Canadian Idol 6! Episode 15 – Top 10 Performance – VIDEO

Canadian Idol Top 10 begins TONIGHT! The 10 will be performing songs from the great David Bowie. Should be very interesting. Thinking of Mark Day singing a Bowie tune makes me giggle!

Watch this space for Videos from Igrecman. The broadcast begins at 8 pm ET. Look for videos by around 9 pm.

Canadians and border dwellers chat away until the rest of us catch up with you.

Hometown visits make up the contestant’s video packages. Bowie proves to be a tough nut to crack for the Top 10. With a few exceptions, the contestants wilt in the face of tackling the iconic David Bowie. Those few performances? Earl Stevenson steals the show tonight. Runners up: Theo Thames and Mitch MacDonald.

Mark Day? He stole the show, but not in a good way, He’s all kinds of WTF???!!!?

Recap and Videos After the JUMP…

  • Drew Wright – “Five Years” – Drew sings…and plays drums. Why? The drumming is very distracting. Drew knows how to work the cameras with his eyes. All the more reason to get out from behind the drum kit. Not exactly the right song for him, but Drew has got potential. Jake didn’t like the drumming, but liked his singing, particularly his phrasing. Sass says he looks amazing on TV. Farley thinks Drew needs to be more animated when he performs. Zack thinks the drumming was a “good cheap trick” and “I don’t think you sang it very good.” –
  • Adam Castelli – “Rebel Rebel” – OMG he rides out on his Harley. Sort of a douche move. This performance should be filled with excitement, but something is missing. Charisma, maybe? Adam also seems really nervous. Sass says it’s a perfect song for him, because there isn’t a lot of melody. Backhanded compliment? Farley thinks he brought more excitement than usual. Zack says it was a “credible working-man rock and roll” version of the song. Jake thinks he delivered tonight.
  • Mark Day – “Dancing in the Streets” – OMG this is so not a Bowie song. Yeah he covered it, but so what? Way to wiggle out of actually performing a Bowie song. No matter. He still sucks. Quite hilariously so. A VFTW Victory! In his hometown visit, Mark says he can’t believe people show up to actually hear him sing. Instead of beating him up, perhaps? Zack says “That was campy and vampy.” Jake thought he sang it decent, but it was really hard to watch. Sass can’t stop laughing, “I love the wiggle at the end.” I have a feeling Mark is going to be CI 6’s thing that won’t go away.
  • Mookie Morris – “The Man Who Sold the World” – OK, I had no idea Mookie is Asian! Now, I see it, of course. I love Mookie, but not this. He’s not connecting to the song, and I’m not feeling it. Zack thinks Mookie is a rock star. Jake doesn’t like the vocal. A song like “Suffragette City” would have been better, he says. Sass agrees with Jake…and Zack. Farley likes that it showed a different side of Mookie.
  • Amberly Thiessen – “Space Oddity” – Amberly seems a little nervous on the big stage. Her performance is a bit tentative. I like Amberly, but this isn’t her night. Jake says her version lacked intensity, and then he goes ahead and compares it to Jacob Hoggard’s legendary version from S2. Sass calls it uninspiring. Farley says, “not enough energy.” Zack really likes it, that despite nerves, she “totally sold it as an Amberly thing, and I bought it.”
  • Sebastian Pigott – “Let’s Spend the Night Together” – Gah! Again, cheating! This is a Stones song. It’s not Rolling Stones night! Well, props, trying a unique arrangement, but this ain’t working for me. This performance is one hot mess. It’s like the band is playing one song and Sebastian is singing another. Bring back Oliver! Sass calls it a “mess up, ” but appreciates his intensity. Farley agrees. Zack says “That was awful.” Jake likes the arrangement, but notes that his guitar playing was terrible.
  • Earl Stevenson – “Rock and Roll Suicide” – The first GREAT performance tonight. Original, confident and charismatic, Earl is nothing short of awesome. He makes it look effortless. Farley thanks Earl for allowing him to be on his show. Heh. Zack calls it mad cool. Jake compares him to Tom Waits. Sass says he’s riveting to watch.
  • Katherine St- Laurent – “Cat People (Putting out the Fire)” – What a weird song choice. I haven’t heard this song in years. But, maybe not so weird. So far, Katherine appears to love the 80’s hits! She performs this song credibly, but I’m not wowed. She needs to be bigger than the band. Zack thinks with the right producer and band, she could make a huge rock record. Jake thought her notes were perfect. He calls her performance best of the night so far. Hm, that would be Earl, methinks. Sass says Katherine has amazing stage presence, and compares her to Debbie Harry. Uh, no? Farley says her confidence is growing exponentially.
  • Theo Thames – “Silly Boy Blue” – This is David Bowie’s first record, from 1967. Very pretty–a beautiful rendition from Theo. Jake says he’s in a completely different league. Sass says it’s hard not to gush. Farley says he’s well-rounded and a great singer. Zack liked the singing, but thought it was predictable–but not exciting.
  • Mitch MacDonald – “Moon Age Daydream” – So far, I’ve found Mitch’s performances uninspiring, but this is the best I’ve heard so far. Coincidently, it’s the first time he’s really rocked out. Rock on, Mitch? Sass drags out the stupid phone book analogy. Farley thinks he pushed really nicely. Zack says it felt like a Mitch performance, and confesses that he totally bought into it. Jake says, “A really strong performance.”


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