Big Brother 17 Spoilers Week 4 – POV Competition Results

Big Brother 17 Spoilers Week 4 - POV Competition Results

Big Brother 17 Spoilers Week 4 – POV Competition Results

As we reported earlier, Audrey seems to be the new backdoor target heading into the Power of Veto competition, but there is still some hesitation on Shelli’s part.

Audrey could only remain safe by winning the Power of Veto competition. However, Audrey’s name wasn’t picked to play.  Shelli, Jason, John, in addition to  Meg, James and Vanessa competed. Steve hosted the event, which left most of the players covered in paint, except for Vanessa, the winner.

Vanessa will use her veto. The question is, will she save Jason or John from the block? She may work out a deal with Jason. But she wants to talk to John too. And of course, she’ll confer with HoH Shelli first.

Speaking of which, Shelli had a bit of a meltdown in the morning. She’s afraid to backdoor Audrey, because if it turns out she’s not evicted, she’ll come after them.  Remember, they think she could be working with production as America’s player. Clay calmed her down. If she didn’t want to put Audrey up this week,  he’d try to win BoB next week. He’s not afraid to put her up.

I’m not surprised Shelli is losing her nerve. During her last HoH, she was adamant about not putting Audrey up.  The manipulative Audrey does a good job of getting under Shelli’s skin too. Clay and Vanessa still want to backdoor Audrey. They’re working on Shelli. Vanessa promises she’ll campaign hard for votes. But who would not vote Audrey out of the house at this point? She would be the easiest to evict.

Jackie, Audrey, John, Becky are this week’s have nots. Angel food cake, topped with gravy is their supplemental food item. Ick!

Update: It’s looking like Vanessa plans to use her Veto to take Jason off of the block.

Keep watching this post for updates. Much more will happen overnight!

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