Glee Season 6 Spoilers – Blaine/Karofsky Romance? The Return to Ohio, Time Jump and More

Glee Season 6 spoilers Blaine Karofsky Relationship?

Glee Season 6 spoilers Blaine Karofsky Relationship? Do Klaine Break Up?

OK kiddos. I’ve got some Glee Season 6 spoilers for you. Please don’t shoot the messenger.

  • The time jump between the Season 5 finale and the Season 6 premiere is only 6 months.
  • Rachel (Lea Michele) AND Kurt (Chris Colfer) are leading New Directions. Kurt is earning NYADA credit for his efforts. So, yes, he’s still a student.
  • Blaine (Darren Criss) is leading The Warblers at Dalton. I don’t know the circumstances that bring him to Dalton, or whether he is still a NYADA student or not.
  • I don’t know why Rachel is in Ohio either. UPDATED: FOX has confirmed that Rachel returns to Ohio after her Hollywood dreams are dashed.
  • Will Schuester (Matt Morrison) is heading up Vocal Adrenaline
  • Karofsky (Max Adler) will be Blaine’s new love interest. Max is locked in for at least half a season’s worth of episodes. I am not clear on whether Blaine and Kurt are together or apart when season 6 begins, or whether they break up later. I also don’t know whether Blaine/Karofsky are together in the first episode, or something develops later.  I am working to find out answers to these questions.
  • There are no definite plans to use the Season 4/5 newbies. HOWEVER they will most likely come back near the end of the season for one or two episodes. I am guessing there will be a big reunion of Glee alumni at series finale time.
  • The five new McKinley High kids will be incorporated into the first two episodes to some degree, but their story lines are still being developed.
  • I don’t have plot specifics at this time on other characters–Santana (Naya Rivera), Artie (Kevin McHale), Sam (Chord Overstreet) etc.  The minute I know something, I’ll post it here.

I know I’ll be bombarded with questions. But what I have bulleted above is EVERYTHING I know at this point. Stay tuned for updates

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For readers who may not be keeping up with all things Glee spoilers:

Glee production is back at work this week, getting ready the start of filming next week. Glee music producer, Alex Anders, tweeted photos of Lea Michele (photo) and Darren Criss (photo) recording songs in the studio.

Lea tweeted, “So excited! First day back at #Glee today for #Season6! #BerryIsBack…First up.. recording session with @alxanders… So excited to be singing one of my all time FAVORITE songs! #GleeSeason6″

Also, Darren hinted heavily that he’ll be singing an Ed Sheeran song when he instagrammed a photo of them together at the VMAs with the caption “Glee Spoiler…?”

It looks like Santana will be making an appearance sooner rather than later, as Naya Rivera recently tweeted, “Just got my first batch of songs to pre-record next week for the new season of @GLEEonFOX! You’re going to love them!”

There is a Glee shoot at the location used as the Dalton set scheduled for September 12, 15 and 16. The FOX notice lists the filming is for 601/602 (the first two season 6 episodes)

UPDATE: FOX Spoilery Press Blurb:

Over the last five years, the series has followed a dynamic group of high school students from the halls of McKinley to the mean streets of New York City, as they embarked on life after high school. This season, after her humiliating failure as a TV actress, New Directions’ original star, RACHEL BERRY (Golden Globe Award nominee Lea Michele), comes home to Lima to figure out what she wants to do next. Upon discovering that SUE SYLVESTER (Emmy Award winner Jane Lynch) has banished the arts at McKinley, Rachel takes it upon herself to reinstate and lead the glee club. Meanwhile, BLAINE ANDERSON (Darren Criss), SAM EVANS (Chord Overstreet) and WILL SCHUESTER (Matthew Morrison) have all found surprising new gigs in Ohio. Throughout the season, other alumnae also will return to McKinley.

Here’s the official cast list:

While Naya Rivera is missing from the list, she will return for a few episodes as a recurring character, and as was noted above, she’s already preparing to enter the studio. Although Amber Riley IS included in the list, I heard she was also only recurring, as was Jenna Ushkowitz.  As I mentioned above other former castmates may pop in and out of the storylines.

