Jackie’s San Jose American Idols Tour Re-Cap

Jackie sent along some pictures of Adam from the post concert M&G by the buses. Check them out at the end of the re-cap…   Also, for more on the San Jose concert, check out the concert post HERE.


I was on the roof, seeking proof and I found it! If you weren’t a huge Adam fan during his run on AI and if you didn’t check out all his youtube videos, you will be a fan for life after you’ve seen him in concert! All I can say is ‘WOW!’  Adam is incredible and I cannot wait for his album and his solo tour and an incredible career. He deserves all the best in the world. I really hope his album is GREAT and he becomes as successful as we all want him to be.

Anyways, just a little background on me. I am a 29 year old professional woman, engaged to be married next year. I’ve always watched AI but never really had clear favorites. I liked Kelly, Carrie, Bo, Daughtry but I never voted or ever considered going to an AI concert. I didn’t care who won last year at all’”I thought Brooke was sweet, Carly had a great voice, Cook surprised me with Billie Jean, and Archie was a sweet kid who could sing.

I was one of those casual viewers who listened to the judges, even though I sometimes disagreed with them. I remember there were times I thought a particular performance was good/bad and when the judges disagreed with my opinion I thought that I was simply wrong. Back then I never considered the fact that judges have agendas and are pushing for certain contestants and want to throw others under the bus.

Anyways, all of that changed when I saw Adam Lambert during Hollywood week performing Cher. I thought he was a beautiful guy who could sing and I got more and more obsessed with him and his talent after Satisfaction and Black or White. Ring of Fire sent me over the edge and I researched everything Adam Lambert, from his amazing Upright Cabaret performances to the Zodiac Show. I couldn’t get enough of him and watched his performances multiple times every day. When tickets went on sale, there was no doubt in my mind I wanted to see this incredible talent in person.

That day came yesterday and I went to the San Jose concert with my fianc. The poor guy has had to put up with my Adam obsession for months but he was a good sport and accompanied me to the concert. My fianc wasn’t a huge fan. He loved Mad World and recognized Adam’s talent but he just wasn’t as into him as I was. He preferred Allison. I showed him videos of Adam’s previous performances to ‘prepare’  him for what was to come and he thought Adam acted ‘too gay’  and thought he should tone it down if he wanted to be successful. But whatever, I was going to go nuts during Adam’s set no matter what and I warned my fianc and hoped that he would get it, too.

We got to the HP Pavilion and saw a couple of protesters. I immediately thought they were protesting against Adam but from what I heard they were protesting against ‘idolatry’  in general. Ugh, go home or to church, people! Or spend time with your families on this beautiful Sunday day!

We didn’t have the most amazing seats but they were pretty good. We were to the side and a little bit up so were able to see the stage and the performers really well. I immediately asked around where the idols might show up after the show and figured out the fastest way to get there because I wanted a glimpse of Adam, which I definitely got!!! It was worth the wait!

As most people said, before the show, they show pictures of all the idols and every time Adam’s picture came up, there was loud cheering! It was soo extreme that my fianc laughed each time! He finally saw I wasn’t the only crazy fan, thank God!

Michael started off the show. He sounded surprisingly good and seemed to have a lot of fun on stage. He had a huge grin on his face the entire time and I felt bad that people didn’t respond to him more. I think ‘Closer’  was a weird choice for him but he sounded good on it. I cheered for him when he was done, as I did for everyone else. People around me were less enthusiastic but honestly they weren’t very enthusiastic about anyone later on either, except for Adam and Kris.

Megan was gorgeous but I really hated her intro. It was pink and she looked like a Barbie doll. The set just looked so unprofessional and as if done by a 12 year old girl. She wore a short pink dress and looked cheesy. It was especially weird because I always thought of her as more alternative and ‘cool.’  She sounded a LOT better in person and good on ‘Put your records on.’  I wasn’t as familiar with the Amy Winehouse song and couldn’t sing along, but I still cheered for her when she was done.

Scott was sweet. I don’t always get the best vibe from Scott. To me, he seems kind of too full of himself and tries really really hard in interviews to let people know what he is working on and to me he comes off kind of annoying (I’m thinking of the Larry King Live interview where he talked too much and I thought ‘Scott, no one really cares!’ ). Didn’t know the first song he sang but I guess he sounded good. I actually liked his little story about Seacrest and the high five heard around the world. It came across as genuine and not as ‘practiced’  as I thought it would be, knowing that he says the same thing at every concert. He performed the Vanessa Carlton song well.

