Houston, TX AI Live! Show – The Blue Martini’s Recap

Blue Martini got to shake David Cook’s hand during his performance, and after the concert, Michael Johns serenaded her with a little “Islands in the Stream”…

So my mom and got down to the arena at around 4PM. We wanted to meet the idols before the show, but my mom had to work so by the time we got there-we ended up finding out they came out at around 2PM. So we waited around outside because the doors werent going to open till 6PM. We talked with some Idol fans and ended up waiting outside the door where people with Meet ‹N Greets could go in. The security people eyed us suspiciously ¦I must admit, I did debate whether I should just try and run in there-but I didnt and decided to be a good girl.

After waiting around outside for 2 hours with State Farm Insurance people constantly bugging you about wanting to take your picture when someone already took it, the doors opened and we went inside!

Major hoopla! I went to some American Idol trivia station in which I played against 2 other people ¦and I totally beat them all! FINALLY MY BEING AN IDOL ADDICT FINALLY PAID OFF. So I won an AI/State Farm pouch thing ¦Then we basically went and raided the AI merchandise area. Went and got some food and finally got to our seats ¦which were on the right side of the stage ¦so when the idols came to the side, they would be like WHAM! RIGHT IN YOUR FACE! I basically freaked out ¦

Alright before we start on the actual concert recap, I feel like that I first must state that ¦I AM A HUGE MAVID FAN. Ok-all good now.

More Re-cap after the JUMP…

First that crazy, way hyped up dude pumped up the crowd while a pop tart danced around. Then the show finally started ¦

CHIKEZIE! I thought he did a very good job opening up the show. Didnt care too much for him on the show ¦but I always will love all the idols at least a bit when I see them live ¦So Chikezie had very good vocals and was really energized! He also at one point told everyone to hold up their glowsticks and cell phones and whatever ¦in which he reminded me that I smuggled in my own glowsticks and I needed to get them out and start showing off their glow! No brownie points for Chikezie though, because he didnt not come over to our side of the stage!

This was when the lady behind me told me to sit down ¦THIS IS A CONCERT PEOPLE! I LIKE TO STAND UP!

RAMIELE! Ok so in all the recaps Ive read, they all basically said that she wasnt that good. Well I dont know if I went in with really low expectations for her or what-but she didnt sound that bad to me! I thought …If I Never See Your Face Again was her weakest though. Brownie points for her coming over to our side of the stage! YAY! I waved to her and she waved back.

MICHAELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL! So Im going crazy at this point ¦screaming super loud and bouncing up and down incessantly (partly to show to the people behind me that I was just itching to stand up!). …We Will Rock You/We Are The Champions-totally amazing. He dedicated IAWBIA to a girl named Claire, a girl he met at the meet ‹n greet and to all the ladies in the audience. Naturally, I thought he was wonderful. …Dream On was fantastic too. Michael did come to our side of the stage-in which I had to debate whether or not I should take a picture or decide to wave obnoxiously in his face and get him to wave back. I went with the waving obnoxiously. Im pretty sure he saw me-he just didnt wave back. He did ask how it going though ¦Although, Im not sure if it was to us or some other people ¦

KRISTY LEE! She was good. I cant remember if I have anything special to comment her on. Im a huge country fan and I didnt know any of her songs except …God Bless the USA. And of course everyone went crazy when she sang about Houston and Texas. She gets some brownie points for coming to our side of the stage!

CARLY! She was my favorite girl this season. I think that during …Bring Me To Life there were times where she just didnt sound like how I remembered on the show. I loved …Crazy on You. …I Drove All Night was fabulous too. She talked about how Kristy Lee took her to go ride a horse (I think it was a horse ¦) named Heat Stroke and just about visiting Texas. No brownie points.

BROOKE! She was great. Once again, cant really remember anything I wanted to comment on her ¦I really should do these recaps sooner. No brownie points-but that understandable since she was playing instruments.

GROUP SONG! This was great too ¦what can I say, I love my idols!

INTERMISSION! This was when I realized how many people were in the venue-there were TONS! Haha-Way more than last year Idol Concert ¦.last year, they were major empty sections-this time it looked to be almost full and there were people way up in the nosebleed section.