Chris Colfer (Kurt Hummel)
Darren Criss (Blaine Anderson)
Dot-Marie Jones (Coach Beiste)
Jane Lynch (Sue Sylvester)
Kevin McHale (Artie Abrams)
Lea Michele (Rachel Berry)
Matthew Morrison (Will Schuester)
Chord Overstreet (Sam Evans)
Amber Riley (Mercedes Jones)

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  1. Love that Max is back, but I wish he’d be sharing scenes with Chris rather than Darren. Their scenes were always electric. Look forward to whatever intel you get about Santana and Artie.

  2. What the actual fuck? God, I used to love Klaine but if they break them up again and if Blaine then dates Karofsky of all people then Klaine is done for good for me! Hopefully Kurt gets a new boyfriend too though. Also, I really hope the final season won’t be too Blaine-heavy – I’d rather they focus on Kurt, Rachel, and the other season 1 originals!!!

  3. I can’t watch Karofsky at all. He even ruined Lovefool for me just sitting there. Fans wanted Season 1 Originals who have not been seen in awhile and so they bring him back. Worst choice ever.

  4. I just want to slap the writers. LEAVE KLAINE ALONE. Let them be together and happy, why can’t you do that??? I’m so mad, I swear to God that if Klaine is not together this season, I’m done with Glee.

  5. I still don’t understand why Blaine would want anything to do with Karofsky. I mean even if Klaine is broken up he’d have to really hate Kurt now to want to date the guy who threatened to kill him.

  6. Why, why, WHY can’t we just follow the stories of the original kids? Show us Quinn and Puck for a few episodes. Show Santana and Brittany. Show (my fav) Mercedes. Tina, Mike, Sam, Artie…that’s who we want to see. The show went downhill when it went off of them. I’ll never understand why they can’t see that.

  7. Same. Wtf were you smoking Ryan Murphy? I gotta admit, this makes me rethink dismissing those Blind Gossip rumors. I mean, this all sounds so stupid that maybe they were stuck with writing a break up and positioning Kurt at McKinley and Blaine at Dalton to avoid the behind the scenes tension between Darren and Chris. Poor Darren though. He’s got to know Blaine’s storyline won’t be popular. Plus he’s so tiny and Max is so big it’s gonna look like Harry Potter is dating Hagrid.

  8. Blaine/Karofsky? Yeah. Blaine doing shitty things? Not really out of left field there.

  9. I wish he was sharing scenes with Chris too. They’re basically making Blaine the villain of the season.

  10. YASSSS Kurt walk free yourself slam the door not a prisoner anymore

  11. Lmao! I love Max Adler, but I agree with the Harry/Hagrid comparison.

  12. Wouldn’t that be sometthing? Start the season with Blaine/Karofsky and Kurt looking from afar. End with Kurt/Karofsky and heartbroken Blaine.

  13. I can buy Kurt/Karofsky because they at least had some sort (even if fucked up) history together. Blaine/Karofsky is completely out of the left field. I mean, how did they even meet? Did they bond over how Kurt was a bitch who broke their hearts…? Did Blaine seek out Dave… or vice-verse?

  14. It would be something, alright….something that usually requires shoveling.

  15. Nothing about this sounds appealing. And do the writers not get what they’d be doing to Blaine’s character to have him date Karofksy? And a time jump of only six months? Kurt and Blaine are that dysfunctional? I know I won’t want them to get back together after this mess.

  16. Boo. So disappointing thus far (except for the good news of Naya appearing sooner rather than later). Where’s Sam? Sniff.

  17. The original article says Max will be in 4 episodes, now you say half – which is correct?

  18. Even if they did get back together and the show forced a quickie wedding there’s no way these two wouldn’t be divorced within a year. If the show wants me to believe they are “soulmates” it might want to try writing them that way.

  19. One positive point, the gorgeous arrangement for the warblers’s songs.

  20. The Warbler songs haven’t been good since mid season 2, when they ran out of an existing a cappella group’s songs to rip off.

  21. Oh look! Klainers still trying desperately to cling onto that pathetic Blind.

    You have been told by so many that the Blind was a load of Crap. and that includes actual media people, who literally look out for any hint of gossip that they could use, twist and exaggerate, saying that the Blind was a fabrication, and that Blind Gossip is just purely for laughs and nothing else.

