Kara DioGuardi Dishes On Hollywood: Lots of Jazz Voices

Kara DioGuardi shares her thoughts with FOX Salt Lake City on what it’s like to work with new Idol judge, Ellen Degeneres.

“It’s been great. We are in the middle of Hollywood week right now and developing that dynamic, ” said Kara. “She’s very funny, witty, smart and also knows a lot about music. I think people are going to be very impressed.”

In Los Angeles with Jennifer Leigh...
In Los Angeles with Jennifer Leigh Warren

Kara is also involved in a new competition that will award $25, 000 to the person who can successfully remake the 25-year-old Folgers coffee “jingle.” The winner will receive the cash prize and a trip to New York City and will have their jingle featured in a future commercial. Details of the competition can be found on bestpartofwakingup.com. (Check out Kara singing the Folgers jingle!)

Also, Kara reveals to Terri Seymour of Extra, “I’ve been looking back at the tapes because we’re getting ready for Hollywood week, and there’s some really good singers — a lot of jazziness going on this year, lots of jazz voices, ”

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  1. She irritated me all this week on the show. I loved it when that one contestant called her Paula.

  2. I think Kara had some great insight last yr., but it was a rough start overall. I have not seen anything to make me not like her this yr. My opinion (which I know is not popular), is that she is holding her own this yr. I think she is very ‘savvy’ in her knowledge of the music industry and she wants to give the advice she thinks is best to these kids. I personally have no problem w/ Kara. I’m not ready to make any kind of judgment about her.

  3. As if I wasn’t happy enough Paula was gone, I’m loving Kara’s new role as the leading lady. She is extremely insightful and I love the vibe she adds to the panel. Lots of people are tough on her, but I feel like she’s finding her own and is by far my favorite judge.

  4. I am just not a fan. I don’t dispute her knowledge, but she needs to figure out how to project that knowledge without seeming insecure or annoying. Maybe she will figure it out during the course of this season and she’ll convert me. Of course, having Ellen on the panel could cause her to become even more insecure… Only time will tell I guess.

  5. I didn’t like her last year and like her even less this year. USA Today has an article this morning and she talks about how she is changing her look this year to reflect who she really is, yadda yadda. She really does not know it is not about her. I get the impression that since Simon will be leaving she is determined she is going to be the star of the panel and is going to be even more annoying.

    Ellen better bring something to the panel or this show is in trouble. Randy gets lots of hell from everyone but at least he knows the show is about the contestants.

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