America’s Got Talent 9 – Semifinals 1 – Liveblog and Discussion (VIDEOS)

The America’s Got Talent 9 Semifinals begin tonight! We’ll be live blogging the first 12 acts right here.

Hey guys, it’s Adam coming at you with a recap of tonights AGT! You might know me from my power rankings and predictions, but for this week, I’m taking over the recaps. Hope you guys enjoy following me as we make our way through tonight’s episode.

And we are live! It is weird looking back when I was there last week and watching it live. I can say first hand there is a huge difference watching the show from the theater versus watching it at home. Anyway, after a quick intro from Nick and the judges, the first act is up! It’s Heidi’s wildcard Flight Crew Jump Rope.

Flight Crew Jump Rope– It is a shame. They are the most deserving wildcard to be brought back and their chances are kinda screwed by getting the death slot. They are eager to prove to Heidi that they were worthy of the wildcard. I am loving these guys! Their performance is flawless and so much fun to watch! They do their tricks to “Stronger Than I’ve Ever Been,” by Ariana Grande and I cant take my eyes off of them. They were absolutely incredible! Heidi thinks they did her proud. Howie thinks they weren’t perfect. Howard thinks they are great but believes America won’t be impressed. BOOOOO HOWIE AND HOWARD! I liked them, but the judges totally just sunk their ship with the bussing.

Mara Justine– Mara is so relieved to still be here. She didn’t like being so close to going home last time. She is ready to turn things around. She performs  “Breakaway,” by Kelly Clarkson. The beginning was way to low for her and was super wobbly. The song isn’t taking off…. she pitched this song too low for her range, but there is one memorable note she hits towards the end. All judges stand on their feet for her. Really? The judges are losing their minds for her. They beg beg America to vote. I have to watch this performance over again, because I wasn’t getting what the judges were.

Bad Boys of Ballet– Why were they brought back again? This dance troupe is Mel’s wildcard and super excited to be brought back. They say they need to bring it. Meh they are ok, but I’m glad they took the advice from last time and went for a more “bad street kids” vibe. I wont remember them once we get to the halfway point of the episode which is not a good sign for them. They definitely redeemed themselves, but I just don’t think it will be enough to push them to the next round. Howard criticizes them for losing their lead dancer and the story. Howie calls them backup dancers. OHHHHH SHADE! The lead dancer talks back to Howard. LOL they are so gone for that–a good impression to leave on America.

Paul Ieti– He can’t believe that he made it this far. I can’t either Paul, especially since Anna Clendening totally outsang you last time. He is singing “I Want it That Way,” by The Backstreet Boys (I almost wrote Ebay, by Weird Al lol). As I said before, he is a good singer, but I feel nothing when he performs. He just isn’t that special. The performance was okay, but when Emily West sings I will totally forget what he sang. Heidi didn’t think he was that great. Mel thought he was off and was doubting himself. Howie says Mara outsang him, which I agree. Bye Paul, you are going home tomorrow.

Mike Super– Howie’s wildcard. Prove me wrong Mike, lets see if you can redeem yourself tonight. He is losing Desmond this time, which is a step in the right direction. Wow…. he totally just redeemed himself. He does a trick where he vanishes from a small box and paints a symbol the judges picked on his hands and the audience’s hands. I’m really actually amazed. He earned his wildcard spot now. The judges all say he redeemed himself. I think he now has an excellent shot of advancing, I’m really impressed.

Andrey Moraru– He is a quiet person who found himself through the circus. He seems like a really spiritual guy and I hope he does well tonight. He does various poses balanced on only his hand. This was not as impressive as it was the first time. He is definitely talented, but I got bored halfway through. I’ve seen this act once I don’t really need to see it again. It isn’t something I would want to see a whole show devoted to. Regardless, judges give him a standing ovation. Howie thinks he showed everything. Howard calls him compelling.

Miguel Dakota– He is going to make the most of this opportunity and knows he is ready. He is singing “Seven Nation Army.” I love this song! He is losing the guitar for this performance, which is a brilliant idea. This is actually quite the compelling performance. He is definitely bringing it tonight. I really like his tone. Uh oh, judges aren’t standing. Howard thinks he has everything except for a certain something that makes him a star. He says he lacked connection to the song. Heidi says America’s heartthrob has arrived. Howie disagrees with Howard and thinks he has a chance to win. I think Miguel has a great shot of advancing tomorrow, but I agree with Howard that he lacks something unique. DAWWWWW, he dedicates his performance to his grandparents.

Sons of Serendip– One of the three acts I’m most looking forward to! I hope they bring it tonight! I just love the lead singer’s dream like voice so much. They are singing “Don’t You Worry Child.” GREAT SONG CHOICE! Dang they are killing it! I am going to go back as soon as this show is over and re watch this performance–they were just that great. Howie and Heidi are on their feet for them! Heidi thinks they have nothing to worry about tomorrow. Mel thought they were beautiful, but didn’t like the clouds. Howie thinks they are the most talented, but Miguel has the likability factor so it depends on what people will vote for: talent or likability. Way to call out the hypocrisy of reality show viewer’s voting thought process Howie!

David and Leeman– Right after they made it through, they went right to work on their next act. They compare themselves to an old married couple. They really want to impress Heidi. They hide a spike in one of 5 bags and slowly slam their hands on them until the one with the spike remains. The trick was kinda dumb, but they were very entertaining. The whole point of this act is their delivery; they really need to work on getting better tricks. They did pretty well though!

Dan Naturman– He can’t believe he made it through. Since advanced, he has gotten more confidence. I love this guy! I hope he can deliver. Uh oh, he looks nervous. His delivery is really rushed and I can tell he must be freaking out. His jokes are really funny towards the end, but the first one was kinda weak. Mel hopes people vote for him. Howie thinks people will be talking about him tomorrow.

Aerial Animation– Come on Abigail I hope you kill it tonight! She is excited to be able to show all that her mind is capable of. Working on her act takes all of her imagination and creativity. Her act comes from her heart. Like last time, the act picks up from the last time where the story left off. Abigail definitely delivered. She is just such a wonder to watch and is totally captivating and interesting. WHAT?! Mel was disappointed. Heidi thinks she took a step back. Howard supports her and says she plans things out incredibly and always does something different. He thinks she is fantastic and should advance. Howie thinks it is amazing what she can do with a hammock and crayons…. hush up Howie, she is incredible.

Emily West– Woot woot, Emily with the pimp spot! She is totally this season’s Cami Bradley. She can see her dream coming true but she is scared of giving up. She is singing “Who Wants To Live Forever.” Damnnnnnnnnn another moment from Emily. This was absolutely incredible! I think it actually was the best musical performance of the night! It is incredible how she just keeps getting better and better! She has never taken a step back yet this season! Heidi has a lady crush on her. Mel thinks she topped her last performance. Howard calls her a million dollar act. He thinks she is a star and stupendous.

And we are out! Thanks for joining me here and if you think I’m cool, you can follow me on twitter @adamhsamuel. Night guys!
Peace out, goodnight!

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