    You’ve even had many of the Glee crew, Rae Viotta and the person who runs this blog, who both are known to have all sorts of insider connections, telling you that that Blind was absolute fabrication, yet you try to dismiss/ignore all of that in order to try to create more wank.

    Give it up already! You just make yourselves look desperate.

  22. It probably depends on how they write it. Glee seems to always be making it up as they go along so even if they say 6 they may use him for less. I mean Demi was supposed to be in 5 and Adam was supposed to be in 6 last season and both of them fell short in the end. Even Dot was short her allotted amount of episodes last season.

  23. I know the Blind was crap, but if it wasn’t, TBH, the spoilers again make it look like it was Darren who was behind all the upset.

    I mean, The Blind itself kept having to be changed because, as the S5 episodes aired it actually looked more like it was Darren causing the problems, so the Blind kept having to be rewritten because the people behind the Blind had no real knowledge of what had been written/recorded, and so were trying to preempt.

    I guess that’s what happens when you try to make stuff up, but Sorry, I had to say! I wish people would just leave it alone as It makes me uncomfortable, as I love Darren

  24. Looks like they are losing the 0.6 rating they had. I will NOT watch this disaster at all.

  25. You have it backwards. Demi was originally signed for six episodes. At first, Adam’s number of episodes was unspecified (publicly), but he mentioned “a handful” to some paparazzi, and his publicist later stated that he was signed for five episodes.

  26. In Season 2, the Beezlebubs were arranging the Warbler songs. I think they stopped using them in Season 3?

  27. Also, does this mean Karofsky might end up being in more episodes than Santana or Mercedes? Because I am NOT ok with that at all!

  28. Oops. I didn’t feel like looking it up so I just tried to remember off the top of my head… Anyway, I just knew that for various reasons a few people weren’t in as many episodes as was initially announced last year.

  29. Now that I think about it, I’m also confused that the spoilers say that Blaine is LEADING the Warblers because they don’t actually have a leader, much less a choir director. They had this big ass tradition of being self governed by the existing members, everything gets voted on by committee with the gavel and the blazers and all that jazz. Like does Blaine drop out of NYADA and just creep around Dalton because he has nothing better to do? ” Hey boys, remember me? I used to be a big deal here. Until I transferred. But anyway, you know what would kill at regionals? A Katy a Perry song! ”

    I guess they could say they have an alumni adviser now or something. It’s not the biggest wtf in the big ass pile of WTFery that is this plot outline, but still….wtf?

  30. It’s clear that Ryan Murphy has completely lost interest in “Glee” and he’s looking for a way to kill it.

  31. Dude, chill. I have no interest in fandom drama. Darren is my fave but I like all the main couples and all the characters and just would prefer to watch a nice happy fluffy send off for the show that everyone can enjoy. The way last season ended it looked like they were gearing up for happy endings all around so I’m trying to wrap my head around all the new nonsense.

    I read about the blind on imdb and immediately dismissed it as crap. I was just saying in retrospect, with the way Santana was written out last season and now the cray cray Klaine break up story maybe there was a small kernel of truth. Like they heard vague rumblings of actual tension on the set causing rewrites and made up the rest.

    Or not. Maybe the creative team actually believe a bunch of college age kids trolling high school again and Kurt’s super sized ex abuser carrying teeny tiny new boy friend Blaine around on his shoulder so they can actually see eye to eye is good old fashioned entertainment. Maybe they’re bored with Glee and figured might as well troll the fanbases for shits and giggles. Beats the ever luvin crap out of me.

  32. There was no “rewrites.” This is a whole brand new season. The blind happened in the middle of the last season and said Kurt and Blaine were going to break up because the actors couldn’t work together. Instead, Kurt and Blaine had more scenes together than ever before and they ended the season happily. If there was “tension” on set, they would not wait a whole year to address it.

    And if the blind item is true, why is it Blaine’s character who is being made unlikable and has to have a storyline off to himself, when it was supposedly Darren the writers were trying to make up to for other people’s bad behavior?

    Regardless, MJ has laughed off that blind item, and here she is with insider knowledge – and she has had insider knowledge about other Glee rumors she was willing to comment on.

