepping it up rather than choking.  These things should really be allowed to run their course, I believe.

One minor change with the save: Lacey was able to pick her own song to sing, rather than forced to sing for her life with the song that got her kicked off in the first place. Definitely an improvement to the gimmick–makes it a little less cruel.

So, David Cook was pretty awesome tonight. He showed the kids how the freak to cover the Rolling Stones on the great big karaoke show.  Orianthi seems very talented, but it’s a pity she’s saddled with such crappy material.  Ke$sha was like a 10th rate Lady Gaga. She was ridiculous.

Live blog after the JUMP…

Tonight, David Cook and Orianthi perform LIVE on the big Idol stage! Ke$sha pre-taped her performance today. And of course one of the Top 12 will be eliminated tonight.

Ryan wishes us Happy St. Patrick day. Kieran the lighting guy is celebrating!

Ryan and Simon discuss Ryan’s “aggressive” behavior last night. They continue to eyeball each other. What shtick!

OOOH The judges save is on! The judges will have the option of saving the eliminated contestant, up until week 5. Should make for some good TV.

David Cook takes the stage to sing “Jumpin Jack Flash” and, he rocks his face off. Wow. This is frickin’ awesome.

Ryan chats with David afterward. David is very excited for his next record to come out. He’s busy working on it. David will be going to Africa for Idol Gives Back.

So, no Rolling Stones pointy pose from the kids?

First Ford pimpmercial! The kids design their own cars. Casey wasn’t’ there, he was battling the flu. Behind the scenes, the kids design Ford Fiestas. Wow, I’d love a car with big ugly paint splootches all over it.

Time for the results. Kieran dim the lights! Paige Miles stands up first. She says she’s feeling better. Oh noes! Paige is in the bottom 3. Lee Dewyze is next. He says he needs to be himself and let loose from this moment on. Lee is safe. He sits down.

Siobhan is next. More comparisons to Adam Lambert. Ellen says Siobhan already stands out. Siobhan is of course, safe. Aaron Kelly is next. Ryan explains the Justin Timberlake comparison from last night. He’s safe. Andrew Garcia and Tim Urban stand up. Kara says she’s not comfortable seeing people leave, but unfortunately both belong in the B3. Andrew is safe, Tim is in the Bottom 3.

Guitar Goddess, Orianthi takes the stage to sing her single, “According to You”. Ergh. This chick is a fantastic guitar player. Why is 19 forcing her to sing sh*tty songs? This song is crap.

More eliminations: Didi is next. She says she follows her intuition when she picks out songs. Her mom is in the audience. Didi is safe. Crystal Bowersox is next. Seeing her Dad crying on tape affected her last night. Crystal says she’s never thought for one second that she had it in the bag, and please don’t put words in my mouth thankyouverymuch. Crystal is safe.

Katie Stevens is next. Katie says the remarks from the panel can be confusing. Kara says there’s an inconsistency with her vocals. Kara sees her more as a Pop R&B singer. Simon disagrees. He thinks she should be doing country. Ellen says more mariachi. I think they are kidding. Anyway, Katie is safe.

Mike Lynch is next. He watched it back, and in so many words (he’s inspired by THE PEOPLE) he says he doesn’t think he’s corny. Lacey Brown and Casey James are next. Lacey is in the Bottom 3. Casey is safe. Simon thinks one of the contestants is worth saving (He doesn’t say who, but it’s either Casey or Paige). Ellen gives a really wishy-washy answer to the question.

Ryan sends Tim Urban back to the couches.

After the break, Ke$ha sings her new single “Blah Blah Blah” The sway bots love it! OMG After the rap break, Ke$ha returned to the stage wearing a ridiculous Indian headress. Well, that was stupid.

ELIMINATION: Randy isn’t surprised to see them both there. Lacey Brown is eliminated. Will she be saved? Lacey Brown is eliminated. She sings “The Story” to save herself. Nice they get to perform a different song from the one that got them eliminated. She sounds pitchy. The judges pretend to “confer”. No freaking way are they gonna waste a save on her. And they don’t. Lacey says she might go the country route. It’s obvious she hasn’t figured that out. Lacey’s goodbye video rolls. Katie is crying. The end.


Lee Dewyze
Siobhan Magnus
Aaron Kelly
Andrew Garcia
Didi Benami
Crystal Bowersox
Katie Stevens
Mike Lynch
Casey James

Bottom 3

Paige Miles
Tim Urban (Safe, sent back to the couches)
Lacey Brown

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