David Archuleta and Katharine McPhee Tape Kaleidoscope Special in Washington DC

Last night, American Idol runner-ups, David Archuleta and Katharine McPhee (Seasons 7 and 5, respectively) along with famous ice skaters and cancer survivors, gathered in Washington, D.C. to tape the musical-and-ice skating special, “Kaleidoscope’ ¦ A Celebration of Skating, Song, & Survivorship”.

Watch a Sneak Peek of MCP's JOS...

Celebrities on hand included cancer survivor, Olivia Newton John, plus ice skaters, Dorothy Hamill, Scott Hamilton and Kristi Yamaguci.

  • Check out David singing “Pat a Pan” from his holiday album, “Christmas from the Heart” HERE.

The TV special is set to air on FOX, November 26.

More photos below:

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  1. Kat’s hair actually looks good when she’s not taking ridiculous photos.

  2. When I read this on Twitter I totally read it as “David Archuleta and Katharine McPhee sex tape Kaleidoscope”. (kill me now).

    It sounds like an interesting special. Why did I just hear about it now?

  3. Katharine McPhee is absolutely beautiful. Too bad we don’t have video of her singing from last night.

  4. David was awesome and can’t wait to see it on Thanksgiving day on Television! Does he ever take a rest? Now he’s in Harlem taping a performance for univision! He’s everywhere!

  5. This looks like something I really want to see! Love the singers, plus we get to see Olivia Newton-John.

    Katharine McPhee is absolutely beautiful; however, I prefer her as a brunette. She’s just not a blonde to me. Silly as that sounds.

  6. Like him or not…he was born to sing.These type events fit him perfectly.I can see where Jive would have trouble figuring out exactly where to market him.He looks so young, but has so much maturity and seems to live in the power ballad.(not a bad thing, even if AI7 would have you think so!) I am really liking his Christmas album.

  7. great performances as always. lucky david with katherine, when is this special? has everyone bough his christmas cd?

  8. The Kaleidescope Special is Thanksgiving Day, once again a stellar performance by David. Wish JIVE would of put Pat-A-Pan on the radio :( love that catchy French tune. I often wonder what David thinks about his labels performance?

  9. ”pat-a-pan” rocks, heck all these songs he sang rocked last night… david just goes from strength to strength, and that’s what i love bearing witness to… can’t wait to see the thanksgiving day broadcast of this special.. i think fox airs it at 4pm et… this is must see tv after the parade, and the turkey throwdown in my house :)

  10. Katharine McPhee is absolutely beautiful. Too bad we don’t have video of her singing from last night.

    there has to be some out there somewhere… she sang one or two songs, david sang three, so his may be easier to find… she has a good voice, but i’ve been bad in not really following her after idol… elliott was my guy in her season, and still is – he and david are my all time fave male singers from idol, evah, hands down, but it’s good to see her still in the business, trying to carve out her niche…

  11. Good for David and Katherine! A wonderful tribute to Cancer survivorsship! Excited to see the show on Fox Tv Thanksgiving after the football game. Thanks to the David fans that attended and were able to provide the You tubes. Hopefully some of Kat’s fans will do the same. not sure what the twitpic from Poll daddy has to do with Kat and Archie. Maybe meant for Adam site or headlines. Ha! Ha! as Archie would say. Also anxious for the upcoming Christmas tour and special on Univision Dec. 10.

  12. there was a guy that took audio clips of the performances.. short clips. forgot what his twitter name was but he had a clip of Kat too.

  13. I had the privilege of being able to attend the taping of the Kaleidoscope show last night….
    WOWZA! David and Katharine were amazing last night as well as all involved with the show!
    Great night!
    Great cause!

  14. I Hope David Foster is going to ask David Archuleta to be a part of “David Foster and friends’ concert” .

  15. ohhh evidently david and kris are both at the mayer concert!

    ETA.. and he tweets:
    RT @DavidArchie: At the @johncmayer concert!! Finally!! Lol

  16. LOL, finally! That’d be cool if the labelmates meet up or cross paths backstage or something….

    Love the videos, he sound…. wow! I can’t wait until my concert date!

  17. I love Katherine new hair cut, but don’t care for the blonde color. I think I would like to see her with the same cut, but in her natural hair color.

  18. Kristi Yamaguchi & David,


    I can’t believe she is 38 years old!! I used to love her skating and thought she would be the best figure skater ever until Michelle Kwan showed up. Wow, David met many figure skating idols yesterday. I remember he said he started to study Eva Cassidy when he watched Michelle Kwan’s performance to Eva’s Fields of Gold.

  19. Can’t wait to see this airing on Thanksgiving. I love Kristi Yamaguchi and David, and it’ll be fun to see both on the same show. Loved the vids of David — Silent Night is a favorite carol of mine and I absolutely love David’s version of it — he sounded great on it last night.

    So cool, too, that he is at the Mayer concert with Kris, Jordin and heaven knows who else.

  20. Wonderful performance as always by David. Every day he amazes me more. I also love Katherine she look very good. Can’t wait to see the Thanksgiving Day broadcast of this special..

  21. Oh my gosh..David sounded amazing last night. I just think David Archuleta is such a talented singer / songwriter. His voice is just amazing. I saw videos of David singing songs off his Christmas from the Heart album which I bought and listen to every day. I am also soooo looking forward to seeing David live myself at a some of his holiday tour concerts starting in another week! Can’t wait to see the Kaleidoscope show in its entirety on Thanksgiving Day and see David perform. David is amazing in concert!

  22. David was amazing . Just love him and his perfromances just keep getting better and better. Go Archie. Love ya.

  23. Sounds like a great show…can’t wait to see it on Thanksgiving Day. David was exceptional…Pat-a-Pan is my favorite song on his Christmas CD. Looking forward to his concert with the Ann Arbor Symphony next week!!

  24. David needs interview in OUT right now. :) Real lack of publicity so far about the record.

  25. ^^ Oh, yes. Sure thing. OUT is the perfect venue for a straight male who doesn’t wear his sexuality on his sleeve and who’s not trying in any particular or explicit way to attract GLBT community fans. Right.

  26. carolinacharms
    11/18/2009 at 1:40 am

    ^^ Oh, yes. Sure thing. OUT is the perfect venue for a straight male who doesn’t wear his sexuality on his sleeve and who’s not trying in any particular or explicit way to attract GLBT community fans. Right.

    Way to go carolina!!

    His Christmas album promo will kick off high right after Thanksgiving when many radio stations start playing Christmas music. Jive has already sent three songs to them out of his album.

    BTW, David Foster seems to really like David. Good that David was invited to sing in this charity event and had a grand time.

  27. Oh, I am going to his concert on Dec. 11th. Please no Chicago traffic on Friday.

  28. David needs interview in OUT right now. Real lack of publicity so far about the record.


  29. The beautiful song from the Kaleidoscope TV special by Olivia & David Foster, ‘Hope is Always Here’  is now available for download on Amazon.com and iTunes, with all proceeds going to Purple Songs Can Fly children’s cancer charity!

    Download it now! Who can’t spare .99 for a good cause?! And this song is definately worth it!

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