    And you only have to be a watcher of Glee to know this storyline is completely typical of these writers, who always manage to find something that will anger everyone and that makes zero sense for the characters.

  33. Or Rocket and Groot, lol. At least they have awesome options for couples costumes on Halloween. ;-)

  34. I only read here sporadically, usually mostly SYTYCD recaps. I don’t know all the history, sorry. Just thinking out loud. You’re right though that the timeline is wonky anyway. Point taken, subject dropped.

  35. Wow! MJ set off a sh*tstorm among the Klainers! I’ll take a stab at this. Kurt gets credit from NYADA. Maybe the Warblers find out about it and contact Blaine to do the same for them. If Kurt can get credit so can Blaine. Of course this pisses off Kurt. Blaine reminds him he left Blaine all by his lonesome in New York and now they can be together. As for Karofsky, it’s only 4 episodes. Maybe he hasn’t found anybody and is lonely, and Blaine is instrumental in helping him find someone. Give him a happy ending and be done with it. And the Klainers will stop hyperventilating.

  36. This sounds awful and completely unwatchable. It’s like they went looking for what nobody wanted and did that. Makes me wonder what went down behind the scenes and if that blind gossip stuff ( was really true no matter how crazy it sounded at the time.

    MJ, thanks for saving me from spending another moment following this show or watching the final season. Now I can just pretend it ended in season 5, which really wasn’t that bad a place to stop for any of them. Now off to do a LOT of unfollowing on my social media accounts.

  37. Most of this probably isn’t carved in stone. Ryan Murphy isn’t exactly famous for creating plans and carrying through on them as originally conceived. He could change his mind several times before the whole thing finally plays out.

  38. Maybe after having major scandals for two consecutive years (Sebastian + assault, Hunter + steroids), the Dalton administration decides that maybe the Warblers need some adult supervision. Blaine feels guilty that he was somewhat responsible for that hot mess, thinks ‘hey, I’m an adult now probably, I could be the supervision!’ And then nobody cares about the details because Glee.

  39. Hey! Rocket and Groot make a great couple, lol! Don’t compare Blaine n Davey to them.

  40. Blaine was pretty shitty last season, and as much as I DON’T like Darren AND Blaine, his storylines have nothing to do with Darren as a person, and more or less to do with Ryan Murphy’s waning interest in him. I mean, look at Diana Argon or Naya Rivera. Every time someone has a slight beef with Ryan their storylines keep getting shittier and shittier, until they are dropped off completely. Naya was dropped from the last season finale, (even though it looks like they made up), Diana was never invited to the Cory/Finn tribute. I think Darren is just the latest actor in this trend.

  41. Hey! Karofsky is pretty hot and could get any twink with bear fetish he wanted, okay? Klainers can keep their OTP, I want Karofsky to end with someone awesome (or Sebastian), not Kurt Hummel’s sloppy seconds.

  42. I think the Blaine/Karofsky “spoiler” is basically Ryan’s middle to the entire Glee fandom. Considering Klaine is THE biggest ship in the fandom and Kurtofsky is the biggest ship in the Karofsky fandom. He just wants to steer up shit… and the only thing that could be worse than Blaine/Karofsky is Rachel/Sam.

    Yeah, I said it. Beware Samcedes shippers, Rachel Berry is coming for your ship.

  43. Well, it starts with s anyway. Btw your avatar is smokin hot. That’s Bucky, right?

    What they should have done is given Blaine amnesia and a robot arm and turned him into a singing mercenary for hire controlled by a subversive evil agency. Sue hires The Winter Warbler to take out the Glee club once and for all, he kinda recognizes Kurt and things get complicated. Now that is a break up/reunion plot I would watch. Also it would be more believable than Blaine dating Karofsky. ;-)

  44. Twink? Really? Isn’t that like a young male prostitute or something? Shameless would go there but I doubt GLEE! would. Karofsky can’t have Sebastian because he’s now the Flash, but if he has a “bear fetish” (whatever that means), Kurt did say he looks like Yogi.

  45. Both twink and bear refer to body types. Bears are relatively burly and hirsute, while twinks are slender and smooth. Nothing to do in either case with prostitution.

