Glee Season 4 Spoilers: Glease, Dynamic Duos, Thanksgiving and More!

It’s Chris Colfer on the set of Glee, and he’s ready to party. But not ANY party. He tweeted yesterday, “We’re having a Kiki at Glee today y’all! #DiveTurnWerk @scissorsisters”

What’s a Kiki? A Kiki is a party for calming all your nerves… Oh the Scissor Sisters can tell you, in their groovy tune “Let’s Have A Kiki.” It’s obviously the song Chris was teasing when he tweeted a song spoiler clue a few days ago, “In the recording studio singing on a song by my favorite band EVER!!! Can’t wait for this one!”

Lea Michele reveals the scenario for this special party to The Hollywood Reporter:

We have a great scene in the Thanksgiving episode where Rachel and Kurt decide to stay in New York and we have a feast where Sarah Jessica Parker’sIsabelle comes over and invites some amazing and fabulous fashionistas to our apartment and we sing one of Chris Colfer’s favorite songs by the Scissor Sisters. It’s the coolest most out of the box wacky scene.

Are you guys imagining Rachel, Kurt, Isabelle and a gang of fashionistas dancing around the Brooklyn loft? It sounds fabulous doesn’t it? But if Rachel and Kurt aren’t heading to Lima for Thanksgiving, does that mean they won’t be reuniting with their exes any time soon? Fear not, there will be a very emotional reunion when the two re-unite with Finn and Blaine respectively when the two head home to watch the McKinley musical Grease. Finn is directing the production, while Blaine is one of the stars.

It’s a very emotional return to McKinley. It’s the first time they’ve come seen them since the breakups.It definitely isn’t simple; it’s filled with a lot of weird emotions as all breakups are. It is important for people to also see Rachel independent and single. I love working with Cory and feel like I do a lot of my best work with him, so that part sucks (laughs).

When Glee returns on November 8, episodes 5 “The Role You Were Born To Play.”  and 6 “Glease”  will cover the McKinley kids auditioning, rehearsing and performing Grease.

Check out these casting spoilers for those who really want to know HERE.


Glee Project winner, Blake Jenner, will join the cast in Episode 5 as dyslexic student, Ryder Lynn, whom Finn (Cory Monteith) helps out.  They sing a duet of Foreigner’s “Juke Box Hero.” Cory says it’s like Finn passing the torch to Ryder (TVLine)   Mercedes (Amber Riley) and Mike (Harry Shum Jr.)  return to Ohio!  Sam will be the musical “money man” and Artie will produce. Beiste will advise Will and Emma.

Episode 5 description: Glee Zone The Role You Were Born To Play:   Writer: Michael Hitchcock  Director: Brad Fulchuk –

With auditions for the school’s musical in full swing, not all the gleeks are eager to participate; while some see getting cast as a shot at acceptance, others have less altruistic goals. Meanwhile, an unlikely advisor helps Will and Emma work through a rough patch in their relationship, the arrival of student Ryder Lynn proves to be a game-changer for several members of New Directions past and present, Sue finds a new narrow-minded cause to champion, and four finalists face off for the lead roles as the cast for “Grease” is announced.

FOX Official Description

The school production of ‘Grease’ is underway, and Marley (Melissa Benoist), Jake (Jacob Artist), Kitty (Becca Tobin) and football player Ryder (“Glee Project” winner Blake Jenner) compete to play “Danny” and “Sandy.” Meanwhile, former Glee clubbers Mercedes (Amber Riley) and Mike (Harry Shum Jr.) return to cast the play, and Mr. Schuester (Matthew Morrison) struggles with a difficult decision.

In episode 6, Finn will take over the Glee club when Will heads to Washington DC for the Blue Ribbon Panel, and he will butt heads with Sue Sylvester. (TV Line)

Episode 6 description Glee Zone.  Glease: Writer: Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa Director: Michael Uppendahl

 As an excited Rachel prepares for her first Off-Broadway audition, a jealous Cassandra takes advantage of a timely opportunity. While Will gets ready to take his sabbatical, word of his replacement sends shockwaves through McKinley. Sue ends her truce with the Glee Club and levels her anger at a familiar target. New Directions prepares for their production of “Grease.”

FOX Official Description

Rachel (Lea Michele) and Kurt (Chris Colfer) pay a visit to Lima as the Glee club launches its production of “Grease.” Meanwhile, Cassandra July (guest star Kate Hudson) returns to shake things up in Rachel’s life, and Santana (Naya Rivera) comes back to lend a helping hand.

Episode 7 Dynamic Duos is the Thanksgiving special and Episode 8 is Sectionals. In episode 7:  Besties Sam and Blaine will duet.  Check out the Photo. An ex-military school student named Peter Livingston will appear at McKinley (Zap 2 it).  The Warblers will be back. Blaine will sing with them when a brand new head Warbler, Hunter (Nolan Gerard Funk), brings a new kind of evil when he tries to lure Blaine back to Dalton to face off against McKinley in Sectionals!  Episode 7 also brings the long awaited return of Quinn (Dianna Agron), who decides to take psycho Kitty under her wing. Santana (Naya Rivera) isn’t down with that, due to the way queen bitch has been treating Brittany (Heather Morris). (TVLine) Oh look. The gang is back together at Breadstix!  “Dynamic Duos” will also feature a super heroes theme. Check out the photos HERE and HERE.

Lea revealed a few more fun spoilers in the Hollywood Reporter interview:

  • Rachel will begin auditioning for some Broadway shows.
  • Rachel and Kurt will take turns supporting each other post-breakup
  • Rachel’s potential love interest, Brody (Dean Geyer) may have had a romantic relationship with dance teacher, Cassie (Kate Hudson)


Glee Promo 1

Glee Promo 2

The graduates and the high schoolers get together to perform Grease!

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