Crazy hyped up dude and pop tart come out again ¦.guitar hero competition and air guitar competition ¦.

JASON! He came out and did his thing! I liked it. I remember him saying something that made me laugh ¦I dont remember what though ¦but really, anything Jason says makes me laugh! (In a good way!) No brownie points-but once again, understandable because of the playing of instruments.

SYESHA! She was good. I think hearing her sing …Listen really made me start to think …Ok..maybe that how she got to the 3rd place spot. I still think other people deserved to be there though ¦but she was still great! Brownie points!

And now ¦this is when the screams made it seem like the roof was going to cave in ¦

DAVID ARCHULETA! He was amazing. I found out from people at the meet ‹n greet that he had a cold. I didnt think he sounded sick at all! His vocals just soared! Now some may wonder that since Im so close to the stage, why I didnt run up and try to touch the idols ¦well there was this employee dude that was sitting nearby and he looked like he was ready to pounce on anyone that would go near the stage. So Archie is walking down to the other end of the stage and I see people reaching out to touch him ¦and the employee dude over there didnt stop them! So that when I finally figured out it was ok to do that ¦So Archie is heading our way and all these teeny boppers suddenly appear out of nowhere and go up to the stage ¦I went up behind them, not close enough to reach out but I did get a smile from Archie!

Now the screaming goes back to making it seem like the roof will cave in at any second ¦I think half the venue was for Cookie and the other half was for Archie ¦either that or everyone there was a fan of both of them because the screaming was about equal.

DAVID COOK! Once again, I went back to screaming my head off. …Hello was FABULOUS! …TOML almost made me cry because it reminded me of when he won and ¦ahh! I cry too much! IDWTMAT was awesome! …My Hero was fantastic. …Billie Jean was just ¦amazing. During IDWTMAT, Cookie started heading to our side of the stage, so that when I dove and I was the first one to get right next to the stage to reach out my hand to him! Suddenly all these other girls surround me and almost shoved me down the stairs ¦but I managed stay in my spot! So Cookie came over and he grasped my hand (EEE!) and when he went to grab other people hands, I ended up putting my hand up on his arm near his shoulder ¦just to keep touching him! So that was a very thrilling experience for me. I started shaking afterward and almost fainted ¦

GROUP NUMBER! It was fun. I got to be right where the Mavid dance was. Soon the confetti shot out and the concert ended. Sadness.

I was determined to meet the idols! So my mom and I went and waited with everyone to meet them. This was my first year doing this ¦my 4th Idol Concert ever and I finally decide to wait to meet them after the show. Kristy, Carly, Syesha, Chikezie, Michael, Archie, Jason, and Brooke all came out. No David Cook (major bummer!) or Ramiele. I got a hug from Carly, Syesha, and Michael. Archie denied me a hug ¦because he was sick. I made some kind of comment to all the idols when I met them-but I talked to Michael the most! My mom and I first asked him if he got this kangaroo I sent him when he was on the show as he signed my poster and he said …probably. Then I told him that he and David told me there were going to sing …Islands in the Stream. (Way back during idol, on idol live, I asked them if there was a certain song they wanted to sing on the Idol tour and they jokingly said …Islands in the Stream) So Michael was like …When? and then we explained the whole Idol Live thing and then he sang me a line from the song! Ahh ¦I couldve died. When I took my picture with him, I hugged him really tightly and he hugged me tightly back ¦and then I realized I was starting to rub his back ¦which didnt seem right for me, a 16 year old, to be doing ¦haha.

Random comments about the Idols: My mom congratulated Kristy on her engagement and she said something about her fiancà © breaking his finger. Archie is soo cute in person. Chikezie and Brooke were sweet. Syesha sort of assumed I wanted a picture with her ¦but that ok! The more pics with idols-the merrier! Jason made me laugh of course-and his legs are super skinny! Carly looked skinnier than on the show. All of them were very nice!

Then it was midnight and the Idols had to go.

Overall, the concert was a spectacular experience! =)

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