Sales News – Week Ending 08/20/15

Last week Luke Bryan was in a battle for number one with a new release, this week his in a battle with an old release. Ed Sheeran’s album is 99 cents on Google Play and he is gunning for number 1 and 2M in sales. You may recall after the 99 cent special of Gaga’s album drove sales over 1M in her first week for her second week, BB introduced rules for the cost of albums. Albums below $3.49 in value don’t count toward the charts, but that only applies in the first four weeks of an album’s release. Ed’s album has been out something like 65 weeks (released June 22nd, 2014) and it was number one the week of its release.

While last week was a good week for new releases with four topping the chart and two in the 300K range in sales, this week the top debut is 6th on the chart. The top debut? The Voice’s own Melanie Martinez with an estimated 27-30K in sales and an addition 1K in TEAs/SEAs. Melanie was on the third season of the Voice on Adam’s team where she made the top 6.

Luke Bryan (Capitol Nashville) 80-90k sales, 90-100k SPS
Ed Sheeran (Asylum UK) 80-90k, 90-100k
Dr. Dre (Aftermath/Interscope) 40-45k, 50-55k
Now 55 (NOW/Legacy) 35-40k
N.W.A (Priority/UMe) 27-30k, 35-40k
*Melanie Martinez (WMG) 27-30k, 28-32k
*Elvis Presley (RCA) 25-28k ** USPS Exclusive CD **
*Bullet For My Valentine (RCA) 24-27k, 25-28k
Taylor Swift (Big Machine/BMLG) 19-22k, 30-35k
The Descendants (Walt Disney) 16-19k, 24-27k
Chinx (eOne) 14-17k, 15-18k
*Neck Deep (Hopeless) 14-17k, 17-20k
Sam Hunt (MCA Nashville) 13-15k, 25-28k
Future (Epic) 12-14k, 27-30k
Sam Smith (Capitol) 12-14k, 19-22k

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