Idol Headlines for 5/18/08

Archuleta could ride teen wave to ‹Idol title

Saying that David Archuleta is going to win “American Idol” this season is nothing new. In fact, it’s so worn out that it almost seems quaint, like how you used to believe that there was a magical creature who operated a cash-for-baby-teeth exchange program. Were we ever so young and naà ¯ve?

We were, and then that wide-eyed innocence got beaten out of us by learning how the world actually works. There was no Tooth Fairy, only mom and dad sneaking into our rooms to collect and save our baby teeth (which: still weird, actually), and Archuleta’s presumptive grasp on the “Idol” throne was sidelined in favor of the unexpected hysteria surrounding David Cook.


Cook will win ‹Idol because Daughtry didn’t

It would be easy to end this discussion quickly by saying David Cook will win because he’s better. But instead, I’ll use the balance of my time and say that Cook will win “American Idol” because Chris Daughtry didn’t.

“Idol” is still the top-rated show in the country despite the haters’ attempts to knock it off its perch, but there’s no question that Daughtry’s elimination started the show tilting in the wrong direction. Had he been the winner in season five, the Idol list of champions would have gone Clarkson-Studdard-Fantasia-Underwood-Daughtry, otherwise known as four successes in five seasons. Instead we got Taylor Hicks followed by Jordin Sparks, which hasn’t exactly helped the show build a reputation as a star-producing factory.


Bore Me

So the show starts, and Seacrest, I believe, just insulted David Cook by calling him a bartender. I dont think any bartender wants to be called a bartender. All the ones I know are actors or porn stars or real estate agents. And didnt Cook have a record out already? I havent really been paying attention to his backstory besides the whole brother-with-cancer thing.

OK, I just checked. He did. He released a solo record in 2006. So yeah, he was a musician already whod already seen his high school band get on the loop of those awful AMC Movie Tunes that youre forced to listen to before movies. But, you know, whatever it takes.

So then Seacrest talks about how the final three are …at your mercy and blahblahblah and …This ¦ is Ah-MER-ican Idol! before he spins around in a sort of …Ole! kind of way that Ive never seen him do outside of close contact with Chikezie. The credits roll and the camera hunts for celebrities to fixate on. There Marilu Henner.



The disappearance of Idol’s Syesha Mercado!

Dawnie Walton, Annie Barrett, and I break it on down…live from Central Park! Was it sabotage, was it simply Syesha’s time to go, or a little of both?

Entertaiment Weekly

When two Davids collide on American Idol

SOME of the best performances on this year American Idol (not counting judge Paula Abdul surreal moment on the April 30 show … was that a show-stopper or what?) have come from David Cook. I say this with conviction and with proof: remember his renditions of Lionel Richie Hello and Chris Cornell interpretation of Billie Jean?

And after last week performances, you have to agree that Archuleta has been Cook-ed.

I mean, how could anyone not be impressed by Cook, 25, the rocker whose influences include Our Lady Peace and Wreck, singing Roberta Flack The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face and singing it well? And, admit it, he sang Mariah Carey Always Be My Baby (whod have thought he would choose this song?) awfully well too. If that doesnt warrant him winning votes, then to hell with American voters, anyway.

The Star

It’s a safe bet to go with David in ‘Idol’ finale

It’s not David against Goliath but David versus David.

That’s the confrontation set for this season’s “American Idol” finale, a musical battle between a brooding rocker and a fresh-faced teen.

David Archuleta is the 17-year old charmer with the Alfred E. Neuman smile (“What, me worry?”) and the sweet, innocent soulful voice.

David Cook, 25, is a former bartender with a punk-tinged hairdo and a singing style somewhere between Bruce Springsteen and Axl Rose.

Both will be on the same stage Tuesday night (show starts at 8) in a battle for Fox’s coveted “Idol” crown.

‘Idol’ Moments: Gear up for the finale by taking a look at the season’s highlights

Season Seven of “American Idol” was trumpeted as “our most talented season ever!” from mid-January to mid-March, when the phrase abruptly fell off the radar screen of the “Idol” folks.

Now, with the competition down to two finalists, David Cook and David Archuleta, it’s time for a look back on some highlights of this season, which had its share of Paula confusion, singing starts and stops, some forgotten lyrics, and, as Randy Jackson would put it, “mad hot vocals!” Here’s a look at the final two contestants:

Buffalo News

The Davids versus the divas

“American Idol” needs the two Davids that have landed in the finals this time around. Maybe one of them can break up the show’s history of producing dreary male singers ‘  and marketable female artists.

Honestly, look at the standout Idols from the hit show’s six previous seasons: They are all women.

And because this is a pop-oriented show (the original series in England is “Pop Idol”) it’s pretty simple to pick the Ultimate Idols, the singers who have graduated from America’s televised product and made some interesting and listenable pop music.

Kelly Clarkson takes the No. 1 slot. She did it first, and she did it best.

