Glee Season 6 Spoilers: Max Adler Returns As Blaine’s Boyfriend (Maybe)


Here’s your proof that Glee co-creator, Ryan Murphy, has utter contempt for Glee fans and loves trolling them in the most outrageous ways he can think of.

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The Hollywood Reporter reports that Max Adler will return, as Dave Karofsky,  to the final and sixth season of Glee for at least four of the final 13 episodes. And get this: “Sources tell THR that Dave may now be romantically entangled with Blaine (Darren Criss).” Oh really?

You’ll remember Dave as the closeted McKinley High football player who bullied and tortured Kurt (Chris Colfer) in season 2, culminating with a forced kiss, basically outing himself. Kurt kept his secret, even as the bullying continued. Eventually, Kurt was forced to transfer to the all-boys private school, Dalton where he struck up a romantic relationship with Blaine.

Dave eventually transferred away from McKinley after Kurt won prom queen (as a joke) and Dave refused the first dance, afraid it would give his secret away.

The character only popped up a few times in season 3. Once, running into Kurt and Blaine in a gay bar, where he and Kurt came to a truce. Later in the season, Dave’s arc came to an emotional apex when he attempted to commit suicide after being outed at his new school.  A schoolmate had overheard Dave confessing to Kurt that he had a crush.

Dave popped up a final time: At the end of last season, in Rachel’s pre-opening night nightmare.

So two things: If the storyline is a done deal, What happened to the Kurt/Blaine engagement? And how the hell will Dave and Blaine hook up?

Spending nearly all of season 4 apart, after Blaine’s one-night stand led to a break up, the two suddenly got back together and became engaged.  To be honest, I never really liked the idea of Kurt and Blaine getting engaged in high school. Lets face it, Klaine is endgame. But I actually LIKED that they broke up for awhile. But I was really disappointed that neither of them got a satisfying mid-game relationship. Adam Crawford (Oliver Kieran Jones), the older NYADA student who had his eye on Kurt was a storyline that went nowhere. Blaine spent his senior year semi-pining for Sam (Chord Overstreet).

Remember, Ryan promised a time jump. Presumably, in the ensuing months/years, we can assume the engagement broke off.  But really writers? You can’t come up with anything other than Blaine hooking up with Kurt’s former tormentor? Ryan is no doubt cackling and rubbing his hands together at the thought of fandom in the midst of a major meltdown. I haven’t checked tumblr yet, but believe me…that’s happening.  Gle fans shouldn’t worry though. I have no doubt, that when the dust settles, y’all will get your Klaine wedding. It will probably be the finale episode.

Having said all that…LOVE that Max Adler is coming back! I always wanted a followup to his character’s story. How did Dave move on from his attempted suicide? Did he come to accept himself? Did his friends and family come around? Does he find peace and happiness? Also, Max is a fantastic actor, I really look forward to his episodes.

But really? Blaine’s BOYFRIEND? C’mon writers, you can do better than that. If you must break them up, give Blaine and Kurt brand new characters to tangle with! In any case, THR’s use of the words “may be” indicates the storyline isn’t completely fleshed out yet. It could be producers trying to cause a stir in the wake of dwindling ratings.

Via The Hollywood Reporter

Max Adler comments via Twitter. Love the hashtag “You Never Know with Glee”. He probably has no idea what’s in store for his character at this point. As I said above, it could be the writers have completely decided where to take the character yet–a romantic relationship with Blaine could be just one of the possibilities they are considering.

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  1. I think I might lose the little respect for Blaine I have left if he starts dating the guy who threatened to kill Kurt. I mean you really have to hate your ex to hook up with someone who tormented them the way Karofsky did Kurt.

  2. Should’ve hooked up with Sebastian to cause the break up in the first place and then ended up with him when the engagement went south.

  3. We saw and know that Dave was on his way to accepting himself that was the whole point of Kurt and Dave’s conversation of seeing his future. I don’t get how people did not get that. Dave had a decent ending for glee standards now they will mess that up too.

  4. I liked it better when the rumor was that Grant Gustin would be a series regular in season 4, which turned out to be baloney. Now Grant’s The Flash so that boat was missed. And when Kurt was in the hospital visiting Dave, there was a flash (no pun intended) forward of Dave as a sports agent, kissing his husband, getting ready to take their son to his first football game. So no, I’m not buying this.

  5. Train wreck. Why have a season long arc about Klaine learning how to work through heavy stuff without breaking up only to break them up and stick Blaine with Kurt’s old bully? This final season should just not happen at all at this point. It sounds terrible.

  6. Of course it’s a stupid idea. But when has that ever stopped Glee?

  7. So Kurt is denied a proper mid-game relationship, but Blaine gets to cheat AND a fully developed relationship with someone who used to be in love with Kurt. Just when you think it cannot get any worse.

  8. Glee continues to top itself with terrible ideas. This show loves to spit in its fans’ faces.

  9. I just hope that if they choose not to do that that they give Adler (who has proven to be a better actor than many Glee regulars) a proper storyline rather than just throwing him in the mix anywhere.

  10. Ugh. NO. That is not a character I care to see in these final 13 episodes.

  11. Hope Max Adler’s character starts as a struggling sports agent and becomes reluctantly friends with Blaine due to circumstances…Maybe because Blaine knows some sportsman/woman Karofsky has an eye on.. a type of Jerry Mc Guire story. Kurt gets angry because of Blaine and Karofsky’s friendship and breaks the engagement off… only to come back to Blaine in episode 12.

  12. At least Kurt had a healthy friendship with another gay guy.. (Elliot), So why deny this to Blaine ? Then again, how healthy can a Blaine-Karofsky relationship be, even only based on friendship or business ?

  13. I do love the comeback of Karofsky… I just hope it is because of some unforseen circumstances.. for ex Karofsky iis a relative of Blaine and Blaine does not approve the relationship but does not want to say why….

  14. Ryan broke it when he had Blaine cheating. While I still like Klaine as endgame, I’m don’t particularly care anymore who they end up with.I would prefer Sebastian with Blaine though. He’s more of a match with Blaine.

  15. But I was really disappointed that neither of them got a satisfying mid-game relationship. Adam Crawford (Oliver Kieran Jones), the older NYADA student who had his eye on Kurt was a storyline that went nowhere.

    Oh, it could’ve gone somewhere if the idiot Klaine fans didn’t start threatening people. That and the fact that Oliver Kieran Jones is way more talented than the people running around on that show.

  16. Hey, man, Grant id better off. I’m actually mad Max Adler is coming back because he, too, is better off.

  17. Gee guys let it go. Kurt and Karofsky had made peace already. Every one deserves a second chance. It happened like years ago (when the season starts with the time jump) and I believe Karofsky had learned his lesson. How about Sebastian? He did injure Blaine’s eye but it seems a lot of you still love him nevertheless. I never see the chemistry between Kurt and Blaine to be honest. They are like vanilla and caramel. Blaine and Sam, yes there is chemistry (caramel and mint). Kurt and Karofsky, yes definitely (vanilla and rum raisin).

  18. “C’mon writers, you can do better than that.”
    LOL it’s the Glee writers we’re talking about. That’s the best they can.

  19. “Blaine and Sam, yes there is chemistry (caramel and mint).” Seriously? More like beige 1A and off-white 1B, now for real chemistry Kurt and Sebastian, sizzling.

  20. YES. The chemistry between Kurt and Sebastian was amazing. I totally agree with your whole comment.

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