  46. I agree that Karofsky getting between Kurt/Blaine sounds like an absolutely HORRIBLE idea but completely disagree w/you about Rachel/Sam. I am intrigued by the idea of them together & love both characters/actors. I didn’t enjoy the writing of Samcedes AT.ALL in S5 (it was okay back in S3 tho’) so will be disappointed to see them reunite…again. Yawn.

  47. Doesnt seem worth spending any more time on …Dead and buried…Jumped the shark a long time ago

  48. I HATE Klaine, but if that happened I would watch the ever-loving crap outta it. Just make sure he kills Berry first.

  49. Dunno what world you’re living in, but like the others have ALREADY pointed out,
    Bear – Big, hairy, slightly-pudgy men. For Eg, Robin Williams, Dave Karofsky (Bearcub – young Bears, aka Dave’s nickname)
    Twink – Thin, slender, slightly feminine “pretty boys” a la Kurt and Sebastian.
    to have a “Bear Fetish” – Someone who LOVES to get on with/ who gets off on Bears.

  50. I don’t care about Samcedes to be honest, because I think ‘cedes deserves better than Sam. But I’m not here for Glee turning Sam into Finn 2.0. He can date Rachel as long it’s in character and they don’t give Finn’s half-heartedly modified plot-lines to him. Because, as much as I dislike Rachel, even she deserves better.

  51. Fair enough! I appreciate your response and can understand your point of view. Thanks for not “bashing” anyone!

  52. I’m waiting for it to end as well, but I wanna see what they do with the train wreck that is Blainofsky. I don’t understand people who bash the actors for shitty characters. It’s not like the actors have any say in how the characters are written. They’re doing their freaking job. If you wanna blame someone, blame the writers. They’re the ones fucking up.

  53. It’s a world where I’m not up to speed on gay terminology, but it’s cool that you are. Now, what the world really wants to know is if Eilonwy really has an emu. I met one at a petting zoo and he was quite playful.

  54. I agree with what u said about the writers. I dont know if they do this on purpose, to generate discussions and internet debate stuff, or if they are plain stupid. Seeing last seasons’ character developments, I go for the second option

  55. Yeah, baby! I ship #Kurtofsky, but to be honest, I think the most logical thing to go should be Karofsky dating Sebastian (or someone else), because maybe dating your ex-bully it’s kind of creepy.
    I’m glad Adler it’s back, he always delivers great

  56. I’m a diehard Kurtofsky shipper… so this is totally bumming me out. I am super excited that Karofsky is coming back, but he’s supposed to be with Kurt not Blaine! XD

    I would also LOVE to see Quinn & Puck return (and they better still be together!)… but I’m happy with the way things ended for them. I would much rather them not come back at all than to see them back but no longer together. Wouldn’t be surprised to find out that Ryan has done that to them, though… grrrr. <_<

  57. I love Kurtofsky, they have incredible chemistry, but yes, Dave needs to be with someone else… someone who he doesn’t have a history with. Sebastian would’ve been a good choice, considering their last scenes together (in S3 finale), but since he’s not available, I’d take that hipster-douche Kurt was dating or one of the new kids.

  58. Except that wouldn’t explain how Blaine is one of only two characters who have songs in the premiere episode of the season, or how Dianna had the A plot for the 100th episode celebration. No, the problem is that what Ryan thinks is interesting and complex for his characters, is actually contrived bs that they would never do. About the cheating Ryan wrote that it made Klaine “real and modern” and he thought the vaporape scene was simply depicting a “lonely” Tina. The writers also have no idea how to write relationship conflict without third-party involvement, and since Klaine is the main couple on the show, they’re going to get a lot of obstacles put in their way until they ultimately get their happy ending. It remains to be seen how many people will still care when all is said and done, but I guarantee that the writers think what they’re writing is top notch and exciting television.

  59. Uh, I’m pretty sure that after this season GLEE is done with Glee.

    So problem solved, I guess.

  60. I only watched Glee for Kurt, don’t like Blaine. Season 5 was awesome with Adam Lambert as Starchild, best addition ever. Now Blaine is with Kurt’s tormentor, converted, repented but memories still exist. Glee writers 100% do not know what they’re doing. I’m out, won’t be watching this year.

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