Numbers Thread – 12/11/18

Today’s thread is brought to you by the numbers 8, 10 and 65.

On the Hot 100, Ariana Grande returns to the top of the chart with “Thank U, Next” and the biggest week ever for a woman (93.8M). That puts her 7th overall after a bunch of weeks by Drake (“In My Feelings” (116.1M) and “God’s Plan”) and two by “Harlem Shakes”. Returning to the top 10 is former Idol judge Mariah Carey. “All I Want for Christmas” reaches a new high at 7th.

Over on the BB200, Meek Mills tops the chart. Pentatonix continues it’s seasonal appearance with “Christmas is Here” moving 40K.

Billboard ranks the top 50 albums based on Critics’ picks. Camila Cabello’s “Camilla” comes in at number 8.

We would also like to dedicate this thread to Spotify Wraps. Artists have been tweeting or Instagramming out their Spotify stats. Here are a few I found, please post others that you have found.

Artist: Streams: Fans: Hours: Country

Season 3
Diana DeGarmo: 57K: 10K: 3K: 56

Season 5
Chris Daughtry (Daughtry): 110M: 4M: 6M: 65

Season 7
David Cook: 6M: 930K: 363K: 65
David Archuleta: 34M: 6M: 1M: 65

Season 8
Kris Allen: 8M: 1M: 447K: 65
Adam Lambert: 63M: 9M: 3M: 65

Season 9:
Lee DeWyze: 4M: 723K: 238K: 65
Andrew Garcia: 3M: 648K: 187K: 65

Season 10
Scotty McCreery: 79M: 6M: 4M: 65
Tim Halperin: 13M: 2M: 676K: 65

Season 11
Phillip Phillips: 63M: 8M: 3M: 65

Season 13
Jessica Meuse: 1M: 104: 94K: 61

Season 14
Daniel Seavey (Why Don’t We): 276M: 21M: 13M: 65

Extra: Scott Bradley’s Postmodern Jukebox which features many American Idols:
83M: 4M: 4M: 65

The Voice:

Season 2:
Chris Mann: 1M: 572K: 113K: 65

Season 3:
Cassadee Pope: 14M: 2M: 794K: 65

Season 7:
Matt McAndrew: 1M: 369K: 96K: 65

Season 8:
Sawyer Fredericks: 4M: 868K: 276K: 65

Season 9:
Jordan Smith: 9M: 1M: 524K: 65

Season 11:
Billy Gilman: 1M: 197K: 72K: 64
Wé McDonald: 407K: 38K: 20K: 63

Season 12:
Lauren Duski: 1M: 319K: 60K: 65

Season 13:
Red Marlow: 651K: 185K: 32K: 61

Season 14:
Brynn Cartelli: 3M: 322K: 159K: 65

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