Big Brother 17 Spoilers Week 4 – POV Ceremony, Drama & Meltdowns

Big Brother 17 Spoilers Week 4 POV Audrey Melts Down

Big Brother 17 Spoilers Week 4 POV Audrey Melts Down

On Saturday, Vanessa won the Power of Veto. A TON of drama has gone down since then, but we’ll get into that in a minute. As expected, Vanessa used her veto on Jason. Shelli put up Audrey in her place. Audrey, who is Shelli’s target, did not attend the meeting

Those of you following the Big Brother live feeds know that the house has been in total chaos since yesterday. It all began on Sunday afternoon when Clay and Audrey got into it over trust issues. Clay was irritated that Audrey kept second guessing and questioning the 6 person Sleeper Cell alliance. Audrey complained that she is  kept out of meetings and not told everything.

Clay headed upstairs to HoH and Audrey followed him. He didn’t want to allow her in, but Shelli and Vanessa changed his mind. The argument continued, with Vanessa and Shelli questioning whether Audrey brings any value to their game. Shelli and Vanessa feel they’ve stuck their neck out for Audrey, but are not receiving trust in return.

In an almost deja vu of Audrey’s blow up with Jeff the week before, Audrey put some words in her mouth that Audrey actually said herself.  She claimed that Vanessa said to her that Shelli will always choose Clay over anyone else. Vanessa blew up, mad as hell. “YOU SAID IT!” she insisted. Vanessa also denied making a final two deal with Audrey. At that point, Vanessa was flipping out and crying. Audrey swore on her life that the conversation with Audrey happened just as she said. Vanessa told Audrey that she’s done with her.

This is typical Audrey–planting seeds of doubt around the house, only to point fingers at other people later. Vanessa and Shelli feel that Audrey’s loyalty only goes as far as the HoH in power–that she switches her loyalty back and forth. Vanessa felt Audrey threw her under the bus when Shelli took over HoH again.

The talk went on for several hours. When things finally wound down, Audrey, in a panic, pulled James aside and proceeded to blow up the alliance. She also told him that the big argument with Jeff last week was set up to get him out of the house. Audrey wanted James to convince Shelli and Clay to keep the nominations the same, with Jason as the target. The following week, they could band together and put up the rest of the members of the sleeper cell. Oh. She also spilled that John had been throwing the BoB. Audrey talked to Jackie next, filling her in on what she told James, particularly the tidbit that Jeff had been the target from Day 1.

James took Audrey’s (true) tales to Clay to check them out. Clay and Meg convinced James there was no alliance. Eventually, Clay and Shelli held little committee meetings, culminating with a big house meeting, where everyone could compare notes. The meeting did not include Audrey, and worked in the alliances favor. They convinced the other side of the house there was no 6 person alliance, that Jeff was only targeted after Vanessa realized he could no longer be trusted, and that Audrey needed to go. Vanessa swore to James that she had his back all week. Audrey is telling the truth for once, but nobody believed her.

Afterward, Audrey went into hibernation. She cried to Vanessa and James that she knows the entire house is planning to vote her out. She’s afraid she’ll have a panic attack. On Monday, Audrey disappeared into the diary room sometime in the early afternoon and didn’t come out until hours later, delaying the Power of Veto ceremony until late afternoon.

Audrey is screwing with everyone’s game, and she clearly needs to go.  But the road to ditching her was littered with overkill. So was Jeff’s. The house has wanted her out for weeks. All they had to do was put her up. There would have been a couple of days of angst, but that’s it. Still. the show has been great for feedsters. You can’t make this stuff up! Let’s hope Audrey’s exit doesn’t bring the feeds to the snoozy level of the primetime show.

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