Dancing With The Stars – Premiere – The Top 12 Results

Ted and Inna are eliminated tonight


  • Brooke and Derek
  • Kim and Mark
  • Cloris and Corky
  • Maurice and Cheryl
  • Misty and Maks
  • Warren and Kym
  • Susan and Tony
  • Rocco and Karina
  • Lance and Lacey
  • Cody and Julieanne
  • Toni and Alec

It’s time for the results! Who will go home tonight?

Recap and Videos after the JUMP…

The pros–you knows, the peeps who can actually dance–perform a group number to “Pressure”:

Tom pimps some “Dancing With The Stars” CD. Next, the inevitable re-cap of last night’s dances.

It’s kiddies night! The Jonas Brothers and Jesse McCartney guest star tonight. And Adam Carolla returns. And now, there’s more re-cap. Thirty minutes people, that’s all we need here! You’re killing me with the filler!

Jeffrey and Edyta are back to dance their quickstep. Jeff’s sparkly eyepatch is gone. Aw, poor Jeff. That wasn’t terrible:

And now, more time-wasting interviews with the contestants. Zz. Kim wants to bring out her “Inner J-lo” Good luck with that! Cloris and Corky are safe. Cloris is safe to terrorize the judges panel for one more week.

Jesse McCartney performs his platinum hit “Leavin” Ashly DelGrosso-Costa is a featured dancer:

Adam Corolla does an out of studio bit, interviewing random passers-by about the show. TIME WASTER. Zz:

Time to save another couple…and it’s Maurice and Cheryl. Ohh. The Jonas Brothers dance with the pros–next! Uh. Ok.

OMG David Blaine Dive of Death is Next. Thank God for America’s Got Talent, which is next. And I never thought I’d say that.

The Jonas Brothers perform. One of the brothers danced for about 30 seconds. Whoopie!

Ugh, more filler Zzzzzz. The results do not have to be longer than 30 minutes. The next video segment is all about the fake trash talk: Gee, like I really care how long it takes Toni Braxton to put on her makeup. Lance says he’s wearing more rhinestones than he’s ever had. Oh really. Warren Sapp is going to kick Susan Lucci’s ass. That skinny thang would crack in half:

Two more couples are safe: Misty and Maks and Warren and Kym.

Back from break. Interviews with the couples who are safe. Filler Filler Filler. More are safe: Susan and Tony and Rocco and Karina.

Four couples are left. The first couple safe is Lance and Lacey. Next is Cody and Julieanne. Tom mentions that the safe couple is not necessarily in the Bottom 2. Thanks for your honesty! And then, Ted and Inna are eliminated. Toni and Alec live to dance another week.

Check out Ted and Inna’s elimination. Ted’s a man’s man…he don’t need no stinkin’ dance competition:

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