Next was Lil Rounds. I thought she was totally overrated on the show. When judges continued to praise her on the show, I kept on thinking she didn’t deserve the praise. At first I thought maybe I was tone deaf and didn’t get it, but then I realized that they had their agenda of bringing her to the final 3. We all know how that worked out. I thought she sounded a lot better in concert and clearly had more fun so that was fun to see. I liked her set. I love the Alicia Keys song and I totally sang along with it. I really thought people were going to get up and dance during ‘Single Ladies’  but the crowd was sooo lame! No one got up! Not even in the front rows! I couldn’t believe it! I’m not sure how I feel about the lyrics being displayed on the screen. It was fun for singing along but I found myself looking at the screen and not at Lil.

Next was Anoop and there was more enthusiasm for him. He sounded really good on ‘Always on my mind’  and I really loved ‘My Prerogative!’  Again, people weren’t up for him either and I was really surprised. He gyrated at times and it was adorable! Not sexy but fun. You kind of have to like him.

Then Matt Giraud came out, and he made an entrance!!!! That was the first performer who got the crowd going! People weren’t up yet but there was a different energy in the arena. He seemed like a real pro, a real entertainer who had a GREAT time on stage! You could just FEEL what a great time he had. He later even tweeted that ‘Tonight when I did hard to handle, it just felt really good!! I’m just looking for that one person that’s focused on me and I sing to them.’  Matt, it came across! I just wish he could end his set with a song as upbeat as ‘Hard to Handle.’  Though he is good on all his songs, his last song was kinda too slow and it would be great if he could leave the stage on an even better note.

I have to say that I wasn’t a big fan of Matt’s when he was on the show. I didn’t get what the judges saw in him and was annoyed the save was used on him. I thought it was there to be used on someone like Allison or Adam. But I definitely became a fan of Matt’s after the concert and really believe that he will get a recording contract. I hope so for him and am happy that his dreams are coming true as it is evident that he truly enjoys performing and takes it seriously. This is his life. He didn’t try out for AI on a whim, and I like that. Though it’s nice to find pure, undiscovered talent on this show, I think hard work and dedication should be rewarded as well. Matt and Adam and Kris take this career seriously and will make sacrifices to make it in the industry, unlike some of the other performers this season, like Lil and Michael, imho.

The group performance was fun but I could have done without it. I would have rather had Adam sing an additional song.

I knew it was Allison’s turn after the intermission and surely people would get up for that amazing girl and rock it out!? Yes?! No. it didn’t happen, what the hell! I was up dancing to the Pink song and then had to sit down during Cry Baby because no one was taking my lead. Allison rocked it out. She is an incredible talent and a natural on the stage. Incredible, all I have to say!

I knew people behind me were Danny fans and I hoped they were going to get up for him. Nope! They just swayed, so lame. I’m sorry, you’re at a concert! I kept on telling my fianc I was going to go bsc for Adam and I didn’t care what anyone else thought! I have to say I disliked Danny on the show because of all the judges pimping. After he was eliminated and I saw some of his interviews, I didn’t dislike him as much but definitely thought he had no place in the entertainment industry. I didn’t like his simple-mindedness (starting a movement?) and his naivete. I don’t think he is a bad person and I didn’t think he meant to exploit his wife’s death. It was a huge thing in his life and I understand his need to talk about his wife. But I also believe that he never would have made it as far as he did if he didn’t have that story line and that makes me upset. Allison is far better than Danny and Danny should have gone before Allison. Oh well. His set was pretty well received. I thought he was a bit awkward but not as bad as on the show. Have to say that his preaching went on for a bit too long for me, I’m sorry it really did. It brought the mood down for me. He keeps on telling us not to let tragedy define us, but that is exactly what he is doing in my opinion. I was also anxious for his set to end because I knew Adam was coming on next! I was soooo excited!

