Renee’s Oakland American Idol Tour Re-Cap

Renee also attended the official M&G prior to and the after party following the concert…   Check out her photobucket HERE.


On Friday, I went out to Sacramento early so that I could meet all my new Glambert friends and be at the buses in case the idols came out. I took pictures with Sarver and Matt and saw Kris (but he didn’t come to me). The concert was fantastic of course! But nothing compared to last night in Oakland’ ¦

To start, we went to the official Meet & Greet, which is really just a sign and slide. We were taken into a room and all of the idols were lined up along the table and they just signed the group photo and slid it along the table. When I got to Adam, all I could say was “You are so awesome!”. And then I started talking to Sarver, who was sitting next to him. I asked about his foot, and Adam looked up at me, surprised because that I knew about it. Sarver asked how I knew about it and I told him that I had taken a picture with him at the buses in Sacramento and he took another look at me to see if he could recognize me. I made a comment like, ‘obviously, I’m so memorable!” And both he and Adam laughed. Then I had to keep walking. It was exciting to be so close to Adam, but only a taste of what was to come later!

Of course the concert was fantastic! Once again I was in 17th row center on the floor and had a perfect view. Megs (my new BFF!) and I danced the night away! Fellow Glambert’s Mary and Ruth were also at the concert (separately), so I was able to go up and chat with both of them at the intermission. I have the best new friends from the boards!! After the concert, we put on our official “after party” stickers and went over to wait in the holding area. I thought we would be there forever! One cool thing is that Adam’s mom, Leila, was waiting there too. Megs and I went over to talk to her. Of course I was gushing about how wonderful her son is and how proud she must be and what an awesome mom she is. She was so sweet! She asked our names and was really chatty. Of course we took pictures with her. I told her I couldn’t believe that she had to be out with all of us in the stupid waiting area and she said she didn’t know why either but that it was okay and she just laughed.

Finally, they told us to get in line and we were off to the after party! When we walked in the room, all the idols were just in random places in the room with small crowds around them. We didn’t see Adam at first, so we went over to Matt. We took pictures with him and chatted with him for a while. Then we went over and took a picture with Anoop. He was not very talkative at all. Then we decided we had to find Adam so we started walking around the whole room and finally found the crowd. When we got up to him, we all had him sign our Rolling Stone. He asked our name, which was super nice! Then he took a picture with each of us. Obviously words cannot express the amazingness of this man! Hugging him was the greatest experience of my entire life! He looks deep into your eyes when he talks to you. I told them how wonderful he was in the show and how much I love him and he just kept saying thank you. And after snapping a picture he shook his fists a little bit and said ‘YAY!’  Next we walked over to Kris and he is an absolute sweetheart. We took pictures with him and he signed the picture I brought. I told him how much I loved the new song better than No Boundaries and he laughed and said “no kidding, same here!” We were laughing and talking about how lame NB is. I also met his wife, who is super sweet. Then we went to find Allison. FYI — she is extremely immature. In fact, she was pretty obnoxious to everybody. I’m not surprised, based on her tweets. Don’t get me wrong, she has an amazing voice and did a great job in the concert. And she is very nice. But she definitely needs to be coached on professionalism! I went over and took a picture with Lil and talked to her for a while. I was bitching to her that nobody would get up and dance during her rockin’ set and she told me she can’t understand the crowds either. She is extremely nice and beautiful!

Okay, so here’s the deal. I looked at my camera and saw that for my first picture with Adam, I was freaking out because I looked like a fat cow! J So of course I had to go back! This time I had him sign my wicked program. He was shocked when he saw it and said “wow, haven’t seen this in a while!” Then I took my second picture (another hug — yes I was DYING!) And this one came out really good!

Adam disappeared before everyone else, probably to go hang out with his mom and friend. Because I know he didn’t come out to the buses until much later than the others. We did not feel rushed at all. We got to talk to the idols as much as we wanted to (except the rock god of course!), which was really surprising! BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE!!!!


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