Cory Monteith: Harry Shum Jr. Tribute, Lea Michele Reacts, Glee May Use Old Footage

Glee star, Harry Shum, Jr, who plays dancer Mike Chang on the show tweeted this touching tribute to his late friend, Cory Monteith, who died Saturday of a toxic mix of h****n and alcohol in Vancouver Canada. “This is how I remember him. Kind hearted. Incredibly funny. Extremely passionate,” tweeted Harry.

In other news:

FOX announced today that the Glee 5 premiere will be pushed up a week to September 26. Production was to begin next week, but cast and crew won’t hit the set to shoot until August. Hollywood Life reports that Glee producers want to give Cory’s character, Finn a proper sendoff. One idea is to use old footage of the character at first.

 There has been talk about writing the first few episodes around old footage of Cory from the show and actually have Finn be alive for a bit in order to lead into a more emotional goodbye — so it doesn’t feel sudden. The producers are weighing what the cast and his family think of the idea, and of course Lea Michele, to see if it’s at all plausible to attempt. Regardless, they want to do any angle with dignity.

That does sound a little weird, but it might be better to take a minute to introduce the death of Finn.  Glee season 4 ended with a cliffhanger that is set to pick up right where the season ended, so it makes sense to tie up some loose ends first before Finn is actually written off of the show. Any way it happens, it’s going to be painful.

Gossip sites have been busy busy busy talking to any “friend” of Cory or his girlfriend and fellow Glee star, Lea Michele willing to talk to them. According told ET Canada in a sitdown interview:

“When they did break the news to my wife, she almost fell over, in fact, I had to grab her,” said Joe, who divorced Cory’s mother, Ann McGregor, when Cory was 7. “And I had to ask them again what was that you said? It really didn’t sink in. It still really hasn’t.”

After Cory’s mom divorced his Dad, father and son didn’t see much of each other. There was a reconciliation after Cory landed his Glee role.

Radaronline is reporting that Lea dropped by the memorial in front of the Pacific Rim Hotel, where Cory was found dead late Saturday night.

“I saw Lea about an hour after the family saw the body at the hospital,” eyewitness Rik Feydick tells Radar. “There were two huge SUVs in front and Lea was in the back seat of one, sitting between two bodyguards. She was wearing her signature huge black shades.”

“Lea never got out of the vehicle,” Feydick reveals, but she stayed parked in front of the memorial for five to seven minutes.”

When Feydick approached the vehicle, “I saw her in the backseat,” he says, adding she looked “crushed.” The SUVs soon peeled out once they realized they were being watched.

Feydick says, “They were driving crazy.”

Er. Maybe. Maybe not.

Also, a “friend” claims to know the person who gave Cory the h****n that killed him. Via Radaronline

“You don’t have to look very far in Vancouver to find the person who gave Cory his h****n,” the source insisted. “There is a despicable individual … who claims he was a friend of Cory. Allegedly, he was the one who gave Cory the h****n, according to [people] close to him.”

“Cory knew what he was doing but wouldn’t buy his own drugs, so allegedly he asked his … friend to score it,” the source says, insisting that that person is “guilty of unwittingly assisting in the death of ‘his friend’ Cory Monteith.”

Unfortunately, the Vancouver police department investigation is over, and we will probably never know where Cory got the drugs that killed him.

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