And there it was, the moment I had been waiting for!!! I kept on telling myself, enjoy every second of it, it will go by quickly, absorb all of it and JUST DANCE! His countdown was awesome and got everyone psyched for him! People were going nuts! Now finally everyone was out of their seats and screaming! It was in such stark contrast to everyone else. You definitely got the sense people were just at the concert for Adam. And he delivered! His voice is out of this world, mind blowing as Kris would say! I loved all of Adam’s performances on AI but to see him live was an amazing experience. He is right when he says the AI performances don’t always translate as well on TV as when you are in the audience live. No wonder Kara kept on pounding the desk and screaming ‘yes yes yes’  after WLL! No wonder Paula drooled into a pool of Abdul. No wonder Simon had a huge grim after Adam’s performances, though he tried to hide it sometimes. Are you kidding me!? The guy is just incredible. I kept on dancing and screaming and singing along because I was soo excited and every once in a while I told myself to calm down and just listen to his incredible voice. I kept on looking at the screens to see him better but the screens didn’t show off his hip action so I kept on looking to the stage too. It was a senses overload. His lights and the mood were amazing. I loved the stars during Starlight. I felt like I was in a different universe. I actually didn’t even notice anyone else in the audience. My fianc said everyone was up and singing and excited. For me, there was only Adam and I. Mad World was so moving and I was just speechless. Then he introduced his little sister Allison and it was pure joy watching those two having such incredible stage presence and chemistry with one another. You can tell that they love each other. The Bowie medley was off the hook! I think he is getting better with each performance. He did the hip action when he sang ‘freakiest show’  and people went crazy! Then he took off his jacket and, I don’t know, I got the feeling that it was a surprise to some he did that (I of course knew he would) and people lost it after he took it off. SOOO sexy! Loved loved his dancing during Fame, it was fun, sexy, hot, and he owned that stage. Even my fianc said it didn’t seem as ‘gay’  to him as he initially thought from the videos. I didn’t want Adam’s set to end. I cannot wait for a full length Adam concert. He is a born entertainer. He has a beautiful soul, love for performing and it shines through with every move he makes, every note he sings.

Adam’s set simply felt like a completely different concert. No one comes even close to him. I was so sad after it was over, though I took in every second of his performance.

Kris was up next. I have to say that I always forgot about Kris when he was on the show. He was just ‘that guy’  to me. I liked ‘Ain’t no Sunshine’  when he did it on the show but was seriously always really surprised when he managed to stay around. I was underwhelmed by him and thought it was a joke he won over Adam. I did like him as a person and I am a huge Kradam fan. I even became a bigger fan of Kris’ after the show and was looking forward to his set. I really had an open mind, had made my peace with the fact he won, even though I knew it was going to be a totally different experience from Adam’s set. I hate to say this but it was soo weird having Kris perform after Adam. Though there were cheers, everyone sat down when Heartless started and no one got up or got too excited until the Top 10 joined Kris at the end of Hey Jude. Kris can play instruments and he gives it his all when he sings, I will give him that. He has a radio friendly voice as well. But I am not surprised that Simon didn’t get up when Kris won and am not surprised Simon was pissed at America’s choice. Yes, everyone has different tastes and Adam may not be everyone’s cup of tea but it is ludicrous to have Kris win over Adam. Kris sounded good, but I would never pay again to go hear him sing. I would listen to him on the radio. I didn’t get the sense people knew The Killers song. I liked Bright Lights, but while I sang along with Kris, my mind was on Adam. In a way I guess, Kris mellow set allowed me to reminisce about Adam and his awesome performance. Some say Kris is like a cigarette after good sex I guess. But there is a reason I don’t smoke’ ¦I don’t like it that much.

In a way I feel bad for Kris for winning. I genuinely don’t think he is comfortable with it because he knows he didn’t really deserve to win. Yes, he got the most votes that night but crowd reaction every night lets him know he isn’t the real winner. I got a feeling last night he knows that. My fianc actually brought that up. As much as he wanted to dislike Adam and always thought Kris had a more radio friendly voice, even my fianc felt it was a letdown having Kris go last. Just my opinion!

After ‘Don’t Stop Believing’  I ran to the back of the arena and got in line to see Adam. I waited for and hour and 20 minutes for Adam to come out and it was worth it! I was worried that I may be disappointed in his looks when I saw him in person, feared that he would have a whole lot of foundation on, but he exceeded my expectations. He looked beautiful in person! Skinnier, he had flip flops on, his eye make-up was gorgeous. His skin was also a lot better than I thought. When he came to me he looked at me, opened up his eyes really wide and said HEY! I just kept on staring at his beautiful beautiful eyes. He was stunning. He has beautiful features, the eye brows, the nose, the lips, the smile’ ¦Beautiful, beautiful guy. A girl a bit to my side had a peacock feather and he loved it when he saw it! It was adorable! He took the feather and gave it to his handler and later walked away by himself carrying his bag filled with gifts.

All in all, the concert was soo much fun and I would recommend everyone go! I would go again if they played in my area again!

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