David Archuleta – Britweek 2010 – VIDEO and PHOTOS

Last night, David Archuleta performed at the BritWeek 2010 charity event “Save The Children And Virgin Unite” held at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Los Angeles.

21 October 2021
21 October 2021

Afterward, David tweeted, “Had such a great night at the event! Morgan Freeman was there and I’m bummed I didn’t get to catch him! He’s amazing lol.”

UPDATE: Added a video of David singing “Imagine” from Jaunted.com

Video Photos after the JUMP…


David sings “Imagine”

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  1. WOW! He looked fabulous and sure hope for a video to surface later… saw these tweets!

    belindasLAmusic For the David Archuleta fans who wanted to know. David sounded great at the event tonight. Probably the best live appearance I have seen him

    belindasLAmusic do since seeing him at The Alma Awards. I knew the song name, I was just trying to do a quick tweet and in the 140 char limit. Recap up soon

  2. Some site said they would post a vid in the morning. I forget which one it was off hand. lol Heres hoping they do.

  3. *sniff* He’s all grown up! And such a fine young man he’s grown into. Where has all the time gone?

  4. jaunted.com is the site where the vids will be posted later… can’t wait, lotsa people tweeting last night saying david gave an outstanding performance, the crowd really loved ‘imagine’ and ‘prayer of the children’… two songs very in keeping with the nights event for charity…


    For the Archie fans, he played and sang “imagine” on the piano and did the “prayer for the children acapella. Amazing, crowd loved him.

    less than a minute ago via Twitterrific


    It was so good seeing @davidarchie tonight! He has some diehard loyal fans. Ive never witnessed so much twitter craze! That’s awesome tho :)

    less than a minute ago from UberTwitter


    At britweek at Beverly Wilshire hotel…David archuletta really does have a great voice

    16 minutes ago via twidroid

  5. RT @Jaunted: Like we promised, here’s VIDEO of David Archuleta at last night’s Britweek event in Bev Hills: http://bit.ly/dzzOgc

    Snippets of Imagine and Prayer Of The Children

  6. some other folks in attendance – Posh, Nigel Lythgoe, Simon Fuller, Patricia Heaton, Morgan Freeman, Helen Mirren… it’s great to hear he was on top of his game in front of this crowd…

  7. awesome frogcooke – thanks! here’s the article that accompanies this video…

    ‘American Idol’ Star David Archuleta Rings in BritWeek 2010
    Where: Beverly Hills, CA, United States

    April 23, 2010 at 8:32 AM

    Last night we attended the kick-off of BritWeek 2010 in Beverly Hills, an annual celebration of the accomplishments of Brits in the entertainment industry. Of course, the biggest thing on everyone’s mind was the volcanic ash, and there were quite a few ashy jokes being passed around. But eventually folks carried on with the festivities, which included a special singing appearance by David Archuleta, who did a beautiful rendition of John Lennon’s “Imagine” as well as an acapella version of “Prayer for the Children,” both of which we managed to record snippets.*

    One of the major sponsors of BritWeek is Virgin Atlantic and thus Sir Richard Branson was trotted out on stage for a Frost/Nixon style interview, done with actor Michael Sheen who plays David Frost in the movie (he is also appearing this season on “30 Rock”)


    BritWeek, co-founded by Nigel Lythgoe (the man behind “American Idol”), also benefits the Save The Children organization which gives disadvantaged children in America quality literacy, nutrition and physical activity programs. Mark Shriver, brother-in-law to the Governator, spoke a bit about the program, what it does and which celebs have pitched in (like Victoria Beckham and Morgan Freeman, who were also in attendance at the event.)


    *We had no idea David Archuleta has an Archie Army on Twitter. So these photos and the video are for you guys! We can’t believe he didn’t win “American Idol” either!


  8. He sounds lovely in the posted vid. This may sound silly, but he is my go to singer on my ipod for when I am stressed – his voice is just so soothing, lol! I am so curious to hear what his album will sound like now that he gets to cowrite more.

    MJ, apparently they tacked a few seconds of Prayer for the Children on at the end of the Imagine video. I wonder if they’ll post both separately at any point.

  9. He looks like a little Brit! haha! Haven’t seen the clips yet. Hope he had fun.

  10. Archie looks older here. Handsome as always and his singing is just beautiful. He’s so brave to sing acapella in this group of audience. Not so many singers would dare sing acapella when their voice is that exposed and naked. Only a select few are naturally gifted and “up there” in talent. Archie is one of them.

  11. David got rave reviews and is dedicated to helping charities. He’s quite the handsome young man and sang so beautifully and heartfelt.
    Can’t wait for his album,book etc.

  12. David Archuleta Performs At BritWeek 2010

    Apr – 23 – 10 | By: Disney Dreaming

    How is he ALWAYS so good?!

    David Archuleta performed at the annual BritWeek last night (April 22). BritWeek is a celebration of the accomplishments of those of British heritage in the entertainment industry.

    David sang John Lennon’s “Imagine” and the song “Prayer for the Children.” You can watch clips from both performances in the video below. Let us know which is your performance (we don’t blame you if you say they are both so good you can’t choose!).


  13. David Archuleta’s beautiful voice and shining spirit continues to impress. So much in store for this young man’s future, can’t wait to see what he has on his next project.

  14. JohnnyJet

    FANtastic time at BritWeek’s gala hanging w/ @VirginAtlantic, Morgan Freeman, Helen Mirren, @DavidArchie

    Pics: http://bit.ly/cGjO4s
    16 minutes ago via TweetDeck

  15. david archuletaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! YOU ARE SIMPLY THE BEST!!!!
    loving your hair,yesss!!!i am so excited to your new cd, new single, new book and now your new look!!!!oh em gee!!!!the archuletaland is in for a real treat!!! so dang proud to be your fan for life!!!

  16. Wow…David looks great!! I’m starting to really love the new hair. It makes him look a little older….I think it’s because of the sideburns.

  17. Yep, the new hair appears to be taking shape now. Looks good. Nice performance, very. Always love hearing news and seeing pics/videos of Archie! Anxious for his new cd too!

  18. This guy is to die for! Why are you so talented and wonderful? His POTC was beautiful! It brought tears to my eyes!

  19. i’ll keep it short and sweet (like him haha!). he’s too cute and I love the hair ;)

  20. David Archuleta is just amazing! David had me at Imagine when he sang it on American Idol…I knew at that moment David was someone special and he totally blew me away. I have been lucky to attend some of David’s concert tours and Prayer of Children always brought tears to my eyes…it’s such a touching a song. I love David and just think he is such a talented singer/songwriter…and soon to be author. I can’t wait to read his memoir…and am also anxiously waiting for his next single release. David looks great and is such an inspiration to us all! <3

  21. Likin’ the hair. Liked the vids (thanks for posting, MJ.) Getting really antsy for new music!

  22. He’s just an amazing person all around. It’s fun to see his success and enjoy his other-worldly voice.

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