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Next Wednesday is the finale, and I think it’s between Nuttin But Strings and Eli Mattson for the win. Both acts are unique and have performed consistently well throughout the competition. Donald Braswell and Queen Emily are talented, but lack charisma and are a little past their prime. Neal E. Boyd has been inconsistent. His sob story has overshadowed his talent. At this point, I think talent is going to take the contest.

Live from Los Angeles, it’s America’s Got Talent: The Finals! Ohh, because of President’s Bush speech on the economy clusterf**k, the show is going to be shorter!

There’s a tiny montage of all the contestants speaking about their “journey”. Looks like we’re going to cut right to the chase.

Recap and Videos after the Jump…

Nuttin’ But Strings – They claim they’re going to perform the greatest song they’ve ever composed. “We’re going to fight to win this, ” they say. There’s more Cirque du Soliel like acrobatics. This week’s it’s guys floating down to the stage with umbrellas. There’s fake rain in the background. Really this sounds a lot like the song they did last week. However, there’s no denying these guys are virtuosos on the violin. “What a start, ” says Piers and then “I hope the president is still watching…that was incredible.” Piers is really pulling for these guys. “I’m looking at the winners of AGT, ” he says. Sharon says, “It’s just incredible…everything that Piers says and I’ll double it.” “Nothing but Vegas!” screams Hoff. 1-866-602-4801.

Donald Braswell – Donald says he’s decided to go back and sing “You Raise Me Up”. He says it tells the story of his life. I’m not sure it’s wise to sing a retread at this point in the competition. Of course, the audition episode that featured this performance seems like eons ago. Donald gives it all he’s got. He is a very good singer, but I wonder if he’s got enough charisma to compete with some of the more dynamic performers in this bunch. Sharon says, “I think you belong in musical theater.” She doesn’t think he’s got the personality to match his voice. Hoff says, “I disagree…you took me to church.” Why must Hoff scream like a mental patient? “Piers says, “I thought the last note was a little over excited…having said that, you’ve done yourself proud.” 1-866-602-4802.

Neal E. Boyd – Let’s see if we can get through a performance without crying. Nope, we can’t. He BUGS! Neal sings in Italian. And I’m an idiot and will have to do a google search to find the name of this song. It’s one of those 3 tenors deals. Yes, I’ll admit it. I know nothing about Opera. (ETA: It’s “Nessum Dorma”. I. Am. So. Lame.) Neal does a much better job this week. Doing an actual Opera song was a wise move–it reminds the audience that he can actually sing after last week’s trainwreck. Hoff says, “I am honored to be on this journey with you…you got the heart…the humility…blah blah blah.” Whatever, Hoff. Neal starts crying again. Oh geez. Piers says, “It puts me in a strange and uncomfortable position…I totally and completely agree with David.” Sharon says it was the most beautiful version of that song she’s ever heard. Really? Hyperbole much? 1-866-602-4803.

Eli Mattson – He’s performing “Against All Odds” by Phil Collins. He says the song is meaningful, because the last 10 years have been really tough. Ohh! No hat! New haircut! Me likey! Seriously, he had hair under that hat? I generally hate the myriad covers I’ve been forced to listen to all these years on Idol. But, holy cow! I really really like Eli’s version. It’s not overwrought. Nearly all the folks who attempt to sing this pummel it out of existence. This version is beautiful, understated and heartfelt. Good job Eli! Piers says, “You can take all these classic songs, and give them your own interpretation. Your odds to win have just shortened dramatically.” Sharon says, “You have got a great voice, you are a great musician…I think you would be an amazing winner to represent this show.” Hoff called him the dark horse in the pre-interview and says, “…you are real.” 1-866-602-4804

Queen Emily – She’s crying too. Bah. I hate these sob stories. I am not moved! “This is my destiny” declares Queen. She sings “One Moment in Time”. Queen gives it all she’s got. There’s nothing terribly unique or earth shattering about her performance. She’s more church than Vegas. Plus, she’s got her age working against her. Piers says, “You look like a queen tonight…your best performance…I think you’re going to struggle to win against Nuttin But Stringz” Sharon says, “You are a Diva…you just own that stage…you nailed it, , fantastic.” And then, “You look more like a princess to me…tonight was fantastic…whether you win or not, you’re going to have an amazing career.” I don’t think she stands a chance. 1-866-602-4805.

Next week is the Season Finale, where the winner will be revealed…

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