Denver Post

ACM fiddles with voting rules to boost interest

The bulk of the mainstream country music industry is hunkered in surreal Las Vegas this weekend, with recording artists and record label pros hoping the hubbub surrounding tonight’s 43rd Academy of Country Music Awards can be a shot in the arm for an industry in transition.

Record sales are down across most genres, including country, and the preponderance of awards shows can confuse viewers who don’t know their ACMs from their CMAs. But the Los Angeles-based academy (country’s West Coast booster organization) has opened entertainer of the year voting to fans this year, and the nominations lists for other categories include surprising names such as the Eagles, Kelly Clarkson, Sheryl Crow and Bon Jovi.

Those quirks are intended to stir public interest at a time when the country industry desperately needs people to pay attention. The show will spotlight historically significant artists Eddy Arnold, Garth Brooks and Conway Twitty, as well as up-and-coming acts such as best new artist nominee Jack Ingram.

ACM Awards will have tribute to Arnold

Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood will pair for a tribute performance to the late Eddie Arnold on Sunday night Academy of Country Music Awards.

Arnold, a Country Music Hall of Famer who sold more than 85 million records, died May 8 at the age of 89. His memorial was Wednesday in Nashville.

The 43rd annual Academy of Country Music Awards will be broadcast live from the MGM Grand in Las Vegas beginning at 7 p.m. Central Sunday night on CBS, WTVF-Channel 5. Reba McEntire is the show host for the 10th time.

Jon Peter Lewis Interview

And he turned down a chance to go on NBC …Fear Factor, which Anthony Fedorov and Carmen Rasmussen ultimately chose to do. …I just didnt want to eat worms just to get TV time, he said.

How about this for strange? He had been singing …Stand By Me with a smidgen of Sean Kingston …Beautiful Girls. He said when he visited …Idol the week Amanda Overmyer was eliminated, he said he ran into Jeff Archuleta, David dad, who said he had been following Jon Peter Lewis career for awhile. Perhaps Jeff was inspired by Jon Peter Lewis? Probably a stretch but check it out here, when he performed the song April 1, 2008 at Albright College in Reading, PA:

Access Atlanta

American Idol Finalist Jon Peter Lewis Releases Debut Album

ATLANTA ( — Jon Peter Lewis is an American Idol finalist from season three. Now, he releases his debut album. Click on video for more information.

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The problem with Paula

Reasonable people agree that each episode of “American Idol” can be watched efficiently in seven minutes via DVR.

Fast-forward through the introductions, the recaps, the patter, the telephone company infomercials disguised as a Q&A, and get to the real show.

Skip the Fox filler, and there’s a solid 420 seconds’ worth of singing there. Add the incisive if indelicate comments of one judge, Simon Cowell, and you’ve got all that’s substantial to “Idol.”

And yet.

Denver Post

Jennifer Hudson’s joy of ‘Sex and the City’

She has worked at Burger King, been an “American Idol” runnerup, beat out more than 700 other women to land the role of Effie in the 2006 movie “Dreamgirls, ” for which she won a Golden Globe and an Oscar, signed a record deal with Clive Davis, been a Vogue cover girl and now, if all that wasn’t enough, she joins Sarah Jessica Parker in one of the most anticipated films of the summer: “Sex and the City: The Movie.”

Oh, and let’s not forget that Jennifer Hudson has done all this by the ripe old age of 27.

NY Daily News

No Underwood photo indicative of Web’s impact

Wonder why we didn’t have photos of Carrie Underwood’s recent concert at United Spirit Arena?

(Chances are that question never crossed your mind … your noggin was probably more concerned with terrorists, gas prices and if we’ll ever find out what comes from the FBI “invasion” of City Hall last week.)

But if the Carrie Underwood photo question did pop up in your head … here’s the answer.

She … or her handlers … or both … threw up rules and restrictions that made us decide photographing the concert was not worth it.

Lubbock Online

Plenty of room for optimism about Rochester Rhinos

Clark put on a 500-plus person VIP party, including a bevy of food choices and open bar, where suites are expected to be built by next season. Duffy mingled there and so did former American Idol star Bo Bice before he performed at halftime and after the match. Bice signed autographs and posed for pictures.

Democrat and Chronicle

Broadway musical “The Color Purple” heading to Fox Theatre in Detroit

The touring show stars gospel singer Jeannette Bayardelle as Celie; Felicia P. Fields, who originated the role on Broadway, as Sophia; LaToya London as Nettie, Celie’s sister; Angela Robinson as Shug Avery; and Rufus Bonds Jr. as Mister.

Though the songwriting trio received Tony and Grammy nominations for their role in the Broadway production, the road to success wasn’t paved with gold.


American Idol Finalists Prepare for Summer Tour

ATLANTA ( — The top 10 finalists of American Idol will be hitting the road this summer for their big tour. Finalists Michael Johns and Kristy Lee Cook talk about their anticipation for the tour. Click on video for more information.

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