Big Brother 16 Episode 37 – Recap and Discussion (VIDEOS)

RESULTS: Frankie is evicted from Big Brother. Derrick is the new HoH.

Live blogging Big Brother’s special eviction episode!

Frankie and Victoria are on the block after Caleb put them up.  Frankie feels totally blindsided by the rest of his alliance. Derrick, still running the game, did his job. Caleb is a pretty terrible liar. When he attempts to explain to Frankie why he was put up, it sounds pretty pathetic.  Caleb assures him that Victoria is the target.  Frankie isn’t buying it, though. He can’t believe Caleb didn’t put up Derrick, who has never been up on the block.

Blabbing at the pool table to Frankie, Caleb confesses that he and the others feared Frankie would make a big move this week.  Playing the victim, Frankie can’t believe the alliance is betraying him. Cody and Derrrick are irritated that Caleb can’t keep his mouth shut.  He’s going to be evicted next, no doubt.  Derrick runs interference with Frankie. But again, he’s not buying it.

The rewind button has given the competition the unique opportunity to know what’s coming next. Having already played the Veto competition, the houseguests all get to work studying for round two, which involves recognizing photos of the contestants in mashups.

Frankie learns that if a member of Team America wins, they will earn an EXTRA $50,000 !  When Derrick wins (and you know he is), he’ll be leaving BB with quite the haul. On the feeds over the weekend, fans misinterpreted a convo between Frankie and Derrick about the twist to mean that they’d get the money only if Team America was Top 2. Twitter pretty much exploded.

The contest has a “freakshow” theme. The contestant who solves the mashups the quickest, wins the power of veto.  The new twist: the second player has to beat the first time, or they’re immediately eliminated. Needless to say, Victoria does not go first.  Cody is, and zips right along. He finishes in 2:21, but fears it wasn’t fast enough to win the veto. Caleb gets mixed up…he leaves some old names lit and loses valuable time. Victoria, of course, is knocked out pretty quick. Frankie is next.  HE’S PANICKING.  AND HE LOSES. BYEEEEEE FRANKIE. When Derrick sees Cody’s 2:21, he assumes that it’s Frankie’s score.  Derrick loses by seconds and is dejected UNTIL HE FINDS OUT THAT CODY IS THE WINNER.

Frankie is devastated.  He can only hope that the others will send Victoria home like they promised.  But he knows. He knows he’s toast. *HAPPY DANCING SO LONG FRANKIE SMELL YA LATER!*

The Veto meeting is next.  Cody asks Victoria and Frankie to make a case for coming off the block. Frankie must figure Cody won’t use it, because he  looks straight at Derrick and announces that if he’s saved, Derrick is going straight up,  His specific reasoning is that Derrick has never been put up. Frankie’s only hope now is the alliance evicting Victoria.   “Are you going to choose greed? Or are you going to choose honor?” he asks in diary.  Frankie is FURIOUS that Caleb put him up on the block. He can barely talk to him.

So, here’s the guy who wouldn’t stop yapping about doing what was good for his game when he backdoored the loyal Zach. Now he’s complaining that his alliance is turning on him? OK.

Back from break. Time for the vote! Frankie’s plea is mostly an endless name drop of his sister Ariana. He goes on and on about how loyal he was to the alliance. He hopes they keep their final 4 agreement. He also thanks his fans. SNERK.

As expected, Cody and Derrick EVICT Frankie.  He gives big speeches to each of the houseguests. He says to Cody, “I’ve had better.” Ugh.

BLARG. FRANKIE GETS HUGE CHEERS WHEN HE ENTERS THE STUDIO. On the boo-meter, Frankie scores higher than Christine, for his generally phony asshattery.  I’m sure CBS filled the studio with ringers. This episode, by the way, was taped yesterday.

Frankie tells Julie that he’s sure Cody was playing him. He also admits that he can’t not win things. He might have put a huge target on his back by being a competition beast.    If he had it to do over again, he would not put two of his alliance members up. There’s a bunch of yada yada yada about honor and integrity which had my eyes rolling. Also, he has respect for Derrick. He realizes the man would do anything to bring the prize back to his family.

Frankie hopes Ariana is in the audience. Of course she’s not. Regarding his big reveal that his sister was a huge pop star, Frankie agrees with Julie that it shook up the entire house. For a minute, they all forgot the lies he told. Yeah, that was pretty much 5 minutes of Frankie bloviating in his typical narcissistic way. Yuck.

It’s time for the HoH competition. The format is question and answer. Julie asks questions about stuff that happened in the house. The HGs answer the question by stepping on either before or after on a large cylindrical platform, that’s outfitted with dividers.   The contestants earn points. Cody and Derrick are tied after the last question. There’s a tie breaker. How many seconds long was the luxury competition from start to finish? They write down their answers.  Derrick’s number is VERY close to the actual number. HE WINS HoH!

Derrick is so winning this thing.

Oh, and by the way. Voting for America’s Favorite Player is now open at You know Ariana will tweet her 7 million followers, who will vote Frankie to the win.

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