Nashville Star – Episode 6 – Recap – VIDEO

Laura and Sophie are Eliminated Tonight

Two One more contestant is eliminated tonight…

The theme tonight is “Love Songs”.

Next week, the contestants perform songs they wrote.

There will be no early eliminations – The last standing are going home.

Ashlee Hewitt – …Cowboy Take Me Away by the Dixie Chicks – Ashlee is waiting for her cowboy to take her away! Good song for her. She’s accompanying herself on guitar. A little pitchy, but decent. Jewel likes her understated style. Jeff thinks this is so much better than last week (I agree). John says she looks more comfortable, and that she’s growing every week. – VIDEO

Oh. Wow. The American Gladiators semi-finals are next week. How exciting…zzzz…zzz.

Recap and Video after the jump…

Gabe Garcia – …Must Be Doing Something Right Billy Currington – Gabe is still thinking about his ex-girlfriend? Time to move on! Wow, Jewel’s got a sour look on her face. Not sure why, it’s not terrible. But it’s not very compelling either. Gabe’s got a fine country voice, just not a ton of personality. Jeff likes it. Oh, John just spilled that NBC picked the talent for Nashville Star. He’s complaining that he thinks some of the choices were questionable. Ya think? But he says they got it right with Gabe. Gabe is truly the most authentically country of this lot. Jewel liked hearing his falsetto, but she tells him he needs to flirt with the audience. I agree. Great vocals, but he’s not connecting. – VIDEO

Lonestar in the house. Whee.

Coffey – …It Your Love by Tim McGraw and Faith Hill – Oh Dear God. Now he’s crying about his dead mother. He’s probably not going anywhere. At least, this week, he’s standing at the mic and just singing, rather than engaging in annoying antics. But, vocally he just doesn’t cut it for me. OMG he’s tearing up as he sings. Off key, by the way. The singing was excruciating, but the crying will probably advance him another week. Jeff says he’s sold this week, despite the pitch problems. John agrees with Jeff, but adds that he hasn’t seen a performance yet that proves he deserves to win the competition. Jewel is visibly moved by his performance, and gives him props for allowing himself to be vulnerable. I just wish this guy could, for once, perform without shtick or a gimmick – VIDEO

The announcer asks Shawn Mayer if she thinks she’ll go home tonight. Ha. With Coffey still in the running, Shawn is probably a goner, and I bet she knows it.

Melissa Lawson – …My Baby Loves Me – Martina McBride – Melissa dedicates the song to her husband, who apparently doesn’t care that she’s fat. Melissa’s got a nice big voice, but she’s not terribly country. The crowd cheers wildly. Jewel confesses that initially she thought there were better songs for a belter, but she thinks she did a great job. Jewel adds that she thinks she “really needed it.” this week. For Jeff, it was a little over the top. He hopes America isn’t forgetting to vote for her. John thinks she she oversang it. John said, if they were in the studio together he would never sign off on it. Melissa said, “You told me to come out and kill, and I killed it.” John shoots back, “You overkilled it.” Whatever that means. – VIDEO

Shawn Mayer and Laura and Sophie are in the Bottom Two.

Laura & Sophie: …Picture to Burn by Taylor Swift – OMG liek OMG I had a boifr3ind fr3shmn y3ar!!!!1111 and liek h3 tot3ly cam betwn the 2 of us!!!111!!!. At least the song is age appropriate. And admittedly, Taylor Swift doesn’t sing better than these two. But the kids sure don’t have Swift’s performance skills. John is still upset about last week. He calls them out for rolling their eyes at Jewel. Jewel says their harmonies have gotten worse since the show went on. Jeff tells the girls they look really grown up, but could have done better. The judges are completely done with these two. So am I. – VIDEO

George Jones is in the House…

Shawn Mayer – …Before He Cheats – Carrie Underwood – A real karaoke version of this song. It’s pretty much a snore. She doesn’t bring anything new to it at all. Jewel thinks she looked comfortable tonight. John says this is the performance he’s been wanting to see from her the entire season. Jeff says she was a bad-ass tonight. “You killed it” he says. – VIDEO

Laura and Sophie are eliminated. Thank jeebus. – VIDEO

OK, so there was NOT a double elimination tonight…

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