Chayce Beckham American Idol Single “23” Hits Massive Spotify Milestone

AMERICAN IDOL - "419 (Grand Finale)" - "American Idol" is ready to crown its winner on a special three-hour live coast-to-coast season finale event airing SUNDAY, MAY 23 (8:00-11:00 p.m. EDT), on ABC. (ABC/Eric McCandless) CHAYCE BECKHAM

Congratulations to American Idol champ Chayce Beckham. His winners single “23” recently hit a major milestone! The song has amassed over 5.1 million streams on Spotify.

“Y’all are crazy!”

Chayce noted the achievement on his Instagram stories. “Just wanna say thank you to everyone for streaming 23 on Spotify over 5 million times,” he wrote, “Y’all are crazy.”

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The singer-songwriter from Apple Valley, California is living in Nashville, writing and recording his debut album.  Additionally, he has a full slate of concert appearances lined up for the rest of summer and fall, including singing the National Anthem for the Inaugural Women’s Cup on August 21 in Louisville, Kentucky. Check out his schedule HERE

Chayce Beckham hits the road

“Very very excited and proud to finally announce these dates to you guys for 2021,” Chayce wrote on Instagram, announcing his tour. “So many things are in process right now and it’s just so bad*** to see the things I/my team have been working so hard on come together.”

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Chayce continued, “These shows are going to be epic. I have a million things I want to share with y’all and songs I want you to hear, but all that is in the works, and like I’ve been saying, I will have new music for y’all to enjoy this year,” said Chayce. “In the meantime you can come listen to all my new music at my live shows and let me know what you think. I’ll be playing all of it.”

Chayce is the only songwriter credited on the Ross Copperman produced “23.” The singer-songwriter is the first American Idol winner to release a coronation single written by themselves.

The song, released shortly before the American Idol grand finale, promptly rose to No 1 on iTunes after its release. On Billboard, “23” bowed at No 1 on  the Country Digital Song Sales chart, and hit No. 3 on the overall Digital Songs Chart. On Hot Country Songs, “23” entered at No. 25 and debuted on the Emerging Artists chart at No 3.

“Who’s ready for new music to drop?” Chayce teased in a recent Instagram post. 



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  1. I do think it would have had a good shot at radio. Not capitalizing on success seems to be par for the course with AI winners these days, especially with winners singles. This could have been a success if you ask me.

  2. Do you think because Chayce doesn’t sound country enough? He doesn’t sound nasally or sing with a twang like the recent two Calebs on AI.

  3. I’ve been wondering that too. I was expecting to see a big push for his single. The new label was saying all the right things but now we need to see some action.

  4. Don’t know. Other than Miranda, I have purchased songs from very few country artists so no opinion here. But maybe some of the country fans would know about his sound. I didn’t even know the two Calebs were on country radio nor have I listened to their releases.

  5. Congrats to Chayce on his Spotify success! But I wonder why his label did not send his winning/coronation single to country radio. It was off to such a great start and seems it would have done extremely well. I get not promoting a non winners single or sending it to radio. If they failed to win, their single was not the winning /coronation song so it would be hard to pass it off as such, lol. But Chayce did win. The winners get to stand on stage with much fanfare and sing their winning songs while everyone is celebrating and many thinking stardom may be in their future. He seems to have a good team and his future looks very bright. I have not been following him closely so maybe there was a reason why his label did not capitalize more on his winning/coronation single.

  6. The 2 Caleb’s haven’t charted on country radio (Billboard Country Airplay chart).

  7. As someone who listens to country, it’s not that he doesn’t sound country. His voice is similar to artists like Chris Stapleton, who sounds like a mesh of genres. Stapleton isn’t a common voice on country radio. He’s more like an outlier. I don’t think that would be a problem necessarily for country radio. IMO country radio is more about similar subjects (Ex. alcohol, trucks, girls, etc.) than the voice being similar. For example, Breland is currently charting on the Billboard Country Airplay chart. Breland is considered a country trap or country hip-hop artist. Yes, you read that right. There is such thing as country trap. He doesn’t have a typical country voice, but he sings about typical country subjects like trucks.

  8. I’m glad “23” is doing extremely well on Spotify. I hope that when he releases his debut album, it will do extremely well.

  9. Thanks for the info. Then why do you think they didn’t send 23 to radio? It’s a great song.

    BTW, Stapleton sounds very country to me, with his nasal sound.

  10. I don’t know if this is the case, but I wouldn’t be surprised this factored into not sending it to radio. Country radio loves artists doing radio tours. It’s one of the things that helps get airplay, establish industry relationships, etc. Throughout this pandemic, it’s been hard for new artists to get any substantial airplay because many of them haven’t done any “official radio tours.” Radio stations have done livestream interviews, but I doubt it’s the same as in-person getting to know a person they’ve never met. Also, this isn’t just my opinion. There have been several industry articles saying this. How during this pandemic it’s been hard to develop new artists on radio, radio PD’s have said they prefer in-person meetings to establish relationships, etc. Numerous labels including the major labels have had artists with music released, sales/buzz on a song, etc. on a new artist recently & they usually seem to not send singles to radio. Maybe these industry articles & radio being hesitant to play new artists in this pandemic seem to be effecting official single releases & label decisions?

    During this pandemic, numerous artists have been discovered through TikTok which led to great sales & label signings. However, most of them didn’t do anything on radio or their labels never officially sent those songs to radio.

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